Sometimes the terminology of golf ball marking and golf ball markers can get mixed up. A golf ball marking tool is something that you use to create a line or an image on your golf ball. The mark that you make on your golf ball can help with a variety of things on the golf course. In fact, it has become one of the most popular golf accessories on the market because of the benefits players are finding by using a golf ball marker tool.

There are some things that you should know about how to mark your golf ball, the way you can use the golf ball marker tools, and which are the best to buy. We have covered all of that for you in our guide.

Why Is Marking A Golf Ball Necessary?

As with all golf accessories on the market, golfers want to know if this is really a necessary tool to add to their bag. There are actually several reasons why marking golf balls is necessary. You will find that in addition to identifying your golf ball with ease, some of these alignment tools can help improve your overall golf game. Here are some of the reasons why a golf ball marker tool is essential.

Golf Ball Identification

Have you ever played the wrong golf ball? It is a terrible feeling, and it often happens when you don’t have any way of identifying which golf ball is yours. IF everyone in the group is playing a Titleist 2, you may miss the fact that your ball is not the one you just hit. However, when the golf ball marker tool is used, it becomes much easier to identify your golf balls.


Players need to focus on developing a very strong pre-shot routine. In order to play great golf, your routine needs to be the same each time you swing. To ensure that your swing is the same, you must develop a routine that triggers your memory of how to hit a ball. Golfers who use the golf ball line marker have found that it adds a great alignment tool to their pre-shot routine.

Improved Alignment/Visualization

There are several different ways to mark your golf ball. Some people will use a stamp or a symbol that means something to them. Others create elaborate patterns to help them see the ball better or simply for good luck. However, most golfers will use the golf ball marker as a way to align their shots. Using the line on the ball to get yourself situated and aimed properly is a great way to use the golf ball alignment tools on the market.

Can Be Used From The Tee

There are only two areas of the game where golfers can touch their golf balls. These are the tee and the putting green. Aside from these two areas, you will have to play the golf ball as it lies. Therefore, it can make sense to take advantage of the ability to touch the ball from the tee and the green and ensure that you are properly lined up. Using the line on the ball as a golf ball alignment aide is perfectly legal and a great option for golfers to consider.

Best Golf Ball Marking Tools

Golf-EZ TRI-LINE Golf Ball Alignment Kit

Golf-EZ TRI-LINE Golf Ball Alignment Kit
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The EZ Tri Line Golf Ball Alignment Kit has everything you could need in a great golf ball marking tool. The kit comes with the marking tool and then four markers to go with it. The EZ Tri Line is small enough to fit in your golf bag, and pull it out on the first tee.

We like the fact that this particular kit gives you the option to draw straight lines and arrows so that you can fine tune this to your needs. The carrying case is durable and can even be attached to the outside of the golf bag.


  • Allows for many different combinations on the ball
  • A great choice for an alignment tool
  • Carry case makes it easy to bring around
  • Four high-quality markers


  • Can be a slight bleed out depending on the conditions of the golf ball

SAPLIZE Golf Ball Marker Alignment Kit

SAPLIZE Golf Ball Marker Alignment Kit
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Some golfers think that a single line on the ball is more than enough for perfect alignment. However, some other features should be considered when adding to a golf ball. Lines can go a variety of ways, and with the Saplize golf ball marker, there are three different marking options to choose from. This allows some versatility in the way the golf ball liner works.

In addition, the Saplize comes with Sharpie marker pens that are fast drying and waterproof. This means that even after you take a few swings, your line on the golf ball is still going to be in place. Overall this is a good kit offered at a fair value.


  • Thorough alignment tool
  • It comes with Sharpie markers
  • Made with durable plastic material


  • Some golf balls feel slightly lose when inside the marking tool

VISUALIZE The Original TRI-LINE Golf Ball Marker Kit

VISUALIZE The Original TRI-LINE Golf Ball Marker Kit
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If you have seen how golf ball technology is headed, many manufacturers are bringing these alignment lines on the golf ball right from headquarters. This means that you will get a golf ball that already has alignment lines in place. This is becoming standard, and it is because of the benefits that players are seeing.

If you want to take your typical golf ball and mark it, so it looks exactly like the Callaway Triple Track technology, this is the golf ball marking tool to do it with. The Visualize is a three-line golf ball marker that can help with alignment and tracking the roll of a putt. When there are three lines on the ball, you can watch it roll end over end into the hole.

The three-line pattern goes beyond just alignment, and it lets players see if they are striking the golf ball well (especially around the putting and chipping green).


  • It comes with two different colors
  • It fits on the golf ball very well
  • Triple line design helps with alignment from tee and green


  • Although the markers are good, they don’t tend to last as long as some sharpie markers

360 Degree Rotation Easy Ball Liner Tool Kit

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As you may have noticed, most golf ball marking tools will only go around half of the golf ball. However, if you are looking to create a line that travels 360 degrees around your ball, then this 360 Degree Rotation Easy Ball Liner could be a great choice to consider.

When you put your golf ball in the tool, you can then spin the tool around the ball and get your line to go all the way around. If you have ever tried to draw a line on the golf ball without using a tool like this, you will notice that it is virtually impossible. We like how this golf ball marking tool sits flat on a surface and allows you to work.

There are five types of lines that you can create using just this one tool. The anti-slip silicone rubber holds the ball in place to ensure that you get a clean design that will not bleed as you play your round.


  • Allows for marking around the entire ball
  • Very easy product to use
  • It helps improve eye contact with the ball


  • 360 lines will leave no areas for white space, not preferred by all players

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a golf ball marking tool should not be all that difficult. With all of the great options on the market, you really can't go wrong. GOlfers used to have to try and do this process with a ruler and other less effective tools. Luckily these golf ball marking tools have helped to make it much more feasible to mark a golf ball.

What Is The Best Way To Mark A Golf Ball?

The best way to mark a golf ball is to help you both identify and visualize what you are doing in your golf game. Drawing a line on a golf ball is a great way to help you see if you are lined up to the hole. In addition, sometimes, putting a few dots or a simple symbol will help ensure that you never play the wrong golf ball. It will take some time to determine what you like your golf ball to look like; however, a golf ball marking tool will help the ball look much more impressive.

Do Golf Ball Stamps Work?

Golf ball stamps work as long as you follow the instructions and purchase a quality stamp. The great thing about stamps is that the pattern can get a bit more unique, and your golf ball design can really stand out. The most important thing is to ensure that the golf ball you are using is dry and that there is no chance for the marker to smudge or smear while you are using it.

What Do PGA Tour Players Put On Their Golf Ball?

PGA Tour golfers are no different than amateur golfers when it comes to marking a golf ball. Some PGA Tour players like a clean white golf ball with nothing on it. Others will find that a small line on the side of the ball can help them with focus and alignment on the putting green. Other PGA Tour pros will put a dot or a symbol on the ball to help it stand out. Of course, there are always the superstitious golfers that have something very specific they want on their golf balls to help them have luck throughout their game.


Hopefully, this guide to the best golf ball marking tools out there has helped you see the importance and significance of marking your golf ball. Although this may seem like such a simple thing, in the end, it could make all the difference in your ability to score. If you feel as though you need a little change in your putting game and want to try your hand at golf ball line marking, give the EZ Tri Line a shot. This affordable tool is easy to carry around and will help you improve alignment from the tee and the green. With the different color combinations of the markers, you can get quite creative in what your golf ball looks like. For more golf info be sure to check out