I don’t think it is possible for golfers to have too much equipment or golf accessories in their life.  You wife or husband may disagree with that statement, but honestly, don’t you just love picking up a brand new golf gadget that can help you add distance or cut strokes off of your game?

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to get golfers the gear and equipment they need to succeed in their game. Finding the best golf accessories on the market can be a bit difficult because of the sheer number of options.

There are plenty of golf accessories and products that will fall apart after just a few uses. If you want a great golf accessory that will make the game more fun and a bit easier, we likely have reviewed it below.  Check them out!

Cool golf accessories

Technasonic Check-Go Pro Sweet Spot Electronic Golf Ball Liner

image of proactive sports check go pro electronic ball liner - AEC Info
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This golf tool can find your balls unique ‘sweet spot’ within a matter of 30 seconds. With its patented spin-balance feature, you can improve your game through balance calibration with any golf ball before playing your round.

When spinning beyond 10,000 RPM, the little gadget can find the balls’ center of balance and will draw an indicator along it. By playing in this alignment, your hits will be straighter and go much farther with a reduction in the number of slices and hooks.

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

image of spornia pop up golf chipping net indoor and outdoor golf practice training - AEC Info
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This bundle includes a 10×7′ Haack Golf Net, carry bag, and a Tri Turf hitting mat. Rukket allows you to simulate an actual course to work on your swings with this bundle, which sets up in a matter of minutes with no tools required. The net is user-friendly with assembly, sturdy, lightweight, and durable.

The Tri Turf hitting mat gives you a choice between Tee Turf for practice using a tee and the Fairway surface reminiscent of real grass to provide you with more realistic training. It offers a sturdy base with two spikes to keep it from moving during play.

Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer Rack

image of suncast golf organizer - AEC Info
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The Suncast allows you to keep a clean garage by providing storage for all of your golfing gear, including clubs, bags, or accessories. It can store up to two golf bags and offers a foam strip to protect shafts from scratches.

There are three shelves as well as a top bin (5″) to keep all of the smaller gadgets, including tees, shoes, rain gear, gloves. It was created out of heavy-duty metal, and the feet are adjustable to keep it level on any surface.

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer

image of athletico golf trunk organizer storage - AEC Info
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The Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer is ranked as #1 as the best trunk organizer available on the market. It is large enough to organize a multitude of your best golf accessories and gadgets, including shoes for golf, tees, balls, pants, shirts, and so much more.

The organizer is collapsible when not in use for easy storage. The fabric is 600d water-resistant Oxford fitted with ventilation grommets. You can customize the storage compartments for your specific needs with the adjustable dividers.

Grip Secret Golf Training Aid

image of grip secret golf training aid - AEC Info
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Grip Secret boasts that you will never flip your club again. By having this tool placed between your thumb and forefinger, it prevents you from gripping too tightly. This can hinder your golf swing as well as the consistent releasing of the club, which ultimately results in weak, poor full shots or ‘short game’ shots.

It is made of a soft but durable material that is squeezable. Using this training aid will result in improvements to your pitching, chipping, putting, and overall swing.

Lagshot Swing Trainer

image of lag shot golf 7 iron swing trainer aid - AEC Info
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The Lagshot Swing Trainer has quickly become my favorite golf training aid in a short period of time.  This training aid promises results in as little as 12 swings, and it is legit!!!!  This club will improve your backswing, your transition, your impact position, and your ball striking, all while adding a ton of distance.  

The best part?  You don’t have to worry about any swing thoughts while hitting balls with this club.  You just engrain that sweet swing with tons of lag with a few swings a day.  

image of lag shot golf 7 iron swing trainer aid - AEC Info

Prior to using the Lag Shot Swing Training Aid, I felt like my swing was more of me hammering a nail into the wall, compared to just swinging the golf club.  My motion was not very fluid, and I had very little lag in my swing.

What is really impressive and we learned this during our Lagshot review post, but hitting balls with this training aid forces you to slow down your swing and pause for a brief second at the top of your backswing. 

image of 3 different lag shot golf clubs being reviewed - AEC Info

Swinging Lag Shot for just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week can help you remove BAD swing habits, ingrain new GOOD habits, and keep your swing razor sharp.

Oh yeah, and you can even Hit real golf balls with the Lag Shot.

Caddie Buddy Laser Rangefinder Golf Cart Holder

image of caddie buddy laser rangefinder golf cart holder/mount pouch - AEC Info
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Caddie Buddy offers a Rangefinder holder that is superb at keeping the costly device steady no matter how rough the terrain may get but allows for easy removal when the unit is needed. It is one of our favorite golf course accessories.

It can be used with pushcarts and riding carts, with the window up or down. It will fit any laser rangefinder using a tripod screw hole. Assembly is fast and easy with no tools required.

TruGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener

TruGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener
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True Groove is rated #1 as a groove sharpener tool for your golf clubs. It is the ideal accessory to clean and sharpen the grooves in the club to extend the life of your wedges and irons. It allows for the improvement of your backspin and control over the ball adding new life to your clubs.

The tool offers a 4.5″ aluminum casing to ensure a good grip with less slipping as well as an aluminum cap and hard steel tip to keep from damage. It will work on either U or V grooves on any iron, wedge, or utility club.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

image of arccos smart caddie sensor - AEC Info
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Essentially, Arccos Caddie is a tracker for your game. It uses its sensors on either side of the clubs, along with an app on your smartphone to track and then record every single shot that you take. This gives you access to tour-level stats as well as for analytics that an average consumer has never had before.

The on-course features have been updated to where you are given not only GPS distance to any hazards but the greens. This device allows you to improve on every aspect from putts for each round to driving accuracy.

Ampcaddy Version 3

Ampcaddy Version 3
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There are many portable Bluetooth speakers for golfers on the market. More and more players realize that enjoying some music on the course makes the day more entertaining and helps to take some of the stress out of golf. If you have not yet tried golf with a Bluetooth speaker, this Ampcaddy Version 3 is a great choice to consider.

The Ampcaddy has a very loud volume if you want it but also a very clear sound. The speaker comes with a 30-hour battery life, and you can easily sync it to your smartphone. Even when you are 100 feet away from your speaker, it will still play without interruption. This is an excellent price for an Ampcaddy, a unique golf accessory that will change the way an afternoon on the course feels.

Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Mount

image of caddie buddy golf cart steering wheel phone mount - AEC Info
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The Caddie Buddy makes some very practical golf cart accessories to make your round a bit more organized. The Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Mount is a great spot to keep your phone, ball marker, and pencil while you play.

We all know that putting your phone in your bag or in the cup holder on the cart is not the best idea and could lead to a broken cell phone. To avoid this, it makes sense to purchase one of these Caddie Buddy accessories and have your phone in an accessible spot the entire round.

We love this choice for those that use a GPS app on their phone and need to see how far they are from the hole. This model rotates so that you can still use the golf scorecard on the cart.

Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

image of glow in the dark golf balls - AEC Info
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Have you ever tried night golf? Spending some time out on the course when the sun has gone down can be really beneficial for your golf game. We like keeping a glow in the dark golf ball in the bag for those twilight rounds when you want to make sure that you finish.

These are also great for backyard golf practice where you want to work on the game into the night.

Regardless of your reason for playing night golf with these glow in the dark balls, it is quite a bit of fun. These are tournament grade golf balls that have no LED lights to add extra light. You can use these golf balls over and over as they are rechargeable with a flashlight. This is a unique and exciting golf accessory to keep in your bag.

Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater MH4GC

image of mr. heater f242010 mh4gc golf cart heater - AEC Info
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Mr. Heater golf cart heater is compact and fits right in the cup holder of the golf cart while producing a vast amount of heat. It is designed with only top-of-the-line materials making it sturdy, durable, and capable of lasting for the long-term.

It is versatile and user-friendly with the capability of being used in other situations when you’re off the course, such as to provide heat while sitting on the deck or tailgating.

It is the only model on the market, offering an oxygen depletion system. It is certified for outdoor use at 4,000 BTUs by connecting onto a one-pound propane cylinder.

Frogger Golf Amphibian Wet/Dry Golf Towel

Frogger Golf Amphibian Wet/Dry Golf Towel
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Golfers who have played the game for quite some time know that an excellent golf towel can be essential to a successful day on the course. With a great golf towel, you can keep your clubs clean and dry regardless of the weather conditions that you are up against.

The best thing about the Frogger Golf Amphibian Wet Dry Golf Towel is that it works as both a dry and a wet golf towel. The golf towel’s inner layer is going to be wet so that you can use it to clean your clubs when they get dirty. The towel’s outer layer is dry so that you have no issues with keeping your hands dry or your clubs polished.

Having this kind of versatility with just one towel is certainly a helpful golf accessory. Although many of the golf gadgets on the market are getting more and more technical, it’s still hard to play a round without an excellent golf towel. Stay prepared with this award winning and high quality golf towel available in a few different colors.

Tec Tec Tec VPR0500 Golf Rangefinder

image of tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder - AEC Info
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This laser rangefinder offers Flagseeker, which lets you target in on the flag so that you can get an accurate reading on distance regardless of obstructions.

Advanced Pinsensor Technology allows you to be sure you are on par. The modes for scan and distance targeting are viewed in 6x magnification with rainproof construction and optics that are fully multi-coated. The Pinsensor technology will enable an accurate distance to be determined despite any objects, e.g., rain, that may overlap and interfere with the swing.

