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If you are going to have all of the high-end equipment and pay close to $50 for a dozen golf balls, you may as well ensure that the golf balls are ready to be used. Playing with a dirty golf ball will absolutely limit the distance it can travel; it will also decrease spin and seriously impact the club and ball interaction.

Keeping your golf ball clean is simple if you have one of the best golf ball cleaners or washers on the market. Let’s take a look at some that can help you be prepared for every golf hole.

Best Golf Ball Cleaner

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer/Cleaner

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer/Cleaner
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  • One of the best golf ball cleaner for the money
  • Very easy to transport
  • Can fit in a cup holder
  • Simple to add cleaning solution
  • Cleans golf ball in seconds


  • Will need to keep replacing the cleaning solution

The Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball washer is the best overall option on the market. For this model, you can bring it along with you while you walk or ride the golf course and always have a quick and easy to use ball wash. This golf ball washer even fits in the cup holder of a cart if you would like it to.

With the Clean Flight Premium, you will notice that the durable materials on this portable golf ball washer will hold up over time. Simply insert dirty golf balls into the top and move the Clean Flight up and down. Your golf ball will come out completely clean.

The strap allows you to attach this to your golf bag to be sure that you always have it with you as you make your way around the course. The Clean Flight is a unique model that has really done a great job of helping golfers perform with a clean golf ball.

Club Clean Kraft with Bracket Kit

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer/Cleaner
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If you have your own golf cart, than the Club Clean Kraft with Bracket Kit is the perfect way to ensure your golf ball stays clean. In fact, this is more than just a portable golf ball washer; it will also clean golf clubs. If you have the room on your cart, you will see quite a bit of functionality from this tool.

The Club Clean has a drain plug on the bottom that makes it easy to dispose of dirty water and fill the golf ball cleaner back up with cleaning solution. The single chamber makes it really easy to keep these golf ball washers in excellent condition for years to come.


  • It comes with a universal mounting bracket
  • One of the best golf ball cleaner and club cleaner combos
  • Brushes produce very clean golf balls


  • Must have your own golf cart and room to mount it properly

10L0L Golf Ball Washer Golf Club Washer

10L0L Golf Ball Washer Golf Club Washer
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The 10LOL brand has made a mark in the golf cart accessory category in 2022. For so many years, consumers were kind of stuck having to purchase brand name EZ Go or Club Car parts for their golf carts. With the new 10LOL brand, the accessories are cheaper and just as high quality.

The 10LOL Golf Ball Washer is also a golf club washer. This is another model that will fit directly on a flat surface of your golf cart. It is a very durable design, and the bristles tend to hold up quite well over time.

The golf ball washer is easy to plug and drain so that you can keep the cleaning solution fresh and ready for any day on the golf course. We found that the ease of use of this model made us clean both clubs and golf balls much more frequently.


  • Simple to install no mounting bracket needed
  • Will work on both EZ Go and Club Car golf carts
  • Delivers very clean golf balls
  • Simple to drain and refill


  • Requires a good amount of space on the back of your golf cart

AW Universal Golf Club and Ball Washer

AW Universal Golf Club and Ball Washer
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The AW Universal Golf Club and Ball Washer is an excellent option for golfers that want their clubs and balls clean but need to keep their budget in check. The AW Universal is a very affordable golf ball and golf club washer. We noticed that our shots had much more spin and flight after using this device.

The AW Universal is compatible with both EZ Go and Club Car golf carts and will fit in various locations on the golf course. Even with mud and dirt caked on the golf clubs, the AW Universal did an excellent job of keeping the golf clubs and the golf ball clean.


  • It easily fits on the golf cart
  • One of the more affordable golf cart portable golf ball washers
  • Easy to install with included mounting bracket


  • Need to change cleaning solutions fairly frequently

Club Clean Club & Ball Cleaner

Club Clean Club & Ball Cleaner
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If you have been paying attention to the golf ball cleaners on our list, you may have noticed that the ball cleaner and club washer configuration can alternate. This is something that is important to keep in mind because of the way it may fit on your golf cart. Remember that the golf ball cleaner will need to have room to move up and down.

This is another single chamber design that really proves to be the smartest option for players. With the single chamber, it is very easy to drain liquid and soap and then fill it back up again. The heavy-duty materials that the Club Clean features certainly help to ensure this will last you for years to come.


