Playing golf in the cold weather will impact the ability you have to hit the ball as far as you typically do. But, why do colder golf balls lose distance?

Golfers that play in colder weather need low compression golf balls to help increase ball speed and produce a higher ball flight. This is required to counteract the higher density of cold air, as opposed to warm air.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cold weather golf balls to ensure you wont see much of a distance loss during those cold months of winter.

 Best cold weather golf ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

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The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are the best overall golf balls for cold weather. With the Supersoft, you are going to get a very Low compression golf ball that also has plenty of distance and soft feel. The Callaway Supersoft has become a favorite for average golfers in the last few years, and these are the softest golf balls available, and they continue to get even better with each new release.

The latest version features a Hybrid outer Cover called the Paraloid Impact Modifier. This is a multi material construction that allows for even better greenside control as well as low spin from the tee. On those cold weather days, you need the most distance and soft feel that you can get, and the Callaway Supersoft will help to make it happen.


  • One of the best selling golf balls
  • Colored golf balls available
  • Very low compression core
  • Hex aerodynamics


  • Not the best for the very fast swing speed players

Srixon Soft Feel

image of srixon soft feel golf balls - AEC Info
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The Srixon Soft Feel is the best cold weather golf ball for the greenside feel. Srixon has made this soft feel golf ball for many years, and they keep tweaking the colors and the cover material to make it a perfect solution for players. This new 339 Speed Dimple Pattern help the average golfer get more distance and even better performance in the wind.

Chances are, if you are looking for the best cold weather golf balls, you are probably playing some golf in windy conditions as well. The soft and thin cover on the Srixon Soft feel ensures that you will be able to spin the ball and get a soft feel on your pitch and chip shots.


  • Matte visual performance with three colors to choose from
  • Very soft feel when the greens are harder
  • Impressive ability to cut through the wind in the cold weather


  • Not the highest ball speed golf ball

Wilson Staff 50 Elite

image of wilson staff 50 elite - AEC Info
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When you look at golf ball compression ratings for players anywhere less than 60 are considered very low compression . The Wilson Staff 50 Elite have made their place on the market for many years now because of their impression 50 compression rating. The result of this lower compression is lots of distance and plenty of greenside spin.

With the Wilson Staff, 50 Elite players get a very responsive cover and the lower driver spin they have been looking for. This cold ball is is one of the best on the market from a value perspective as well. They have all the components of a premium ball offered at an extremely fair price.


  • One of the best cold weather golf ball performance for the money
  • Impressive 50 compression
  • Very responsive cover
  • Durable golf ball


  • Feel may not be as soft or consistent as other golf balls on the market

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

image of taylormade distance plus golf balls - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls aim to give Amateur golfers the most amount of role and distance that they can. These golf balls are lower spinning, and they are designed for maximum distance off the tee box.

The 342 Aero Dimple Pattern will cut through any winter weather conditions.

These TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls are mid-compression golf balls that make an excellent choice for the mid swing speed player. The lower aerodynamic design may keep the ball flight a little more piercing, but that will help in the cold air.

If you want an affordable yet long distance golf ball for the cold conditions, this is it.


  • Impressive low spin design
  • Lower compression for maximum distance
  • Low spin from the tee
  • Nice Driver distance


  • Not considered soft golf balls for greenside feel and control

Callaway ERC Soft

image of callaway golf erc soft triple track golf balls - AEC Info
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The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is one of the more premium golf balls for cold weather. If you have noticed, most of the options on our list were lower priced golf balls with low compression.

The ERC Soft is a bit more complicated from a design perspective and offers golfers a bit more performance than you might expect from other models.

The Callaway ERC Soft is the longest Callaway ball that still maintains that soft feel. You will need this feel in the cold weather to be able to perform around the greens. The High Speed Mantle will ensure proper energy transfer and the spin you need on your wedge shots.

If you are a higher swing speed player that uses elite golf balls during the year, the Callaway ERC Soft is a perfect option to switch to in the colder months.


  • Golf balls perform like premium golf balls
  • One of the best options for soft feel and control in the cold air
  • Three-piece balls with performance


  • One of the more expensive choices for a winter golf game

Titleist Velocity

image of titleist velocity golf balls - AEC Info
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The Titleist Velocity Golf balls are known for being distance golf balls in both the warm air and the cold air. Golfers that want that impressive performance golf ball feel in a long distance model will love what Titleist Velocity has to offer.

With the Velocity, you will get a very low long game spin, great stoppability with the irons, and higher flight on almost all of your shots.

Sometimes, amateur golfers struggle to get a softer ball up in the air with a penetrating ball flight in the winter months. The Velocity combines the perfect amount of firmness with feel so that you can still control your golf shots in the cold air.

