Golfers tend to accumulate quite a bit of gear. It doesn’t take long before there are golf balls, golf tees, and golf shoes spread out across your garage. This is a problem because not only can golf equipment get disorganized, it can also get destroyed. To keep your clubs and accessories in great shape, it makes sense to have a golf bag organizer.

These golf bag organizers have the ability to keep more than one golf bag organized and adequately maintain all of your gear. If you have been looking for the best golf bag organizers on the market, we have the options that you need.

Golf Bag Organizer for Garage

Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

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One of the most important things about choosing a garage golf bag organizer is the pricing. It’s smart to be organized, but you likely don’t want to spend more of your golf budget on this. The Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer is a great option to consider.


The Mythinglogic bag is made of metal. Metal is a good material; if you are looking for something that is durable and ready to make it through the next decade in your garage the metal construction is necessary. In addition, this metal won’t scratch, bend or break when you load and unload the organizer.


When it comes to durability, you will be presently surprised by the durability you get with a reasonably priced design like the Mythinglogic. In addition, the soft edge design is strong, but it won’t damage your equipment as you place it on the golf bag rack.


The Mythinglogic golf bag storage stand takes a few hours to put together because of the different shelves that are on the side. In the end, you will be glad you took the extra time on the install so that the piece stays sturdy and durable for years to come.


  • Very large design
  • Adjustable feet
  • Can fit other equipment other than just golf equipment
  • It comes with a warranty


  • The adjustable feet take time to install

Home-it Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer

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The Home It Golf Bag Dual Golf Storage Organizer is a great golf storage rack organizer, especially for the house with two or more golf bags that need to find a space.


The Home It Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer is made of very sturdy steel material with four shelves. The shelves actually end up making the overall organizer easier to maintain and keep neat. You can place gear directly on the shelves or organize it in ways that could work best for your needs.


The durability of the overall Home-it golf bag sports golf organizer is quite good. With space for two bags, this is a long shelf measuring about 39 inches wide. You can get a good amount of gear on here, and the golf bag organizer will still stay standing.


If you only have one golf bag to store, you can still configure the shelf to store some other equipment. Some people use this as a basic garage organizer where you can store a variety of things. The assembly is not complex, but you must pay attention to what you are doing. Many small pieces make the process a little more complex.


  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Large size can accommodate two bags
  • Four additional shelves for storage


  • It does not seem to have the longevity of other organizers

Milliard Golf Organizer

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If you take a look at the market offers, many products feature similar designs, similar concepts, and similar materials. Yet, Milliard Golf Organizer differs in its construction and the way it is made.

Construction: It is designed to store two standard or large golf bags. Unlike the design of all other products on our list with the shelves standing in the middle, in this golf bag organizer, the shelves are located on the side, while the main compartment is extra roomy and allows you to fully use its potential. Practically, it doesn’t limit you on the way you will use it. There are three open shelves and one closed shelf to store smaller items such as golf balls or tees.

Durability: The organizer is made from anti-rust, carbon steel which guarantees maximum durability and long-term use. The soft foam edge on the top prevents scratching your clubs, while the added lip at the bottom will make sure that everything stays in its place.

Assembly: Not only is it convenient to use, but it is also easy to assemble. The manufacturer claims that it comes with step by step instructions and it will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to have it all done.


  • One main compartment that fits two large golf bags
  • Three open shelves and one closed
  • Made from anti-rust, carbon steel
  • Adjustable feet so that you level it up to your needs
  • Dimensions 36″x16″x37″


  • The assembly instructions are not very precise

Safe Racks Golf Equipment Organizer Rack

image of safe racks golf equipment organizer rack - AEC Info
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Do you know how complicated it can be to move your organizer from one corner of your garage to another one? Well, not with Safe Racks, as it comes with wheels that make the process much easier.

Construction: if you are a golfing family with at least two golf bags, a lot of accessories and gear, this golf bag organizer can suit you right. It is larger than most similar products on the market and a bit taller.

