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If you haven’t heard of Polara Golf balls, this is a serious game changer! This innovation in golf equipment has the potential to instantly increase your game, and these golf balls have been around since the 80s.

Polara Golf balls are actually so powerful that the USGA and R&A have banned them for official tournament use. So to be clear, if you are playing in your Member Guest Tournament or Club Championship, you cannot play these golf balls legally. 

If you are just out having some fun with your buddies, these golf balls are one of the most effective pieces of golf equipment you could own to play your best round.

Let’s talk about what makes them so powerful, yet controversial, and illegal for tournament play.

How Do Polara Golf Balls Work?

Polara self-correcting golf balls have a patented unique dimple design and are guaranteed to reduce slices and hooks up to 75%.  These anti-slice golf balls have shallower dimples around the center of the ball (equator), and deeper dimples at the top and bottom (poles). When the ball is hit, the dimples cause the ball to spin in the most optimized position lower the lift of the ball, reducing drag and allowing the ball to fly straighter and longer. 

image of ultimate straight xs golf ball - AEC InfoAll Polara golf balls have an arrow on them to line up with the target to achieve the best top over bottom and straight spin. This will significantly reduce side spin.  The weight of these golf balls will self correct in the air and fly longer and straighter because of the weight. 

The technology is similar to weighted dice which are heavier in certain spots causing the dice to roll in a more consistent pattern with each toss.

The newer Polara golf balls are guaranteed with 50% self correction, and will provide additional distance.

Polara golf balls were designed in the 1980s by Polara, and marketed as self-correcting golf balls. They’ve since been recreated and improved with a new patented and exclusive design for an even greater effect.

To this day, they have three unique self-correcting balls available to all, which they manufacture under their own name:

A self-correcting golf ball to fix your slice

If you are a regular visitor on AEC info, you know we are not afraid to try and test any golf product out in the market, that could potentially help us improve our game. However, every golfer, from the pros to first-timers, has sliced, pushed, cut or faded a golf ball at one time or another.

It’s such a common occurrence that millions of golfers have sought out training courses, Drivers with movable weights like the Ping G410 Plus Driver, offset clubs, and various other products to prevent it from happening.

Some techniques are more useful than others. However, when your golf balls are flying too high and veering off in the wrong direction, it severely impacts your range and accuracy.

While there are ways to change your shot for greater control, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Countless articles have been written about Polara Golf balls, and even more, have been written about the mechanics of hooks and slices in golf. Essentially what happens when you hook or slice the is the face of the club is hitting the ball at the wrong angle, causing it to go offline.

Everyone that plays golf want to keep their shots long and straight. However, many amateurs are never able to hit anywhere near their target. Without the time, training, and equipment necessary to get the ideal swing, every shot ends up in frustration and doubt.

Sometimes this is done intentionally. For every one of the nine or so basic golf shots, there are advanced techniques. For example, if you’re trying hit a fade that comes up high and stops on a dime, you’d use a high fade. In short, it’s intentionally slicing the ball to a certain degree to give the fade more vertical momentum.

The problem is that for many amateur golfers, this language is entirely foreign in terms of actual practice. Even though pro golfers drill and practice the basic shots, they can also rattle off dozens of these advanced shots and know the mechanics internally.

For someone wanting to learn golf for the first time, learning all of this information is a disaster. If you’re learning just one basic shot, getting the ball to go down the driving range, or finish a round of golf, it’s beneficial to have some guidance.

Fortunately, it’s possible to virtually guarantee that you’ll never unintentionally hit a slice. You don’t have to learn anything complicated and can have a great time playing golf, regardless of your experience level.

This is precisely what Polara golf balls are designed for, and why so many golfers use them today.

Are polara golf balls legal?

Polara golf balls are banned by the USGA and R&A are designated for recreational golfers.  Polara golf balls are not for tournament play and will quickly have you disqualified from any official play. They are legal to purchase are intended for recreational play only.

Polora claims that the average golfer will shave 45 minutes off of a round because the balls are flying straighter and less time is spent searching for balls. The balls will also improve your confidence and make the game more enjoyable for the recreational golfer.