These rangefinders are finding great popularity among golfers as they are budget-friendly and tournament legal.

PuttOut Mirror System

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate
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The PuttOut Putting Mirror will provide putting practice with no setup. Place it on the ground and start. The spiked base, made of rubber, won’t move around during your cycle, and there is a thin steel plate between the mirror and the casing, so you don’t have to worry about warping.

With the addition of extra features on the system, you can get feedback on things such as club path, set up, and clubface during impact. Just plug the gate directly to the red discs and attach the putter guides magnetically to the mirror.

It is big enough to check shoulder alignment as well as eye position. This putting mirror offers ease of use, remarkable effectiveness during practice, and versatility.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

image of putt out pressure putt trainer - AEC Info
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The PuttOut golf pressure putt trainer may be one of the best golf training aids we have used in a long time, and it really does provide great results. With its simplistic design, this trainer uses the same principle of recreation of pressure for a putting drill providing feedback as to whether the putt was made and how you did it.

The trainer offers a parabolic ramp feature that can fold flat for easy storage or to fit inside the golf bag. It simulates a golf hole with its white circle coming in at 4.25″ wide.

There is a rubber spike sole capable of use inside or out and will automatically return the ball to you if you make it successfully. It provides a level of difficulty beneficial for golfers as it helps with focus on the tempo for the stroke and improvement. It is among the best of the golf aids on the market.

Be sure to check out our Review of PuttOut Pressure putt trainer we did a few weeks ago. It can be used anywhere, and will help you be more consistent with the flat stick on your very next round.

SelfieGOLF Golf Swing Phone Holder

image of golf accessories - AEC Info
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Many golfers have the desire to record their swings on the course using their Smartphones, but apart from using a tripod system, which is costly, they didn’t know how to make this happen.

SelfieGOLF solved this issue by creating a stick complete with a collection of various clips and clamps to cradle the phone during play. Several adapters will ensure that size is not an issue with your phone.

The monopod attaches to the edge of a golf bag via a clamp that offers a tension-tightened stick holder. After securing the stick onto a solid surface, the phone is ready to align to capture your swing zone full on the frame.

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

image of bushnell wingman gps speaker and accessories - AEC Info
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Currently, the Bushnell Wingman View is the hottest golf accessory on the market. The Wingman pairs a killer blue tooth speaker with a GPS to keeps the music playing and giving you accurate distances to the flag.

Surprisingly, this speaker is loud and has great sound quality. Even if you don’t play golf, this is still a great speaker. It attaches to the golf cart with something called a Bite Magnet technology. All I know is that the magnet is very strong and I wasn’t concerned with the speaker falling on the ground.

For the Wingman to work, you need to download the Bushnell App on your iPhone.

The technology allows you to see the entire hole you are playing on your phone with distances to the center of the green, bunkers, etc. The speaker comes with a small disc on the top of the speaker and a push button. When you push the button, your music lowers, and the speaker tells you distance to the front, center, and back of the green. It really is convenient.

The issue with the Bushnell Wingman right now is they are hard to get due to the popularity. We have reviewed quite a few Golf cart bluetooth speakers, and this one has the best sound quality. We will be adding it to our review page in the very near future.

STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

image of stickit magnetic rangefinder strap - AEC Info
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There are two different sizes available, as well as numerous color choices for this sturdy, well-made StickIt strap. This simplistic strap comes complete with strong heavy-duty magnets designed to keep your rangefinder in place. You can stick it onto anything that is metal, and it won’t move from that spot until you take it off.

It’s ready to use instantly whenever you require laser without having to take it in and out of its case multiple times throughout the day. This accessory adds an extra layer of shock protection to what is an expensive piece of equipment.

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy
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The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is a rugged, fully adjustable ‘caddy’ for your phone. Golfers typically use mobile apps to assist them on the course and to keep them connected to regular everyday on goings.

Phones being a necessity today means they need to be stored in a safe place where they are easily accessible.

The caddy attaches to the cart frame using a Velcro strap that wraps around the frame. The two screws adjust for the specifications of your phone in such a way that the phone is secured in place with no movement.

This caddy allows golfers the opportunity to listen to music during their game or record plays on the mobile device.

Anti-Flip Stick Impact Golf Swing Training Aid

image of the official anti-flip stick golf training aid - AEC Info
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Many beginners have difficulty with their hands’ flipping’ with their golf swing, which can result in hooking and slicing. The Anti-flip stick is created to stop the breaking down of your hands upon impact. The rod sticks jut out of the bottom end of your grip.

They come in contact with the arms if the hands begin to flip with the swing. This device will enable you to learn to lead with your hands promoting ball first, consistent, substantial impacts with straight hits.

NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyro Hand Grip Strengthener

NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyro Hand Grip Strengthener Wrist Forearm Exerciser
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Today golfers are finding it crucial to strengthen their bodies to be fit, so their play is enhanced. Using the NSD Spinner each day is the suggestion to improve the game by strengthening the wrists, hands, and forearms.

It is compact, allowing for portability. The grip that you achieve is critical to your game, and with training using the spinner to strengthen that grip, you will get a dramatic, effective play off the tee.

G4Free 54/62/68″ Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

image of golf umbrella - AEC Info
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The canopy for this golf umbrella offers steel rib supports and has been boasted as being created to “last a lifetime,” backed by a lifetime warranty. The umbrella will provide serious rain coverage on wet days at the course with no chance of bending or breaking in heavy winds.

The wind resistance is excellent due to the double canopy, which was made so that the wind would drive up through the umbrella but not allow air to come down to you.

Greens Towel Microfiber

image of greens towel microfiber - AEC Info
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Greens towels are among the best of the towels on the course. They are made from a soft microfiber material that cleans really well and offers excellent absorption. They have a carabiner clip, which allows you to attach it to the golf bag. At 16 x 16 inches, this towel has a perfect size.

The Greens towels are budget-friendly with a bulk buy. These towels also have anti-microbial quality to get rid of nasty odors. They are available in 12 colors.

Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch With Step Tracking

Garmin Approach S20
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Garmin Approach S20 is ranked among the best golf watches available. It offers excellent practice range features, prioritizing battery life. It provides yardage for every part of the green for all layup positions, including lakes, bunkers, doglegs, and any other type of hazard.

The Approach offers a more extensive face size, which makes the data on the screen easier to view and makes the screen much easier to navigate.

The Garmin Approach S20 is preloaded with more than 40,000 various courses and requires no subscription or monthly fees. It is popular for the longevity of the lithium-ion battery life (up to 15 hours before charging) and also for a unique feature of the green view display.

This shows the contours and shape of the course at every hole. It can track running, and daily step counts.

Spornia Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

image of spornia spg-7 golf practice net - automatic ball return system w/ target sheet - AEC Info
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The Spornia comes in two varieties, either with roof extension or without. This is boasted as being the perfect substitution for the driving range itself. It offers a target that is patented and lining within the center of the net, where the ball will automatically come back to you, saving time from chasing after balls.

The net offers dual protection after the ball has been hit. There is padding that is reinforced behind the first protective net, providing a visible assurance that wayward shots are not going to hurt anything in the vicinity.

Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool

Insta Golf Spider Mini Divot Tool
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This divot tool offers a whole different approach to repair. It works with an easy push/pull technique that makes the repairs for ball marks much simpler, faster, and overall better.

Once you remove the cap, you will place the metal legs into the ball mark and then pull up while twisting. This technique makes the damaged area fall flush along the putting surface. You need to tamp it, and it’s done.

Karecel Hand Warmers

image of karecel hand warmers - AEC Info
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The Karecel Hand Warmers are made from ABS high-quality material with a lithium-ion battery that lasts between 4 and 8 hours. The amount of time that they will last is based on the outside temperature and how high you set the heat. It is very user-friendly with only a one-button control.

The warmers are rechargeable, and the heat is adjustable. They have the capability of heating up in a matter of mere seconds with a warmth consistent on each side.

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

image of my sack golf ball storage it takes balls to golf! - AEC Info
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Simplistic and hilarious, this golf bag will hold two balls that you can hang from a clasp on your bag. The sacks are made of durable, high-quality ultra-suede material with commercial-grade stitching. There is a heavy-duty closure of Velcro with the addition of a clasp.

If you are not fully satisfied with the purchase, they are fully returnable within 30 days of purchase. This little sack will add humor when it’s needed for a game that can become quite intense.

Play Nine – The Card Game of Golf

image of bonfit america play nine - AEC Info
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In this game, the objective is to shoot with the lowest score in 9 holes. Gameplay is approximately 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of players.

The mix of strategy and luck when you draw makes the game a challenge, but a blast to play. It’s simple to learn the rules and easy to get caught up in. Each player is handed 8 cards divided into two rows with four cards.

Each player has to flip two of their cards over, and then you have options as to replace one of those flipped or one that is still unturned with a card out of the draw pile, or you can discard the pile, with everyone playing until someone has just one card.

Be sure to check out this popular review for Golf card game rules here.

Top golf gadgets – Conclusion

If we missed any items that you feel would be deemed as the best golf accessory or gadget, please contact the writers at AECInfo.org and let us know so that it can be added in the future.

You won’t be able to fit all these items in your golf bag, but you want to make sure to have them at least in the car and easy for you to grab when you need them.

These golf gadgets and accessories are going to fine-tune your game and make it much more enjoyable. We are currently working on a new Golf accessories for men page, as well as a Golf accessories for women.

Be sure to check back often for our newest information.