When you’re looking to play 18 holes, the prospect of carrying a full bag of clubs and gear can be pretty daunting. That’s why smart golfers get help, with a back-saving push cart. It gives you the best of both worlds, you get your exercise by walking the course, but moving your golf bag around is made much easier.

There is a small problem, however, and that’s knowing which bags are best for push carts. Some of them get twisted, are too big to fit on the cart, while others don’t have enough storage or club dividers, and others just don’t look the part.

I’ve done the leg work and tried out a selection of golfers bags to let you know which I think are the best golf bags for push carts.

Golf Bags for Push Carts Reviewed

OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 Golf Cart Bag

OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Golf Cart Bag
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On my first round, I loaded my clubs into the OGIO Alpha Convoy golf bag for cart. It’s a decent-looking golf bag, and I like that they made it sustainable by using recycled plastic material. The golf bag has a durable, solid feel, but I never got the sense of it being clunky or too heavy. This one comes in 6 color choices, which means you get to personalize a bit more than the average golf bag allows. The stand bag is made with nice touches, like the rubberized handles, but I have to say that I didn’t like the plastic towel ring. That felt a bit cheap.


  • Lots of pockets for storage
  • Solid feel without being cumbersome
  • Sustainable materials
  • Stand bag that sits comfortably on the cart


  • Plastic towel ring a cheap move
  • Feels a bit “over-engineered” – lots of extra pockets and bits I couldn’t think of a use for

Sun Mountain Men’s C-130 Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Men's C-130 Golf Cart Bags
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Sun Mountain is one of my favorite brands, so I was really keen to try this bag for push cart. I like that this one comes with a 5-way divider, as well as the full length, 14 way since I prefer the former. The C-130 really looks the part, too. I got a lot of compliments from my golf buddies when I was trying this one.

You really see the strength of design in the C-130 when you load it onto your push cart. You won’t get that annoying twisting thing that happens with some golf bags. It sits on the push cart nice and snug.


  • 16 color options make it the most customizable in the list
  • Putter well is especially generous
  • No twisting in the push cart


  • No tee holder – very disappointing
  • Pockets too deep for my golf pencil, I kept losing it!

TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag
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TaylorMade is a big name in the business. You expect quality, and with the Supreme Cart Golf Bag, you definitely get it. Every detail is thought out, right down to the metal carabiner for your towel.

The full length, 15-way holder is perfect for those who love to keep their set organized. They’ve even added UV protection so that color will last out there on the course. Good news for Florida golfers!


  • UV protection a nice extra feature to prevent the golf bag from fading
  • 12 pockets cover all your gear with a bit extra
  • A rather heavy golf bag to carry, but sits sturdy and stable on the cart
  • Special space for your putter to keep it protected


  • No tripod, which means you have to use the cart with the bag. I always think it’s better to have the choice.

NFL The Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag

NFL The Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag
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Hey there, sports fans. Show your team colors with this great-looking, lightweight bag. It’s perfect for those playing for leisure rather than competition. Between the novelty of your NFL team design and the ice-cold beers in the cooler, it’s a fun day out wrapped into a bag.

Serious golfers won’t like the putter well, though, since it’s not made for enlarged handles. You’re also forced to use the push cart since, even though it is a stand bag, it won’t stand up too well on its tripod while on the grass.


  • Attractive, novelty design stands out from the crowd
  • Incredibly light bag
  • The cooler pocket is one of the best of any I’ve seen


  • Does not have full length dividers
  • Putter well limited to regular size handles

Sun Mountain Teton Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Teton Cart Bag
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I called this bag “the mighty Teton” because of the extra cart bumpers built-in for extra durability. That’s a nice touch. This one is even lighter than the NFL bag, which makes it ideal for longer, pro-length courses.

The layout is logical and seems well thought out, but it only has 7 pockets, and I had to double on some items. Sun Mountain was a bit stingy on the pockets.


  • Attractive design, turned lots of heads and earned many compliments
  • Ultra-light bag – only 5lbs
  • Cart bumpers make it more durable – big plus


  • Not enough bag pockets. Would be better if it had a valuables pocket or a cooler pocket.

Callaway Golf Rogue Staff Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Staff Cart Bag
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Callaway never fails to outwardly impress. Among those I’ve tried out in this list, it’s the most attractive, hands down. You also make great savings on a huge international brand with this bag.

When you want to convey the serious golfer image, Callaway is the perfect brand. The bag’s 9 pockets give ample storage, and the 6-way dividers were good for me, though others might expect more.

My only complaint was that the bag feels heavy and even straining on the cart. Looked like it might buckle at times.


  • Stunning big-name design
  • Great value price tag
  • Conveys the right “golfer” image


  • No side pocket for water bottle is disappointing
  • Very heavy

And The Winner Is…

The TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

TaylorMade Supreme Cart BagThough not the lightest, it’s sturdy, well-made, and clearly designed by golf-minded professionals. The attention to detail cannot be ignored on this bag, nor can the sheer amount of practical storage. Whether a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, the TaylorMade gives the right image and the optimal function.

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What is the Best Golf Cart Bag to Buy?

When you’re looking for your golf cart bag, one of the top considerations has to be how snugly and tightly it fits the cart. There’s nothing more annoying than a jiggling or twisting golf bag as you push the cart around the course. Look for a strong locking mechanism or additional straps to aid stability.

Another important consideration here is weight. Get something too cumbersome, and the cart itself becomes a burden to push around. At the same time, however, you need it to be able to withstand a stiff breeze and stand stably on a slope or uneven ground.

One final big consideration has to be weather-proofing, and I’m not just talking about rain. The sun will beat down on it, the rain will fall on it, and the wind will blow against it. Look for materials designed to be durable against UV, rain, and other elements.

Do Stand Bags Fit Push Carts?

The short answer to this is yes, they generally do. Although stand bags are smaller, often sleeker, and built with tripod legs that jut out as you place it on the ground, they will load up onto a push cart if you want.

The main difference between the two types of bags is in size. Manufacturers guess that people who buy cart bags want to use them on a cart, so they make them bulkier with 14 way and full length dividers.

One important thing to note is that because your stand bag is smaller than a cart bag, it may not fit as snugly on the cart. This means it might twist or rattle as you push it along. It’s a minor problem for most, but if you want maximum stability, stick with the cart bags for push carts.

How do I Organize my Golf Bag for a Push Cart?

The best golf bags for push carts will come fully loaded with storage and convenient features that make it easy to organize. This is true even for beginners.

First, you should evaluate what pockets your bag has and where they are located. Whether your bag has 7, 9, 12, or more pockets, you should count them up and see where they are. Note also the size of each one and what kinds of items will fit in them most snugly.

Next, reserve the easiest-to-reach pockets for items you need most frequently on the course. These items will include tees, spare balls, a towel, water bottle, and rangefinder. Other pockets you can reserve for less urgent items like a spare glove, your golf shoes, and more.

Third, put valuables in the velour-lined pocket. Many bags come with at least one pocket with this soft lining. It’s designed to hold valuables and fragile items, so use it exclusively for these things.

Finally, don’t put liquids with your electronic gear like a rangefinder. When you’ve spent good money on a top-notch rangefinder, you don’t want it ruined by a careless loose bottle top or other liquids leaking in the pocket. Keep liquids and tech gear separated.

Ultimately, you must organize your bag in whatever way suits you best, but hopefully, these tips will get you started.

If you are looking for cart bags for golf, you will find several options here.