Taking care of golf clubs can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to keep them from getting damaged, but it is also important to keep your club heads dry. When golf clubs get wet, they will get rusty, and over time, this can lead to deterioration.

Many golf sets are going to come with a golf bag rain hood, but others will not. If you are looking to add one of these helpful tools to your golf bag, we have the best buying choices on the market. There is an option on this list for all budgets and golf bag styles.

Top Rated Golf Bag Rain Covers

Sun Mountain Golf Bag Hood Covers

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If you want one of the best golf bag rain covers or golf bag hood covers on the market, then you will need to look at Sun Mountain. Sun Mountain is one of the best brands on the market for quality Travel bags, golf gear, products and extra golf accessories for everyday golf. Some of the top bags on the market are products from Sun Mountain.

Since this company knows how to handle golf bags, they certainly also know how to protect them. This works very much like the rain wedge expect that you can access the clubs from any angle with this Sun Mountain cover. There is plenty of storage and clearance for a large driver, and you can easily adjust this to fit on any golf bag.

Regardless of if your bag has 14 dividers or no dividers, you will be content with the easy-access design to access your clubs using the Sun Mountain golf bag hood during heavy rain. Sun Mountain does makes one of the best cover for golf clubs with plenty of protection, but they are slightly higher than other brands. 


  • Premium rip stop nylon material
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Long-lasting design that will hold up over time


  • Sun Mountain products are always priced a bit high

Rain Wedge Easy Access Golf Bag Rain Hood/Cover

image of rain wedge easy access golf bag rain hood/cover - AEC Info
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If you have not heard of a golf rain wedge, it may just be the newest accessory you want to add to your golf bag. The Rain Wedge Easy Access Golf Bag Rain Hood allows golfers easy access to golf bag to get to their clubs during a round easily; however, it is also used to keep the clubs dry.

A retractable rod gives you about 14 inches of clearance to make sure you can fit even that 45 inches, 460cc driver. When you are not using the rain wedge, it can easily fold up and be put inside your golf bag for golf club travel.


  • Attaches to bag quickly
  • Made of durable Nylon
  • Locking zipper


  • Won’t protect the entire bag

Craftsman Golf Black Waterproof and Dustproof Golf Bag Rain Hood

image of craftsman golf black waterproof and dustproof golf bag rain hood - AEC Info
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Craftsman Golf is a company that is starting to put out more options for unique accessories for golf bags. This waterproof and dustproof golf bag rain hood is a great choice to keep your clubs safe and protected. A strap attaches to the bag so that this can be made an adjustable fit for any golf bag.

If you need to grab a golf club from your bag, you can simply flip the cover-up and pull out the club that you need. If you are playing with Golf push carts or walking with carrying bags, the Craftsman is lightweight and won’t cause any extra work on your part.


  • Made from a durable waterproof material
  • Works well for carry bags and cart bags with adjustable nylon straps
  • Impressive design with easy access to clubs


  • Does not protect the golf bag in any way

Rain Tek Waterproof Golf Bag Rain Protection Cover

image of rain tek waterproof golf bag rain protection cover - AEC Info
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When you walk the golf course, your bag is going to be very exposed to the rain. The problem is as you push the bag on the golf cart push cart, you will have it very exposed to the weather. This is a significant problem, and in order to keep bag in great shape, you will need a golf bag rain cover that completely covers the entire bag.

The Rain Tek Waterproof is specifically made for a golf bag on a 3 wheel push cart. You will get rain protection for your clubs but still, be able to reach your hand in and take a club out. In addition, you won’t have a hard time keeping the golf bag rain cover on with the unique wind protection strap.


  • Rainproof pocket for the scorecard and Golf green reading book
  • Full golf bag rain cover
  • Great for golfers that walk the course


  • Can be a bit cumbersome to store in the golf bag

Callaway Golf Rain Hood Towel

image of callaway golf rain hood towel - AEC Info
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The Callaway Golf Rain Hood Towel is an interesting option for a golf bag rain cover. If you don’t want to deal with zippers and a rod system, then this innovative rain hood / golf towel is a good option to consider. The Callaway Golf Rain Hood is really a two-in-one product, and you can easily hook it up to your bag when the rain gets close.

One of the things you will love about this towel is that it features a carabiner clip that you can always have this hanging on your bag. With all the things you need to remember as a golfer, it’s nice not to have to think about whether or not you packed your rain hood towel with you.


  • Very fair price range
  • Hangs on the side of the bag
  • Towel and golf bag rain cover


  • Does not provide complete protection from the rain

Longridge Storm Hood Golf Bag Cover Black

image of longridge storm hood golf bag cover black - AEC Info
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The Longridge Storm Hood Golf Bag Cover is a great option for a snap on golf bag cover. The Longridge is something that you will want to keep in your bag just in case a rain storm should surprise you on the course.

This product is made from a water resistant material that will help to ensure there are no issues with rust or deterioration of your clubs. We are impressed with the features of this bag and the thickness of the storm hood.

