Some golfers play the game to compete and see how well they can do in tournaments. Other golfers are content with just having fun on the golf course. If you are not playing in professional tournaments and not worried about your scoring or qualifying for an amateur championship, an illegal golf ball could be a good choice the next time you are golfing.

Here are five of the Best non-conforming golf balls on the market to quickly improve your game.

Best illegal golf balls for 2023

Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls

Best Overall

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If you are going to play with an illegal ball, you may as well get some great benefits out of it. The Polara Self Correcting are golf balls that will give you a very straight flight, but they are not suitable for tournament play. This is a great ball for those that are struggling with a slice.

The Polara is a two-piece golf ball for golfers that has much less aerodynamic lift than other conforming golf balls. The lower lift reduces spin and makes both hooks and slices that much easier to get rid of. You can play this golf ball as it lies, or you can adjust it to aim directly at the target. Although it is clearly not a magic golf ball, it does a great job of staying on target.

If you have a really bad slice, chances are you will still need to work on correcting your swing. However, to get explosive distance, straight flight, and plenty of launch, the Polara Self Correcting is the perfect ball for you.

We recently reviewed all of the Polara golf balls which you can check out here.


  • Dimple design helps to keep the ball straight
  • Self-aligning
  • Low sidespin


  • Not great around the greens

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Best For Distance

image of bandit maximum distance golf balls - AEC Info
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As our best overall choice is designed to help golfers who slice the ball, the Bandit is perfect for the amateur golfers that need some extra distance when driving the golf ball towards the hole. Bandit non conforming golf balls come in a few different styles.

This particular ball is made with a Polybutadiene Synthetic Rubber Core and a Dupont Lithium cover.

Not only with the Bandit holds up over time, but it also has some great playability. When you make contact with the Bandit, you will get maximum energy transfer. When this energy transfer takes place, the ball speeds are some of the highest golf has seen.

Certainly, too high to use in tournaments or a competitive round.

The Bandit has some very low spin on tee shots, which is a major reason you will notice so much roll on this ball in the fairway. The only problem you see with a distance ball like this is that the spin around the green is not as good as it could be.


  • Helps lessen effects of slices
  • Very high ball velocity
  • High performing and high energy core


  • Not the best feel in the short game or with your putter

MG Golf Balls Senior

Best For Senior Golfer

image of mg golf balls senior - AEC Info
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Some senior golfers have reached the point in their game that they are done with golf tournaments and stressful competitions. A leisurely round of golf on a Saturday morning with a caddy is all they are asking for. If this describes you, we certainly can understand.

One that makes the game of golf more fun for senior players is distance. The non-conforming MG Golf Balls are a great choice for the senior player.

The MG is designed to help those with slower swing speeds get the ball speed that they need. The MG senior golf balls claim to be the longest senior balls on the market, giving golfers one to 1.5 clubs more distance.

One of the things that we like about the MG golf balls is that they also have some decent feel for the short game area. Many of these non-conforming balls are built for one thing, distance. Although distance is important there is a lot more to golf than how far you can hit the ball.

Luckily the dimple pattern and materials of the MG make them a good choice for the short game as well.   


  • Very long
  • Built specifically for senior golfers
  • Good launch/ball flight


  • Built only for lower swing speeds

Volvik Magma Golf Balls

Best Non-Conforming Golf Balls For Average Golfer

image of volvik 2020 magma golf balls magma - AEC Info
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Volvik is a golf ball manufacturer that makes lots of different types of golf balls. They are very well known for colored balls and low spin type distance balls. This year they also released a non-conforming ball called the Volvik Magma.

The Magma is not suitable for use in official tournaments because it is larger than traditional golf balls. You may have heard of the new Callaway Supersoft Magma. The Supersoft is legal; the Volvik Magma is not. With a larger golf ball, some players believe they can get more carry distance and less drag.

The cover on this ball is an ionomer cover with 432 dimples. If you know anything about dimple design, 432 is a lot of dimples! Golfers who have a swing speed anywhere from 70-90mph will do best with this illegal golf ball.

One of the things we like best about the Volvik Magma is the fact that it is a three piece golf ball. Most of the best illegal golf balls on the market are going to be two-piece construction. The three piece helps this golf ball to feel much better around the greens. You will even see a bit of greenside spin as well.


