Have you ever attempted a round of golf at night? Playing golf at night is quite fun, but you cannot use your traditional ProV1 or AVX golf balls. Glow in the dark golf balls can be used for night golf on a course or for practicing in your yard at night.

Regardless of what you plan to do, there is some glow in the dark golf balls that are better than others. We have put together some of the best glow in the dark golf balls on the market. There is an option on this list for every budget and every occasion!

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Top rated glow in the dark golf balls

THIODOON Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

image of thiodoon glow in the dark golf balls - AEC Info
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The Thiodoon Glow in the dark golf ball is the best night golf ball on the market. One of the key features that you will need in a golf ball glow ball is brightness. If it is very dark outside, some of the lower quality led golf balls will be hard to find.

With Thiodoon, you will have no trouble finding the ball.

The Thiodoon golf ball stays on the entire time that you hit it. Many other golf balls will flash, and it can make the ball harder to find. Each time you take a swing, you have eight minutes to find your ball.

The battery on the Thiodoon golf balls lasts for 40 hours; this is a very long time.

With no charger needed and golf balls coming in red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and white, these LED golf balls are the perfect choice for your next round of night golf.


  • The golf ball stays on for 8 minutes
  • No flashing
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Only get six golf balls in a pack

R&L Glow Golf Balls for Night Sports

image of r&l glow golf balls for night sports - AEC Info
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The R&L golf balls are an excellent choice for a rechargeable glow in the dark golf ball. With a rechargeable option, you will use a flashlight or even the sunlight to allow the golf balls to light up at night. The R&L is easy to charge and has a great feel.

Many golfers forget that some of these golf balls for playing night golf will feel a bit hard, not fly as far and not perform the way you would expect. With the R&L, you will not have this concern. These are real golf balls that fly a long way and have some soft feel around the green.

Overall you will find this ball to have a premium feel, similar to any other golf ball you may play a round with.


  • Charge from the sun or flashlight
  • Feel like a real golf ball
  • Fair pricing


  • If they didn’t get enough exposure, the glow wouldn’t last long

Crestgolf Flashing Glowing Golf Ball

image of crestgolf flashing glowing golf ball - AEC Info
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Crestgolf is another excellent company to consider when looking for the best products for your night golf game. These Crestgolf golf balls are a three-layer ball that has the LED light inside. The total time on the LED light is going to be 50 hours.

This is a flashing golf ball. After you hit your shot, the Crestgolf ball will flash for about eight minutes. You will have plenty of your time to find the golf ball before the light stops flashing. In addition, the outer cover of the Crestgolf Flashing Glowing Golf Ball is quite durable. Even if you take a few bad swings, it should hold up just fine.


  • LED Light no charging
  • It stays flashing for 8 hours
  • Similar weight and feel to regular golf ball


  • 50-hour battery life is a little less than other glow balls

ROUNDSY Glow in The Dark Night Golf Balls

image of roundsy glow in the dark night golf balls - AEC Info
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The Roundsy Glow In The Dark Night Golf Balls is perfect for those just getting started out with playing night golf. The great thing about these glow-in-the-dark balls is that they even come with a putting ring to use when playing the course.

The golf balls are made with a high quality rubber and elastic material; they will fade and draw just like your regular cold weather golf ball.

The Roundsy golf balls light up with a constant glow for eight minutes after impact. Even if you hit something off the fairway, these glow in the dark balls will be easily found. We do like the fact that this is not a flashing golf ball, so it has a constant stream of light.


  • It comes with a putting ring or cup
  • Will fly light a traditional golf ball
  • Fair price for glowing golf balls


  • Battery life is not as long as other LED golf balls on the market

GoSports Light Up LED Golf Balls 12 Pack

image of gosports light up led golf balls 12 pack - AEC Info
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GoSports is a golf company that has started making lots of golf accessories and training devices. The light golf golf balls from Go Sports come as a twelve-pack, and they are perfect for a glow golf ball event at a golf course.

The thing to remember about the GoSports golf ball is that they are limited flight. They will only go about 65 percent of the distance of a traditional golf ball. This makes these glow in the dark balls a perfect choice for backyard fun.

The GoSports golf balls have one of the long timers with ten minutes to find your golf ball. The batteries are built to last for about 35 hours, so you should get plenty of rounds in with this ball before it loses its glow.


  • Sold as a 12 pack
  • Limited flight for short course or backyard play
  • Ten minute timer


  • Not as bright as some other options on the market

GlowV1 Night Golf Balls

image of glowv1 night golf balls - AEC Info
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The GlowV1 golf balls are designed to help make night golf feel like day golf. These golf balls are supposed to feel like a traditional balls. They have a full compression core, urethane skin and are very responsive from the tee and the green. These balls have the same feel as both Snell and Vice golf balls from our testing.