In the 1980s, these specially designed balls were tested and confirmed conclusively to be absolutely effective in preventing slices. Some experts say that they’re around 75% effective, but the conclusion on whether they’re allowed is final. This was according to a trial by the USGA and the R&A. They made the ruling almost half a century ago that they provided too much of an unfair advantage in professional play.

Obviously, in top-level professional golf, the environment is extremely competitive. It’s a world-class trial of skill and ability designated with cash prizes, endorsements, and fame.

However, when you’re out with your friends and colleagues, Polara Golf balls are fine to use, as long as you are upfront with your playing partners. This is a very fine line and we are not recommending that you use to “cheat” your friends or playing opponents.

The golf ball should really be used in fun rounds of golf because the ball is considered to be illegal.

Polara Golf balls do not provide so much of an advantage that you’ll be scoring a guaranteed birdie or an eagle. But, they will allow you to relax and have more fun as you master and gain finesse on basic shots.

In terms of being able to purchase a package of Polara Golf balls, it’s perfectly legitimate to do so online. They’ve been on the market and selling steadily since being released. In fact, the demand is so high for them, due to their seemingly miraculous ability to increase distance and straighten shots overnight, that they’re quite often sold out.

What’s more, there’s no shame in purchasing them. (At least that is our opinion for recreational play with friends that know you are using a non-conforming ball).  It’s not like you’re trying to fool anybody with a magic golf ball. As the name implies, they’re self-correcting, shot straightening, and increase distance. These are not the same as a Titleist AVX or a ProV1.

You still get the full sense of pride and satisfaction of landing shots where you want them to go, making the game of golf a bit more enjoyable. The only difference is not feeling the bitter and undeniable disappointment of not knowing how to improve your shot.

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Polara Extra Distance XD Golf Balls

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As the name implies, they’re meant to increase your shot’s upward trajectory and give you a greater distance on every shot. You can use any standard loft driver. They’re specifically designed to reduce 50% of the effects of a hook or slice, but ultimately to carry as far as your swing speed allows.

XDS Extra Distance & Spin

image of polara xds 3-piece golf balls - AEC Info
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Also compatible with any standard loft driver, it’s designed to give you greater height and distance. The difference with XDS Extra Distance is that they’re meant to give you greater command over your shots to keep your ball in the fairways and out of the trees.

Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls

image of polara ultimate straight self-correcting golf balls - AEC Info
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If you have a persistent hook or slice, and the game of golf is becoming less enjoyable, this golf ball is for you.

This flagship Polara Golf ball is designed for up to 75% hook and slice correction. They’re most common among brand-new players, who eventually graduate to XDs as their skills improve. Each ball has an arrow to point off the tee in the direction you want to hit. They have less aerodynamic lift compared to the other Golf ball you may play. You will notice a much lower than normal ball flight.

Polara’s patented technology

The core reason that Polara Golf balls are unmatched and unique from all other brands is their proprietary design. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and in this case, it’s the polar dimple design.

In terms of knowledge required to use them, there’s a green arrow pattern printed on the equator of each ball. Along this axis, the dimples in the ball are shallow. The further you get away from this line, the dimples get deeper.

This changes the spread of the ball’s weight, and thus the spin and trajectory of the ball.

In terms of knowledge required to use a Polara Golf ball, you simply line the ball up with the direction of your shot. However, while it creates greater lift with more precision and control, it doesn’t significantly affect the overall weight of the ball.

You can turn the ball so the arrow is pointing sideways, and it’ll negate its self-correcting effects. Likewise, no matter how you tee the ball, it’ll shoot just like a regular ball when you’re not hooking or slicing it.

Polara’s testing methods in proving the effectiveness of their balls is quite scientific. Obviously, the harder you hit the ball, the further and higher it will go. It’s only when you slice or hook the ball that it veers away and weakens the trajectory.

To make things objective and current, they continually test their balls against all other major brands on the market. While the performance rating for other balls may fluctuate over the years, Polara is always number one, and by a large margin. To do such a test, they use a golf shooting robot with exacting shot power and technique for complete accuracy.

Enjoy the game more

Polara golf balls are a guaranteed way to increase your range and straighten your shots. Because of their effectiveness, they’re not allowed for official tournament play. However, if you’re looking to have more fun and get into the sport while improving your game, this is the only ball you’ll ever need.

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