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Your golf putter is the single most important golf club in your bag. A forgiving putter may help you make more consistent putts. The more you can trust your putter head when it comes to both distance control and alignment; forgiving putters are going to help any handicap golfer.

We have compiled a list of the most ideal putter on the market for golfers who need a forgiving putter. On this list, there is an option for every budget and style. If you are ready to make more putts in 2022, you are in the right place.

8 Most Forgiving Putters for 2022

Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter

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The new Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter series is one of the most forgiving putters that we have seen from Odyssey. With this putter, they have moved the center of gravity almost a full 1/4 inch forward from where it was, making the club more stable and giving it a faster MOI.

The Eleven was created after feedback on the Ten said that there could be a bit too much dispersion. This is a very simple looking model with a few choices for the top of the putter head and the visual alignment lines that you will get.

With the Eleven putter, you can also find an option for the stroke lab shaft or the standard steel putter shaft. The Stroke Lab combines steel and graphite materials to create a very consistent roll and a better overall feel.


  • Brand new technology
  • Great turf interaction
  • Available in two finishes


  • New release is a priced a bit higher

Odyssey Golf 2022 Tri-Hot 5K Putter

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One of the major reasons that people move from a blade style putter to a mallet is because the mallet putters are typically more forgiving. Odyssey decided that with the new Tri Hot 5k, they wanted to make a putter that had the forgiveness of a mallet putter in a blade style putter head. The new 303 stainless steel front section and forward center of gravity help putts stay right on their line.

Just like the new Eleven series from Callaway, you will see the center of gravity pushed forward on the Tri Hot 5k, making it a fast and high MOI putter. There are three different types of weights you can install in the putter head, the aluminum, steel, and tungsten. Essentially you will end up with a very forgiving putter that is a perfect match for your needs.


  • The Center of gravity is moved forward
  • Forgiving blade style putter
  • 303 Stainless steel front section


  • More limited club head styles in the

Cobra King Vintage Putters

image of cobra golf 2021 king vintage putters - AEC Info
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The Cobra King Vintage putters are another brand new release to the market. The mallet putter style from Cobra King and the classic blade design can be an excellent option for those looking for forgiving putters for their next round of play. The new Cobra has a SIK Golf proprietary Descending loft technology. Essentially this lowers the loft in the putter so that the roll is as smooth as possible.

Another great thing about Cobra golf clubs is the fact that they are almost all adjustable. The King Vintage Putters have an adjustable weight system that will allow you to dial in the perfect and most forgiving putter for your needs.


  • It comes with Cobra Connect technology to check overall performance
  • Adjustable weights
  • Lower lofting for more accuracy
  • Easy alignment


  • A very large putter head is difficult to get used to

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL

image of pinemeadow golf pgx sl putter - AEC Info
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For golfers on a budget looking for the most forgiving putters, the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL could be a great choice. This is an offset hosel putter head that comes with a midsize grip and tour weighting in the club head. This means that even though your putter is lower in price, it still has excellent technology for golfers seeking a more solid roll.

The only thing to watch out for with a cheaper putter is the finish on the club head starting to deteriorate. Since the putter head is not necessarily the highest quality material, it can chip or get damaged if you don’t protect the putter with the included headcover.


  • Good weighting to help with distance control
  • Will work for straight back and arch style putting stroke
  • Offset head for extra forgiveness
  • White color putter head makes visibility and alignment easier


  • Not the best feel of all the putters on our list

Wilson Golf Harmonized M5

image of wilson staff harmonized putter - AEC Info
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Similar to the Pinemeadow, Wilson is another affordable golf putter brand that will make a good choice for the golfer looking for forgiveness. One of the things that we like about the Wilson M5 putter is that it is a bit of a mix between a putter and a blade-style putter. The club is very easy to align and will work even for an inconsistent putting stroke.

The face insert on the M5 is another unique feature. This is a polymer insert that improves feel and contact and helps create a better overall roll. The hit will be strong but soft enough that you won’t miss those short putts.


  • Very fair pricing
  • Easy alignment
  • Kind of a mix between a mallet and a blade


  • The polymer face insert is a bit too firm for some players

Odyssey White Hot One OG

image of odyssey golf white hot og putter - AEC Info
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When Odyssey decided to bring back the original insert, there were quite a few excited golfers. The great thing about bringing back the old technology is the fact that the White Hot OG was one of the best feeling inserts we have seen in the game. With the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter, you will have an incredible feel and the advantages of new technology.

The White Hot One OG is available with the Stroke Lab Shaft or the original steel shaft. Regardless of which one you choose, you will like the way the golf ball rolls off the face of the White Hot One OG.


  • Available in a few different sizes
  • Original White hot formulation
  • Premium performance and sound
  • Available in either shaft option


  • The new Odyssey Eleven feels a bit more stable, but it is also more expensive

TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted

image of taylormade truss center shaft putter - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted putter is an excellent option for golfers that need both forgiveness and stability when they hit the golf ball. The Truss Center Shafted design is built with the same idea that a bridge or large structure is built with. When you have more than one connection point holding the club in place, except that the putter will be more stable.

The Truss has adjustable sole weights for golfers that are looking for some customization with their golf putter. In addition, the Stepless Stability Shaft is a good option for fast greens. We like this putter for the straight back straight through putting stroke.


