Updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 10:32 am

It has happened to all of us! Suddenly your favorite golf hat is not what it used to be. The sweat stains look too embarrassing to even think of wearing it.

Maybe what comes to mind is pitching it or tucking it away somewhere to remind you of some good golfing days. Before you give up on your prized golf hat, you should know there are ways to get rid of those stains.

Before we proceed with the tips and tricks on how to remove sweat stains from your hats, let’s make sure you realize where they come from. You see, these are nothing more than salty dried sweat that makes darker hats particularly vulnerable.

Those of you who profoundly sweat will find this article useful as we’re not only going to discuss how to remove the sweat stains, but we’ll discuss how to prevent them from happening.

1. Use Hat Sweat Liner

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Hats
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They say prevention is better than treatment, so instead of dealing with stains, make sure they don’t appear. The NoSweat Golf Hat Sweat Liner could help you deal with the excessive perspiration by absorbing the sweat into it instead of allowing your hat to absorb the moisture.

Plus, it is incredibly easy to use it, you peel it and stick it inside any hat, lid, or cap. It wicks the sweat away and prevents the sweat from dripping down your eyes and face.

2. Try Waterproof Coating

Hat Saver
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Another preventive method to protect your golf hat from sweat stains is to use a waterproof coating spray. These sprays, such as Hat Saver, create a waterproof coating on the lid. This coating prevents the sweat, or any moisture, such as rain or even oil to penetrate the fabric.

This particular spray works for all types of fabrics, including leather and straw, and the manufacturer claims that it allows the hat to breathe. However, not all of the similar products can boast breathability, so make sure you choose the one that ensures you that it allows regular airflow. This is important because if your cap doesn’t breathe, it will make you feel hotter and sweat more.

3. Stain Removers Still Work

Shout Spray and Wash Advanced
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If you ended up having stains after all, then a high-quality stain remover would do the job efficiently. Take, for example, Shout Advanced gel spray. It is a multifunctional stain remover that allows you to treat the stain now and wash it later.

So, take your hat, spray it with the stain remover, brush it gently, and rinse your cap. You’ll immediately notice the difference. Don’t worry about damaging your hat; it is mild on the fabric.

4. Cap washing cage and dishwasher

Cap Washing Frame Cage
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Yes, you read it right! If you thought that it was a typo, it is not! If you haven’t tried your dishwasher for your stained hats, get yourself a cap washing cage, and try it out. It is a very popular method that does miracles.

You have to spray the stains with stain remover, let it sit for about five minutes, brush it gently, and then place the cap inside the cap cage. The cap cage retains the shape of your lid and prevents it from twisting, particularly the bill. The one we mentioned here is a good choice as it has four clasps design and is suitable for caps of all sizes, including kids’ ones.  This won’t work on your Bucket hat or Wide Brimmed golf hats, but on baseball caps, it works exceptionally well.

If you keep wondering why the dishwasher, well, it will do the job equally well as the washing machine, but you’ll spare it from the spins and the drying process. Ensure you place your hat on the top rack of the dishwasher, though, and use detergent with it.

5. Use the Washing Machine

If the idea with the dishwasher didn’t appeal to you, or you don’t think it’ll work, then take advantage of the cap washing cage and clean your hat in the washing machine. Before you do, apply the same routine as with the dishwasher – spray-on stain remover, brush it gently and wait for a while.

What you’d like to do in this case is to choose a low-spinning program to retain the form of your hat additionally. Avoid using the drier as it can damage your hat. Instead, let it dry on its while still inside the washing cage so that it maintains its original shape.

6. Handwashing

Although this method might look like your grandma’s advice, it is highly recommended if you are worried about damaging your cap’s structure. The most effective way to do this is to soak your golf cap in a bucket and let the detergent work for some time. Before that, it is also a good idea to spray stain remover and brush it gently.

After the stains have been removed, rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry, preferably in a washing cap cage to keep its shape.

7. Alternatives to Soaps and Detergents

There are various reasons why some golfers decide to use alternative ways to clean their stained golf hats. Some hats can be made from a material that gets easily damaged or fades the color away when you use laundry detergents. Others can damage the logo or deform the hat. Whatever the reasons, there’s a straightforward solution, and that’s the use of vinegar.

If you opt for this method, what you need to do is soak your hat in a mixture of water and vinegar, or apply some diluted vinegar directly on the stain. Brush it gently until the stains disappear and then rinse it thoroughly.


Seeing all those stains on your hat can cause frustration, especially if the cap is relatively new or if it is your favorite hat. Fortunately, these seven methods have been proven to work efficiently in extending the lifetime of your golf hats.