The GlowV1 requires you to charge the ball for about 60 seconds, and then you will get a 7 to 10 minute light from the ball. Some golfers like the ability to recharge a golf ball; others simply want the ball to be ready for them at all times. If you are serious about working on your game at night, this is a great choice to consider.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with flashlight
  • It will last for a long time


  • It can get a bit annoying to have to charge the ball over and over again

Champkey Premium Light Up Golf Balls 6 Pack

image of champkey premium light up golf balls 6 pack - AEC Info
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The Champkey Premium Light Up Golf balls have a premium outer cover, durable feel and are built to maximize the energy transfer of the golf ball to the club head. The Champkey has a battery life of over 70 hours, and each time it is activated, it stays lit for ten minutes.

The golf ball has a limited flight of about 75%, so this is a golf ball that will work on a shorter course or for backyard practice. You can get spin on these balls, and overall around the greens; they have some good feel to them.


  • Good pricing
  • Can get side spin
  • Surly material outer cover for durability


  • Limited flight can throw off some golfers games

Night Eagle Light Up LED Golf Balls

image of night eagle light up led golf balls - AEC Info
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Last but certainly not least are the Night Eagle Light up LED Golf Balls. The Night Eagle comes with a multi-color mode, and that is partly what helps it to stand out. When you want to change the color of the golf ball, there is a light activation circle that you can use to do so. Simply choose if you want blue, green, red, white, pink, aqua or if you want the ball to change colors.

The Night Eagle feels like a traditional golf ball, and there is no insert or even a timer. They are the official weight and size of a traditional golf ball, perfect for those that are serious about night golf.


  • Multi color mode
  • Can choose the color you want
  • Fly like a traditional golf ball


  • Battery life is not as long, especially when using color change mode

The best glow-in-the-dark golf ball is …

Thiodoon LED Night Ballsimage of thiodoon glow in the dark golf balls - AEC Info

The best overall golf ball on the market for night golf is the Thiodoon LED night balls. These golf balls will perform just like real balls. They stay lit for a long time, come in a variety of colors, and for the quality, are very reasonably priced. IF you are an avid golfer that feels like there is not enough time in the day to get your golf round in, give these night golf balls a try and see what they can do for your game. Even if you find you are a better player during the day, you will still have quite a bit of fun.

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Buyers Guide

Now that you have the best glow in the dark golf balls on the market, it is time to narrow down which one of these could be the best fit for your game. Here are a few of the things that you should consider when looking at the best glow in the dark golf balls.

Color Choices

Some colors are easier to see than others. When looking for glow golf balls, make sure you choose something that is very bright and easy to see. If the golf ball is color-changing or has the ability to switch colors, that is a great benefit as well.


The timer on the LED golf balls will only last for a limited period of time. This means if you are kind of slow in getting to your LED ball, you may miss the timer completely, and you won’t be able to find your golf ball.

Think about how long it takes you to find your normal golf balls and choose a golf ball for your night game accordingly.

LED vs. UV Flashlight

Some golf balls are activated by a hit; others will need exposure to UV light. The UV light golf balls tend to need a flashlight that is shined on the ball prior to the strike. The LED balls simply start flashing or lighting up as soon as you hit them.

Limited Flight

Many night golf tournaments are played on a shorter golf course. The golf clubs that are used will be the same, but it’s hard to get your surroundings and navigate at night, so the limited flight night golf balls are the best choice to consider.

These golf balls will travel anywhere from 65 to 75 percent of the distance that normal balls will travel. Keep this limited flight option in mind for backyard night golf as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the most commonly asked questions about glow in the dark golf balls and night golf tournaments.

How Long Do Glow Balls Last?

Glow in the dark golf balls can last anywhere from around 25 hours to 300 hours. The more expensive golf balls have a longer lifespan, but you should be able to get several rounds of golf in from any glow ball you purchase.

Ensure that you follow manufacturers’ recommendations about where to put these golf balls if you want them to last.

How Do You Activate In The Dark?

Most LED glow golf balls are activated when the golf ball is hit. Simply strike the light up balls, and they will continue to fly. Other Golf balls will have a glow stick that needs to be exposed to a UV light prior to heading out to play.

Most golfers prefer LED golf balls as they are the most like a normal ball.

How Long Do You Have to Find One In The Dark?

Most golf balls designed for night golf will shine for about eight to ten minutes. This should be plenty of time for you to be able to find your golf ball. Some will have a flashing look to them, and others will have a constant stream of light.

With so many different balls on the market to choose from, you will easily find a match for your game. Check out AEC Info for more golf facts and reviews.