Callaway Supersoft golf ball review

Even if you are truly dedicated to one particular golf ball, you may have been hearing quite a bit about the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls. For about half of the price of a dozen of ProV’s, you can pick up these new Callaway’s that are straight, long, and are incredibly soft. They also boast an ultra-low compression core for faster ball speeds and low drag and spin.

The word Super is used to describe this golf ball in many ways, and it is a pretty accurate adjective.

What is the Compression?

The compression of the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is only 38. To put it into perspective, a typical compression of a golf ball is between 70 and 100. With an extremely low compression, Callaway Golf claims that the two-piece Super Soft golf ball will improve accuracy and increase distance for players with slower swing speeds.

What is the best Callaway golf ball?

Callaway Golf produces a number of high-quality golf balls, and each is designed for a particular golfer. As stated above, the Callaway Supersoft is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds. A slow swing speed makes it difficult for golf balls to achieve a longer distance. The best golf ball for you will be based upon your swing speed.

Does a soft golf ball go further?

A soft golf ball has more compression, and usually does not fly as far as a harder balls. Think about hitting a golf ball with a soft cover material and a marshmallow core. The distance will be significantly less than a harder golf ball with a more solid core.

The Supersoft golf ball from Callaway does provide exceptional distance for a supersoft golf ball with lower spin. This increase distance is noticeable in all swing speeds based upon our thorough review.

Benefits and features 

  • Increased accuracy and fast ball speed due to an ultra-low compression core
  • The new core design promotes lower spin rate, increased length, and a straighter ball flight on full swings
  • Increased distance and exceptional carry from the new Low-Drag HEX Aerodynamics®️
  • The New HEX Aerodynamics are better optimized, offering significantly lower spin, reduced drag, promotes lift for further carry distances, higher ball flight, and superior distance
  • Improved greenside control and enhanced feel due to an improved softcover
  • The newest Trionomer ball cover design with an ultra-low compression core for a better feel around the greens
  • Greater shot-stopping spin on approach shots

We are not alone when saying that these golf balls are great for all types of golfers. With more than 1100 reviews on Amazon, they still maintain a 5-star rating. They are great golf balls for a beginner, seniors, amateurs, and low and mid-handicap golfers. They are used to increase distance. They truly are an exceptional golf ball, and for the price, you cannot go wrong.

Pick up a few dozen today by clicking here and be ready for your next round.

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