  • Three piece construction
  • Low spin, lots of roll
  • Compression rating of 90


  • Larger size takes a bit of getting used to

Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls

Best Premium

image of bandit sb (small ball technology) golf balls - AEC Info
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Bandit makes our list of the best illegal golf balls yet again. This time we feature the Bandit SB. SB stands for small ball, and this is a golf ball that is designed to be smaller than a standard golf ball. The Bandit Golf balls are mostly non conforming golf balls built to give golfers lots of extra distance.

The small ball technology features the theory that something smaller will have an easier time flying through the air. When you hit a Bandit SB, you may see that they are on to something. The core of the Bandit SB is built to be very high energy and long distance as well.

You will also get some feel and spin control with this ball as well. Truly the Bandit SB golf balls are distance golf balls. When you see the extra yards this ball can travel, you will understand why it is an illegal golf ball.


  • Low spin off the tee, reduces hooks and slices
  • Oversized core
  • Good spin control


  • Priced a bit higher than other illegal golf ball choices out there

Buyers Guide To Non-Conforming Golf Balls

Now that you are more aware of the best golf balls out there let’s look into which ones could be the right fit for your golf shots. Depending on your golf game’s strengths and weaknesses, one ball may be a better fit than another.

What Is The Longest Illegal Golf Ball?

The longest illegal golf balls on the market are the 2 piece Bandit golf balls. The USGA had to make these illegal because they have a very aerodynamic dimple design that helps the ball travel a long way.

They have low spin off the tee and will dramatically increase the length of your drives. This kind of ball also helps make a difference for the slower swing speed players.

Why Are Some Golf Balls Banned?

Believe it or not, part of the job the USGA does is to keep golf difficult. If golf equipment is made to assist players too much, the sport will not be the same. Golf balls become illegal when they travel too far or too straight than regular golf balls. Golf balls that do not conform to USGA standards are considered illegal.

When an average golfer can hit the ball the way a professional does, even without the same swing or talent, the golf ball is usually illegal. 

How do You Know if a Golf Ball is Not Legal?

There are a few key things to look for that may indicate whether a ball is illegal. First, check the size and weight of the ball. If it is significantly larger or heavier than a regulation golf ball, it is likely illegal. Second, check the dimples on the ball. If they are excessively deep or numerous, the ball is likely illegal.

Is It Worth Playing With An Non-Conforming Golf Ball?

If you talk to a golf professional or low handicap golfer, they will probably be appalled by the thought of using a non conforming ball.  Illegal golf balls are not used by professional golfers in tournaments. However, if you are an average golfer looking to make a challenging sport a bit more fun, the non conforming ball may be worth it.

Several writers at AEC Info also believe these golf balls would be good for kids as well as Teenage golfers, but most would still encourage Beginner golfers play legal balls.

The USGA rules of golf are in place to ensure that the history and the future of the sport stays intact. However, you can go out and have fun on the course with a two piece golf ball. Think of it like playing basketball with a few friends or hockey in the street; certainly, these are not tournaments, just a fun way to play a sport.

The Best illegal golf balls typically cost more than standard golf balls, but can be purchased from online retailers or specialty golf shops.

Are There any Risks Associated With Using Illegal Golf Balls?

There are a few risks associated with playing an illegal golf ball. The first is that they WILL NOT conform to the rules of golf. This means that if you use them in a competition, you WILL BE disqualified.
Additionally, illegal golf balls won’t perform as well as legal ones, which could impact your score and your game.
Finally, and this is by far the most important…..If you are caught using illegal golf balls, you could face penalties from your local golf club or the governing body of golf. Not to mention not being invited back to play with your foursome ever again.

Golf is a “gentleman’s game” and we encourage you to play a conforming golf ball that the USGA considers legal. Want to get the most distance out of a conforming or legal golf ball?

Be sure to see our pick for the Best distance golf ball.

Want to really play like a champion? On your next “fun round”, pair one of the illegal golf balls above with a Forgiving golf iron and an Anti-slice driver. You will be the envy of your foursome….until they find out. Until next time, hit ’em straight and be sure to check back often.

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