A golf ball stamp is a unique golf accessory that will help to ensure you never play the wrong golf ball again. With all of the different golf ball markers on the market, sometimes a simple stamp is the best way to go.

When you find a stamp you like with the pattern that can become your signature on the golf course, the rest is easy. Simply stick the stamp on the side of your golf ball and get on with your round.

We have put together the best golf ball stamp options on the market. Although some will call this a golf ball marker tool, the stamp is just a bit more unique in that it makes things much easier for the golfer.

Golf Ball Stamper Review

Golfdotz USA Lucky Clover

image of golfdotz usa lucky clover - AEC Info
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The Golfdotz are a little like a stamp, but they simply adhere to the ball without you having to press them on with a stamping device. Many will say that the Golfdotz are similar to a tattoo on a golf ball, yet they do not impact the dimples on the ball, the weighting, or the ball flight in any way.

With the Golfdotz, players can easily apply the stamps available in several different colors and designs. This is not a sticker, so it is not something that will peel off the way a sticker would. The Golfdotz are USGA conforming, so that helps to ensure that you can even use these in a golf tournament.


  • USGA conforming
  • Easily attaches to a golf ball
  • Will not impact the flight or the roll


  • It won’t work the same way as a golf stamp, it will go through them at a fast pace

EZBallStamp Custom Golf Ball Stamp

image of ezballstamp golf ball stamp marker - AEC Info
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The EZ Ball Stamp Golf Ball stamp is the best overall golf ball stamp for golfers. The EZ Ball Stamp is very easy to use, and it comes with a very fast drying ink. Even if you forget to mark your golf ball until right before you tee off, the EZ Ball Stamp will get the job done for you.

The colors and the lines of the stamp are very clear and easy to distinguish. We noticed that there were very few smudges or marks from golfers that were using the stamper. The overall price of the EZ Ball Stamp is quite fair, and it even comes with a key chain that you can use to attach to your Golf bag.


  • Very easy to use
  • Clear and sharp image
  • Can choose the look or custom golf ball stamp you want


  • A little larger to keep in or on the bag than other stampers

JMP Personalized Golf Ball Stamp Markers

image of jmp personalized golf ball stamp - AEC Info
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The JMP Personalized Golf Ball stamp is an excellent option for a personalized golf ball marker. Not only will you be able to distinguish which golf ball is yours, but you can see the design stand out as something completely unique to your likes and dislikes.

With the JMP, you can customize your name or initials on the marker or even a custom message. Do you have a name that all of your friends call you when it comes to the golf course? Maybe something like Ace or Birdie sounds good to you on the golf ball. With the JMP, you can make this what you want it to be.

There are four colors to choose from the black, red, blue, and green. Depending on the golf ball you use, the color of the ink you choose could be really important.


  • Very easy to order your personalized stamp
  • It comes in four ink colors
  • Can fit up to two lines of text


  • Takes a little longer to get a custom order in

Pins & Aces Ball Stamp

image of pins & aces ball stamp - AEC Info
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The Pins and Aces golf ball stamp works excellent for golfers concerned with durability. If you are worried that the ink will start coming off the ball or that this is another one of those golf accessories that will last for just a few weeks, you will like what the Pins and Aces ball stamp has to offer.

With the Pins and Aces ball stamp, you can get a highly detailed mark on your ball that does not tend to fade or scratch. This company is serious about making the best golf ball markers out there, and you will be pleasantly surprised with this technology for years to come.


  • Airtight seal so the ink doesn’t dry
  • Waterproof and scratch proof design
  • Durable outer cover so it doesn’t deteriorate


  • Not many color choices

Western Star Golf Ball Stamper

image of western star golf ball stamper - AEC Info
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The Western Star Golf Ball stamper will help ensure that you can quickly and effectively stamp your golf balls. The purpose of using the Japanese ink on these golf balls is used intentionally to ensure that the ink does not start to come off after just a few holes.

You can choose from a wide range of Western Star golf ball stamper designs to get the one that is a perfect fit for your golf game. With these golf ball stamps, you can fit them in your golf bag and ensure that you never play the wrong golf ball again.


  • Compact design fits in your golf bag
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Quick and easy tool to use


  • Not the longest lasting ink on the market

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Marspark Golf Ball Stamp

image of marspark golf ball stamp - AEC Info
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The Marspark Golf Ball stamper tries to combat the issue of only having one image on each golf ball stamp. With the Marspark, you will get both a skull and a clover style marker. Depending on the type of day you are having and which one suits your needs better, the Marspark gives you options.