The neck of the golf bag rain cover is elasticated so that it will fit on a variety of golf bags without any trouble.


  • Made from water resistant material
  • Has a zipper for access to the clubs
  • Thicker cover for better protection of the golf clubs


  • Branding is a bit large on the cover of the rain hood

HOW TRUE Waterproof Golf Bag Rain Protection Cover

image of how true waterproof golf bag rain protection cover - AEC Info
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The HOW True Waterproof Golf Bag Rain Protection is a great choice for golfers looking to protect their entire bag. If your golf bag happens to be a higher end model that cannot get wet, you may want to consider that a full rain cover is going to be the best choice.

With a fully waterproof rain cover like this, you can keep your bag both clean and dry. Some golfers will even put the HOW TRUE on as a way to keep their golf bag clean throughout the winter month. This is a clear color model so that you can easily see the areas of your bag that you may need access to.


  • Easy to put on
  • Lightweight option
  • Covers the entire bag


  • Not as convenient to use as something like a rain wedge

Seaforth Rain Gear SeaForth Waterproof Rain Hood

image of seaforth rain gear seaforth waterproof rain hood - AEC Info
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Seaforth makes some great products for dealing with a variety of weather conditions. The details included in this product make it a great choice for those that want a lightweight and easy to use option for protecting your golf clubs.

As you will see with the Seaforth, you will have plenty of room to access your golf clubs and get the equipment out very easily. The snaps and elastic ensure that you can get a very tight fit that will keep your clubs incredibly dry during your next round of golf.

Perhaps our favorite feature of the Seaforth is that you can also store a towel until the rain hood of the bag cover. The towel allows you to keep your hands dry and your grips dry even during a rain storm. Although the Seaforth can be priced a bit higher than other options on our lists, it is worth it for the performance you get.


  • Rolls up very small to put away
  • Will attach easily to the golf bag
  • Can get to golf clubs with just one hand


  • With a really strong rain, your clubs will get a little wet

And The Best Golf Bag Rain Cover Is …


image of sun mountain golf bag hood covers - AEC Info

Sun Mountain Rain Hood

Of all the golf bag rain covers that we researched, the best was Sun Mountain. With a Sun Mountain rain hood, you will be able to cover your clubs properly, protect them from dust and rain, and easily access them when you need them.

Like any other product that Sun Mountain makes, you will notice that high quality materials are used and that the rain hood is built to last.

This was a solution that was created with a golfer in mind, and it is apparent as to why this is one of the best selling rain hoods on the market.

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Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now feel that you can shop for a golf bag rain cover and find something that will work for your needs. There are a few considerations to make before you settle on your final purchase. Here are the things we would look for in a golf bag rain cover.

Golf Bag Type

A golf cart bag and a golf carry bag or Sunday bag may need different rain covers. You have to ensure that you have access to your clubs but that your clubs are also going to fit on the cart or on your back if you are carrying them.

Most rain covers are going to work on a Cart bag or a carry bag. However, some of the larger full rain covers are a bit too cumbersome for the golfer that is walking and carrying. Keep this in mind as you investigate different manufacturers and their product offerings.

Rain Cover Type

The type of rain cover is usually a full size option that covers the entire bag or the hood that just goes over the top of the bag. IT really depends on what you are trying to protect when you choose the rain cover type for you. If you have a high end bag with detailed stitching, it may make sense to get a full rain cover.


For very Tall golfers, sometimes the clearance of the rain cover can be a problem. If the top of the rain cover is not tall enough, players will have a hard time getting the club to fit in the top of the bag. In addition, getting clubs in and out will become quite difficult. Ensure that you purchase a golf rain cover with plenty of clearance if your clubs are extended in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we get asked about the best golf bag rain covers on the market.

Does Every Golf Bag Come With A Rain Hood?

Almost every golf bag you purchase will come with some kind of rain cover. However, this is not to say that these rain covers will be high quality and be able to protect your clubs properly. Most of the golf bag rain covers that come with your clubs are used more when storing the club or for a quick rainstorm that you don’t even play through.

For truly playing in the rain, an additional golf bag rain cover is necessary.

Should I Get A Full Bag Rain Cover or a Rain Hood?

Most players are going to use a golf bag rain hood. With the rain hood, you will have plenty of access to your clubs, and it is lightweight and easy to get on and off. For the full golf bag rain covers, you have a bit more work to deal with getting the bag protected and out of the rain.

Most players that go with the full bag rain cover have a high end golf bag that needs protection from the rain.

Are Golf Rain Hoods Worth It?

A golf bag rain hood is very much worth it. Keeping one of these handy resources in your bag will help to ensure the inside of your golf bag does not turn into a small swamp. When golf clubs get wet and don’t dry properly, they tend to rust.

The long term implications of this will include the deterioration of your golf clubs. A rain cover is a small price to pay to keep your golf clubs in great condition.

Now that you found a great hood for your Golf Bag, you may want to check out AEC Info’s reviews on a variety of golf bags.