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There are so many golf balls on the market that it can get really difficult to decide which one will be the best for your game. Vice has been creating golf balls for quite some time, but more and more people are catching on to how great these choices can be for your game.

If you have been thinking about going to the Vice ball but aren’t sure if the Vice Pro Plus golf balls are for your game, we have all the information you will need. Without spoiling too much of the results of this review, the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are a great choice.

Vice Golf Pro Plus benefits and features

To know if the Vice Pro Plus golf balls are for you, it helps to understand the technology and performance of this ball. Here are a few things that are important to keep in mind.

4 Piece Golf Ball

image of vice golf pro plus review - AEC Info

Anytime you put a four-piece golf ball into play, you are going to get a great combination of ball speed and greenside performance. Golf balls with four pieces tend to be best suited for players who need a mix of distance and spin around the greens.

Each layer can add a different component to the performance of the golf ball.

Dual Casing

An interesting feature of the Vice Pro Plus is the dual casing design. The Vice Golf Balls feature this dual casing that gives more distance and a lower ball flight.

Although many golf companies are looking to give players higher ball flight, not all players need to hit the ball higher. In fact, if you have a fast swing speed, chances are you struggle to keep the golf ball low enough on your shots.

S2TG Technology

Each golf ball manufacturer has its own unique technologies that they use to prove their ball is faster, longer, and straighter than the others on the market. The S2TG technology from Vice Golf is used to help golfers get the spin they need on their approach shots into the green.

Although it is nice to play with a low spin golf ball, it can mean that your golf ball will roll through the green on your approach shots. For the golfer that will still like their golf ball to stop as they approach the green, the S2TG Technology will be a smart choice.

image of vice pro golf ball review - AEC Info

Urethane Cover

A urethane cover on the Vice Pro Plus helps to increase total distance but at the same time allows for a very soft and forgiving feel. Urethane covers can handle tour-level swing speeds of more than 110mph without cracking or scuffing. Certainly, this is important both on the tee and around the green.

On the cover, you will see the Keep In Line (KIL) technology that Vice incorporated into the ball as well. The line is simply a very visible mark on the golf ball that allows you to set your golf ball up towards the hole and then swing your putter on that line.

Lower Spin Rates On Driver

As much as a golfer wants spin around the greens, it does not help to have high spin rates on your driver’s swing. Not only do you want the driver to release and roll down the fairway, but it is also essential for the forgiveness of your drives for the ball to be a lower spinning golf ball.

Playing a golf ball with lower spin rates from the tee will help to ensure that you keep the ball in play for quite a bit longer during your round.

Color Options

image of vice pro golf ball review - AEC Info

Vice tends to be a more forward-thinking modern golf company. They can give golfers the products they need and stay on top of the technology as well.

One of the ways golf ball companies are competing with each other is with colored golf balls.

The Vice Pro Plus is available in traditional white, but you also have lime green and red to choose from as well. The lime green is one of the top choices.

Any golf pro will tell you that the best golf ball color is this yellow lime; it stands out in the rough and on the green as well.

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Vice Pro Plus: Pros and Cons


  • Available in a few different colors
  • Four-piece golf ball can compare to Pro V1x
  • Built with durability that works for high swing speed players
  • Lower spin rates off the tee
  • Plenty of iron shot-stopping capability


  • Will need a slightly higher swing speed to compress the Vice Pro Plus

Are Vice Golf Balls Any Good?

Vice balls are built for the golfer that has played with Titleist Pro V golf balls in the past and is tired of spending so much money on a single golf ball. Sometimes golf balls are more than $50 per dozen for options like Titleist or Bridgestone or Titleist. If you are tired of spending more per ball than you do for your greens fees, the Vice Golf balls are a smart choice.

In addition, the ball speed, soft feel, and impressive 4 piece cast urethane cover allow this ball to have just as much technology as any other ball on the market. Getting a high performing golf ball for a fraction of the price is a dream for many golfers.

What Is The Difference Between Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

The most obvious difference between the Vice Pro and the Vice Pro Plus is that the Pro Plus is 4 pieces, and the Pro is 3 pieces. Typically speaking, the players with high swing speeds will want a ball with more than 2 pieces. Whether you choose between three or four will become more of a personal preference.

Who Should Play Them?

Now the question you and the staff at AEC Info have been waiting for, who is this new Vice Pro Plus golf ball for?

Golfers that want distance off the tee and a better feel as they approach and surround the green are going to benefit the most from this golf ball. The Vice Pro Plus is sold direct to consumers, and you won’t see the same markups that you would typically see on something like a Titleist Pro V1x.

Overall the Vice business model is a smart one, and it puts really high quality technology in the hands of a golfer at a very fair price.

In addition, players should have fairly fast swing speeds to compress the four piece Vice Pro Plus appropriately.

Recap: Are They Worth It?

Vice Pro Plus golf balls have a better price per dozen than almost any other 4 piece golf ball on the golf ball market. If you think you need to change things up a bit in your golf game this summer, take advantage of the Vice Pro Plus technology.

This company is working on creating limited golf ball models that they can perfect the technology on and give golfers the exact performance that they need to improve and succeed. This is a golf ball you won’t be disappointed with.

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