These are portable and compact golf ball marking tool options that will fit in the accessories pocket of your golf bag. In addition, the scratch resistant ink will stay on the golf ball for quite some time. The ink is relatively easy to apply with the Marspark, simply line it up and push down.


  • Works better than permanent markers
  • It helps golfers that want two different designs to choose from
  • Neat and straight lines


  • Only two colors on the stampers

Asbri Golf Ball Stamper

image of asbri golf ball stamper - AEC Info
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If your golf game is on fire, the Asbri Golf Ball Stamper could be a great choice to consider. This is a personalized ink golf ball stamp that dries in a matter of seconds and can be used hundreds of times. This small red flame will stand out and let you see that it is your golf ball without getting in the way visually.

We like that there are many different Asbri Golf ball stampers to choose from. You can find a pattern and a color that works well for your needs and be pleasantly surprised by the longevity you get from this model.


  • Very easy to see
  • It dries in a few seconds
  • Permanent ink that won’t smudge


  • Each image is sold as an individual stamper

LEIPUPA 4 Pieces Colorfast Golf Ball Stamp

image of leipupa 4 pieces colorfast golf ball stamp - AEC Info
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One of the downsides of purchasing a golf stamp is that you will often be stuck with whatever design you purchase. If you want something that will vary in design and be unique each time you head out to play, then the Leipupa 4 Piece Colorfast Golf Ball Stamp could be a great choice.

With the Leipupa, there are four different designs the flower, whale, sun, and star. All of these designs are unique, and they come in different colors. Depending on the type of day you are having, you can choose one that matches your personality.


  • Fast drying
  • Bright colors
  • Small stampers easily fit in the bag


  • No ability to customize the stamp patterns

Top rated golf ball stamp Is ….

image of ezballstamp golf ball stamp marker - AEC Info

EZ Ball Stamp

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose the best golf ball stamp for your needs. The EZ Ball Stamp is our favorite overall option because of the number of designs and the quality of the general stamp. You will have no trouble using this golf ball stamp over and over again and clearly seeing which golf ball is your own. The golf ball stamp can be fun, but it also serves a great purpose.

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Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better idea as to which golf ball stamps are the best on the market, it’s time to narrow down which one will work for your game. The good news is that these tools are rather straightforward, and you won’t have too many big decisions to make when picking a golf ball stamp for your needs.

Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind.


The color of your golf ball stamp will help it stand out. The best colors are typically red, blue, black, and green. Anything lighter than this can be hard to see and will make it more challenging to identify your golf ball.

A Alignment ball mark should almost always be black to keep things as simple as possible when working with your stamp.


The stamp patterns are unique, and they will ensure that your golf ball stands out from those that your friends are using. Most of the time, the stamp patterns are a simple flame or clover. However, you can also get the stamp patterns to be your initials or a saying that means something to you.

Number of Stamps

The number of stamps you purchase can be cumbersome. You don’t want to have a golf ball stamp collection in the bottom of your bag. To help with this, try and find a set that comes with two or three different designs that you like.

If you can find a set you are happy with, stick with this and try to keep the golf accessories to a minimum.

Ink refills

All of these golf ball stamps come with permanent ink that is not going to smudge. This is what makes the stamp better than a marker. The longevity of the ink is really important as you will want to be able to play a few rounds with one golf ball without having to replace the stamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have mentioned choosing a golf ball stamp does not need to be difficult, but there are a few questions that often come up during this process. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Do Pros Mark Their Golf Balls?

Golf professionals mark their golf balls in very unique ways. For the most part, golfers do not like to mark the ball with anything too complicated. This is because the player wants to be able to focus on the majority of the golf ball being white.

Professional golfers often put a simple colored dot on their golf ball in a certain location that they will remember and be able to look for when playing their round.

How Can You Imprint A Golf Ball? image of Imprinted golf ball - AEC Info

You can imprint a golf ball with a monogramming tool or simply order them direct from the manufacturer with your writing on them. Imprinting a golf ball sometimes comes free of charge as long as you are purchasing a few dozen golf balls at once.

The nice thing about golf ball stamps is that you are not stuck with a dozen of the same golf ball imprint; you can change things up a bit to fit your needs.

Are Golf Ball Stamps Worth It?

Golf ball stamps are worth the price that you pay. These are typically lower-priced items that can help save you from the penalty of playing with the wrong golf ball.

Purchase a quality golf ball stamp and keep it in your golf ball accessory pocket for when you need a quick marking.