It offers space for two large golf bags, in addition to the three adjustable shelves in the middle, two side attachments for spare clubs, and five accessory hooks. It is practically designed to find space for every piece of your golfing stuff. Two of the wheels can be locked so that you can stabilize it where necessary.

Durability: It is a sturdy and stable product, made of a heavy-duty metal capable of withholding lots of weight. The openings on the bottom shelf and the side holders are convenient and robust too.

Assembly: The whole construction is easy to assemble, even though the instructions are not very explicit. To fully assemble it, you need to use plastic sleeves, which are the only thing that might cause frustration. Apart from that, you’ll enjoy using this golf bag organizer.


  • Robust, metal construction on four wheels
  • Wide ports for two large golf bags and three shelves
  • Includes two side attachments for spare clubs, five hooks, an upper shelf, an umbrella holder, and a moveable bottle opener
  • Size: 18″ deep x 40″ tall x 43″ wide


  • A bit hard to assemble

Morvat Golf Organizer

image of morvat golf organizer - AEC Info
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If you ever thought of having your personal golf corner in the garage that will allow you to have all of your equipment and gear at one place, then Morvat Golf Organizer is an excellent product to start with.

Construction: I’ve always appreciated convenience and practicality, and that’s what I find in the Morvat golf bag organizer for garage. It is spacious enough to gather two golf bags and everything you need just to leave on-the-go.

The four shelves in the middle of the construction are what make this organizer so practical. Instead of throwing the small pieces of gear in the corner or stuffing them inside your bag, you can have them visually placed on the shelves, and never lose track of them. From tees to golf balls, from golf shoes to caps, there’s enough space for everything.

Durability: The problem with many golf bag organizers is that they aren’t sturdy enough and often cause more mess rather than solve it. But, here, the whole construction is made from hard-wearing metal that is sturdy and tough.

Assembly: The assembly process is fast and easy. There’s a visual instruction on how to put together all the pieces frustration-free and swiftly. You have everything you need to complete the construction in the way you like it.


  • Spacious organizer with four shelves and room for two golf bags
  • 36″ high x 16″ depth x 38″ width
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth edges that protect your bags and equipment


  • A bit narrow

Home-it Golf Storage Organizer

image of home-it golf storage organizer - AEC Info
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If stability is what you are looking for in addition to enough storage for two golf bags without taking up much space, then take a look at Home-it Golf Storage Organizer. Considering its construction, it is similar to the rest of the products on our list with slight differences here and there.

Construction: The compact structure includes two panels for medium-size golf bags and four shelves located in the middle. You can store various kinds of accessories, equipment, and gear. There aren’t any hooks, but the openings on the base are wide enough for spare clubs, and even your umbrellas. In one sentence, it is practical and easy to use. Plus, the edges are rounded, so your equipment can’t get easily damaged.

Durability: This golf bag organizer is made from steel, and it is one of the most robust products on the list. When you put it together, it is very stable and able to withstand the test of time.

Assembly: I know that you’ll appreciate the easy-to-assemble construction and the detailed instructions. It comes with all necessary screws, nuts, and bents, and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to put it all together.


  • Golf bag organizer for two golf bags and four shelves
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable steel construction
  • 39″ wide x 36″ high x 16″ deep


  • Few users reported quality control issues.

JEF World of Golf Organizer

image of jef world of golf organizer - AEC Info
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If you are looking for something on the smaller side but still capable of protecting your golf bag and your equipment, take a look at JEF World of Golf golf bag organizer. It is designed for home or garage use and compared to other similar products it is on the smaller side.

Construction: It is a rather simple construction that includes a steel frame and three shelves with two wire-drawers that can store a variety of items. One of the shelves is a shoe shelf for more convenience. What distinguishes this golf bag organizer are the two straps that secure the bags from falling, but there isn’t a firm, protective structure from behind as with the other products.