  • Improved sounds and feel
  • Very stable design
  • It makes putting much more simplified


  • Not an excellent choice for an arc putting stroke

Odyssey Red Ball Putter

image of odyssey red ball putter - AEC Info
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The Odyssey Red Ball Putter is a great option for an Odyssey putter for a lower price. The Red Ball is very easy when it comes to alignment lines making it hard to aim incorrectly. This won’t have all the same technology as the Odyssey Eleven or the option for the Stroke Lab Shaft, but it has enough technology to be well worth the pricing.

In addition, there is a White Hot insert that gives you a better feel and overall distance control. This is one of our favorite putter choices for a golfer that is looking for improved overall performance for a lower price.


  • Clean look and style
  • Easy to align
  • Impressive feel


  • No option for stroke lab shaft

Buying Guide

We hope that you’ve found some great forgiving putters, and realize that you won’t need to buy the most Expensive Scotty Cameron putter, or a lower end Huntington Beach Putter for that added forgiveness. Knowing the differences between Traditional putters, Balanced Putters and a forgiving flat stick is a really great way to ensure that you are playing with a Golf club that can help your game improve. Some people will play better with a Blade putter while others prefer a Mallet putter.

Mallet Putters v. Blade Putters

Mallet putters are often considered more forgiving than blade putters. In recent years the blade putters are getting more forgiving. A Mallet style is a much more Stable putter and has a much larger sweet spot than the blade style putters.

Another reason the mallet putter tends to be more forgiving is the fact that it has a much longer alignment line. The Alignment features help ensure a smooth stroke and a true roll that your club will end up pointed exactly where aimed. Experienced golfers know the simpler you can make your putting stroke, the easier it is to make more putts, and a Mallet design typically makes it more simple to get the ball in the hole.

Putter Length

The length of a putter is an essential factor when looking for the most forgiving putters on the market. You can purchase something like the TaylorMade Spider or TaylorMade Spider X that is so highly rated and regarded, but if you purchase it in the wrong length, the performance will not be there. Essentially unless a putter is fit for your height, it won’t have the performance you need.

Putter length, on average is 34 inches. Taller golfers need a 35 inch putter, while shorter golfers will benefit from something that is 33 inches. In the end, the putter length should allow a player to have their eyes directly over the ball, looking down the line at their putt.

Longer flat sticks are also going to be heavier putters.  A shorter length will be a lighter putter. Certain types of putters will have an oversized grip which could be considered one of the popular weighted putters.   Be sure to check out our recent review of the Best heavy putter for 2022.

Shaft Technology

Most golf putters on the market have a standard steel putter shaft. However, some of the Odyssey putters have a Stroke Lab shaft, a mix of graphite and steel. The combination of materials helps for better feel and more forgiveness.

The only downside to the graphite shafts is the fact that they are considerably more expensive.


More and more golf putters are adjustable. The adjustable weight distribution in the putter head can make it easier to fine tune the club to your individual needs as a player. The great thing about a golf putter being adjustable is that even if you make a change soon to your putting stroke, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new golf putter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that you may want to consider before you purchase the most forgiving putter on the market. Asking these questions before buying will ensure that you won’t be purchasing a new putter every year.

What Features Should You Look For in a Forgiving Putter?

There are many different features that you should look for in a golf putter. Here are just a few:

  • Weight Distribution – This is very important because it allows you to adjust the center of gravity of the putter. If you have a putter with a higher CG, then it will be harder for you to control the direction of the putter. On the other hand, if you have a lower Center of Gravity like models from Scotty Cameron and the PGX putter, then these are easier to control.
  • Head Shape – Some heads are designed specifically for putting. These putters tend to be more forgiving than others.
  • Grip Size – Most putters come with a medium size putter grip. It’s recommended that you go with this size. However, an oversize grip will prevent you from using your hands too much during the golf swing. 
  • Shaft Length – There are various lengths available for the shaft. Choose the length that best suits your swing.
  • Overall Length – When selecting a putter, you’ll want to choose one that has the right length for you.

What is the easiest putter to hit?

The easiest putter to hit is a blade putter or mallet putter with a large sweet spot and an offset head. These putters like the Odyssey Eleven or the TaylorMade Truss will make it easier for golfers to control the ball and make more of the short putts.

What is a good putter for a high handicapper?

A good putter for a high handicapper is the Cobra King Vintage putter. This is a highly adjustable new release to the market and one of the more popular putters. We love the fact that as a golfer improves, they can simply adjust the putter to still be an excellent fit for their game. We consider the Cobra King to also be a great putter for women. See our favorite Women’s putter here.

In addition, the higher handicappers will be able to use the alignment lines and huge sweet spot to allow for better overall performance. The Alignment aids ensure a natural alignment.  You will find these lines on most Beginners putter

Is a mallet or blade putter more forgiving?

The mallet putter has always been more forgiving, but the blade putters like the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K are changing things a bit and making it easier for golfers to find the forgiveness they need in a golf putter. Overall the mallet and blade putter can be equally forgiving putters as long as they are a good fit for your game. One of our favorite putters for forgiveness is the Pyramid putter which we reviewed recently. 

Is a forgiving putter necessary?

A forgiving putter will help players that are struggling on the putting green. If you three putt often, the forgiving putter is necessary. For golfers that make most of their putts or one and two putt, there is really no reason to change putters. Golf is a challenging game, and any time you can get a bit more forgiveness, you should take full advantage of it.


We hope that you now feel ready to choose one of the best putters for forgiveness on the market. If your golf game needs a change, this list of forgiving putters is sure to help. Luckily the new Odyssey technology in the Odyssey Eleven or the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K can make it easier to sink more putts. The center of gravity has been moved forward, and players realize that feel does not need to be sacrificed in order to find a great golf putter.