This is one of the best cold weather golf balls for a low handicap player that still needs a premium feel in the cold weather.


  • Longer distance Titleist golf ball
  • A very low spin from the tee
  • Helps players stop their iron shots on the green


  • Won’t have the same short game spin as other Titleist golf balls

Callaway Reva Golf Balls

image of callaway reva golf balls - AEC Info
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The Callaway Reva Golf Balls are the best cold weather golf balls for the woman golfer. The new Callaway REVA golf ball is designed to increase distance and launch for a player. With these golf balls, you can get some of the best ball flight, launch, and low spin around. Players that like this higher ball flight and impressive features can use these golf balls in the warm or cold weather.

One thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that slower swing speed golfers that already play with low compression balls may want to give these Reva a try in the winter months. Regardless of if you are a male or female player, the REVA may provide you the confidence and performance that you need.


  • It helps golfers launch the ball higher
  • New Tri-Blend Soft Ionomer cover for maximum distance
  • Longer and straighter shots with more ball speed


  • Durability is not as good as some other golf balls on the market

Volvik Vimax Soft

image of volvik vimax soft - AEC Info
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Sometimes playing golf in the winter can mean that it is harder to see the golf balls you are playing with. Cold weather balls that are available in a variety of colors can help players that are interested in taking their game to the next level.

The Volvik Vimax Soft golf balls have a high energy soft core and a higher initial ball speed.

These golf balls are also available in a wide range of colors and offer impressive ball flight. Chances are, you will have a much easier time seeing where your golf ball goes and getting the feel that you need.

With better focus and performance, the Vimax allows players the edge that they need in the cold weather.


  • Soft core and soft feel
  • Good greenside performance
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Fairly priced golf ball


  • Does not check well on the green with irons

Best golf ball for cold weather conditions is…

Callaway Supersoft

image of callaway golf supersoft golf balls - AEC Info

The best overall golf ball for the cold weather is the Callaway Supersoft. The Supersoft is one of the best-selling golf balls on the market because of its extremely low core, great feel, and impressive overall features.

If you are serious about playing golf throughout the winter and want a golf ball that will make your round more enjoyable, this is the one you need. In fact, we won’t be surprised if you decide on this golf ball as a permanent year-round choice.

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Buyers Guide

We hope that you now have a better understanding of which golf balls will be the best option for playing in the cold weather. To make your way around the golf course in the cold weather, you will need some help from technology and equipment. Let’s take a look at the ways you can choose the best cold weather golf balls for your game.

image of best cold weather golf balls - AEC InfoCompression

The lower the compression, the better your chances of finding a great cold weather golf ball. With a low compression feel, you will be able to get plenty of distance from the tee and low spin.

With a low compression, golf ball players are going to be able to get distance even when swing speed slows down. Always expect your winter golf yardages to be a little shorter, but the cold weather lower compression golf balls will help make up the difference.

Ball Flight

Sometimes a more piercing ball flight is better in the cold winter months. However, there are golfers with lower swing speed that struggle to find the right golf ball to offer this. If you struggle to get the golf balls up in the air in the warmer months, make sure to look for high ball flight technology.

Number of Pieces

There are golf balls for cold weather that will be in both the two-piece ball and three piece designs. The two piece golf balls tend to have much more roll and be better focused on distance. The three piece golf balls are typically good for golfers that need a combination of greenside feel and long distance.


The price of a cold weather golf ball could actually be a little lower than the golf balls you play with in the warmer weather. This is because the low compression core golf balls are typically two piece balls that require less materials and technology, and this will decrease the final price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf ball for winter weather. If you are going through the effort to play a round of golf in the colder weather, you may as well prepare yourself for what this weather will bring along with it.

What are the best winter golf balls?

The best winter golf balls are the Callaway Supersoft golf balls. The ultra low compression and impressive feel make these golf balls a high performer from the tee and around the greens. When you add in the extremely fair value that players get for this ball, you will be extremely impressed by what this golf ball offers.

Do higher compression golf balls work well in cold temperatures?

Higher compression golf balls do not work well in cold temperatures. In order to compress a higher compression golf ball on a cold day, you will need a tremendous amount of club head speed.

Most players find that in the cold months, they lose a little speed and therefore need a golf ball that is a bit more user-friendly.

Do Golf Balls Really Matter in Colder Temperatures?

The question that every golfer loves to ask is whether or not the golf ball they are playing with actual matters. The quick answer is that the golf ball can make a tremendous difference.

This does not mean that you will need a high priced golf ball with premium performance; you simply need to find something that matches your game.

If you will play golf in the winter weather, try using the golf ball you normally use and then try a round with one from our list. We guarantee you will see a difference in the way this top cold weather ball brings technology into the game.