Durability: This golf bag organizer is made from sturdy metal that can last for a very long time. The construction is stable, even though a bit less reliable compared to the other products on the list. But, considering the price, it will serve its purpose.

Assembly: Here’s the tricky part as you need to do the assembly all by yourself, and it doesn’t seem to be very easy. Yet, it comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary bolts, so with a little patience, it won’t take you a lot of time.


  • Made from sturdy steel
  • Stripes that secure your bags
  • Three shelves and space for two golf bags
  • Very compact if you’re space limited
  • Size: 40”tall x 15”wide x 36” deep
  • Affordable


  • Not very easy to assemble

Monkey Bars Storage Golf Racks

image of monkey bars storage golf racks - AEC Info
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Not everyone has ample storage space, and some garages are so tiny that the car is the only thing they can accommodate. But even if you happen to have such a small garage, with the Monkey Bars Storage Golf Racks, you can easily find a solution to your golfing mess.

Construction: There’s nothing complicated here. There’s a horizontal steel bar with various hooks that slide on it and allow you to adjust the golf bags easily. It is rated at 200 lbs, which means you can hang up to 3 fully packed golf bags.

Durability: The industrial-grade steel features grey powder coat finish so that you can use it for years. The stainless steel hooks have a rubber coating to gently snap and slide along the bar.

Assembly: You’ll need about 15 minutes to install this rack, i.e., mount it on the wall on two studs. The company guarantees that it can withstand lifetime use if properly installed. It comes with two shed brackets and four wood screws.


  • Stainless steel bar
  • Various hooks that are easily adjustable and slide on the bar
  • Holds up to 3 golf bags
  • Lifetime use
  • It doesn’t take up much space


  • You can’t store your accessories.

The Best Garage Golf Bag Organizer Is…

Milliard Golf Organizer

image of milliard golf organizer - AEC InfoWhen the list includes similar products, it’s never easy to select only one. However, after considering the craftsmanship of the products, their design, and the assembly procedure, we selected Milliard Golf Organizer as the best overall.

The design is not limiting, it is extra roomy, there’s optimal space for large golf bags and four shelves, one of which is closed for storing small items. The soft foam edges and the bottom lip make sure that your equipment is protected and safe. Plus, it is easy to assemble and the feet are adjustable to level it accordingly wherever you decide to use it, not only in your garage. And, the icing on the cake is the affordable price, that makes Milliard Golf Organizer stand out.

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Frequently Asked Question

How should I organize my golf bag?

Luckily, every club has its own place in the golf bag, and when a club is missing, it can be easily spotted. The driver usually comes at the top, followed by the woods and the irons, from the longest to the shortest. The putter is either located in the bottom or at the top together with the driver.

If the bag has just a few compartments for the clubs, then woods go in the back section while long and mid-irons go in the middle sections. Short irons and the wedges need to go in the front part (s), while the putter can go in the back, front, or in a special putter section if the golf bag has it.

And the compartments! They are there for a reason! Don’t stuff everything into the largest pocket, leaving the others empty, but separate your tees from your balls, your Accessories, Golf gloves from the Rangefinder, and make sure you use each pocket as you planned.

How do I organize my golf clubs in my garage?

Your golf clubs should never be scattered around. The most logical solution is to keep them in the Golf bag and have a particular corner for your equipment. Locating the bag and the extras on a special rack or a golf bag organizer for the garage is the perfect way to keep them safe and secure.

Also, there are racks and unique holders intended for the clubs only, without keeping them in the bag. If you opt for this, make sure that the place is not humid, too hot, or not exposed to direct sunlight.

How do I store my golf bag in the garage?

The best way to protect your bag is to keep it at a moisture-free place and maintain its stability and durability. This is why golf bag organizers for garage exist after all, so take advantage of it and extend your golf bag’s life. If you lack space for a golf bag organizer, use one of those wall-mounted racks with hooks that allow you to hang the bag and protect it from adverse environmental effects.