  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Heavy duty golf ball and club cleaner
  • Produces higher ball flight and better spin


  • Club than ball cleaner orientation is not a fit for all golf carts

BallBrite – The Ultimate Portable Golf Ball Cleaner

BallBrite - The Ultimate Portable Golf Ball Cleaner
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The BallBrite is another option for the golfer that does not have their own golf cart. With a BallBrite golf ball cleaner, you can simply keep this pouch nearby and insert the golf ball when necessary. The BallBrite is a portable golf ball washer that can attach to your golf bag and be used throughout the round.

With the Ball Brite, you can even put the cleaner in your back pocket, so you have easy access to it throughout your round. The neoprene material and the moisture-locking technology help ensure that the ball washer will not get you wet but will adequately clean your golf ball.

Our favorite feature of the BallBrite is the fact that after a few rounds of golf, you can simply toss this into your washing machine, and it will be ready to go for your next round of golf.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can keep in your back pocket or on the golf bag
  • Durable moisture locking material


  • Can still get some dirt on hands and pocket

And The Winner Is…

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Cleaner

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer/Cleaner

The best overall golf ball cleaner on the market is the Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Cleaner. This is a relatively new release to the market and has proven to be very functional for golfers. The Clean Flight can fit in the cup holder on your golf cart, and it allows you to clean a golf ball in a matter of seconds.

Whether you like to walk the golf course or ride in a cart, the Clean Flight is a perfect affordable solution.

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Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Golf Ball Cleaner

The best golf ball cleaner will not be nearly as tricky as choosing the best golf drivers or even the best golf course to play. There are a few key considerations to have in your mind before purchasing your golf ball cleaner. Let’s take a look at some of the most important so that you can find the golf ball cleaner that works best for your game.

Golf Cart vs. Pocket

If you have your own golf cart, then you will likely want a golf ball cleaner that attaches to the cart. These cleaners often clean both golf balls and clubs, and they simply mount to the cart. As we all know, golf courses only put out cleaners every three or four holes; with a golf cart cleaner, you have access to this device at all times.

The pocket or bag attachment golf ball cleaners are a better choice for those that rent carts or prefer to walk around the course. The great news about these is that they are smaller in size and typically lower in price.

Cleaning Solution

Some golf ball washers have their own specific cleaning solution that they are meant to be used with. Others will tell you to include some soap and water. Regardless of the cleaning solution you use, it is essential to consider this before purchasing.

The golf ball washer should be a one-time, relatively inexpensive purchase for a golfer. Don’t get yourself wrapped into a situation where you will need to add a cleaning solution to your monthly expenses.


Golf accessories take on a good bit of wear and tear. There are plenty of days on the golf course where we feel as though our equipment takes a beating. If your golf ball washer is not durable, it won’t hold up well to all the mud, sand, and dirt that it is going to be exposed to. It’s worth the extra few dollars to get a durable golf ball washer.

Care and Maintenance

If you are purchasing a golf ball washer, pay attention to how you must clean it. As you can imagine, the debris that the golf ball washer collects will eventually need to be rinsed out and cleaned. For golf ball washers that go on golf carts, try to find one with a single chamber or drain. This helps ensure simple water removal and drainage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most critical questions that golfers must ask themselves before purchasing a golf ball cleaner. With all of the options on the market, it makes sense to fully understand your options before buying.

What is the best cleaner for golf balls?

The best cleaner for golf balls is dish soap, water, and a brush. These golf ball washers on the golf course will be located every three or four holes. However, this is just not enough. This is why it becomes essential to have a portable golf ball cleaner in place to ensure you are ready for any issue that could come up on the course.

What do I put in my golf ball washer?

The best cleaning solution for a golf ball washer is one teaspoon of dish soap to a gallon of water. You do not want to overdo the dish soap because you will get bubbles everywhere. Some golf ball washers come with their own specific cleaning solution that you can use.

Some people will recommend using bleach as a cleaning solution in the golf ball washer. We don’t recommend this as it can stain your clothes while cleaning your golf balls.

Is bleach good for golf balls?

Bleach won’t hurt golf balls, and when you are cleaning a large batch all at once, the bleach is a good idea to use. If you are going to clean golf balls this way, fill a large bucket with a half cup of bleach and several gallons of water. Sometimes the bleach will help white golf balls get their color back.

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