You may have noticed that a few of your friends have started wearing bucket hats to play golf. I don’t think the traditional baseball cap will be going away anytime soon, but you can expect to see golf bucket hats showing up more and more.

Why? What makes these hats so great for golf?

We should start with the most obvious answer.  You know you are supposed to wear sunscreen every time you go on the golf course.  But do you?

Seriously?  Do you remember every time?

I am not judging. I hate putting on sunscreen before my round because I usually forget or…..don’t want to have slippery hands on the first tee.  So for that reason, I just keep a bucket hat in my golf bag.

These hats are lightweight, keep the sun out of your eyes, and most importantly, provides protection from the sun off for your face, neck, and ears. The better ones like the Coolibar actually have so much more airflow compared to a baseball cap.

If you thinking about buying a bucket hat, I have picked out a few I really like.  Let’s dive in!

Best golf bucket hats 

Callaway Golf 2021 bucket hat

image of callaway golf 2021 bucket hat - AEC Info
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The Callaway Golf 2021 Bucket Hat is an excellent option for those that are looking for both sun and rain protection when out on the golf course. With the 50+ UV protection that this hat offers, you will be able to keep your head protected in any condition.

One of the things that helps the Callaway Golf 2021 Bucket Hat stand out is the laser perforated venting. With this venting, your head will not get sweaty, and you will have plenty of ability to cool down even on those really warm summer days.

In addition, the Callaway Bucket hat also comes in a few different sizes. Having size options helps to ensure that golfers are getting a snug fit that does not fall off as they make their way around the course. Overall this is an impressive bucket hat that is well worth considering for any serious golfer.


  • Good UV Protection
  • Cooling sweatband
  • Great looking clean bucket design
  • No strap to get in the way
  • It comes in two different sizes


  • White will get quite dirty

Coolibar Leo Shapeable wide brim hat

image of coolibar upf 50+ men's leo shapeable wide brim hat - AEC Info
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If you want to make this process easy and you want a great bucket hat.  You won’t go wrong with one from Coolibar.

If you are looking for maximum face and neck protection that ensures total UV protection, this Coolibar hat is a great option. It features UPF 50+ sun protection, and with approximately 4” brim width, it is wide enough to keep you safe during the hottest periods of the day.

The hat is made from 100% polyester, but it has been designed to deliver cotton-soft comfort for whole-day wear thanks to its Lite ™ fabric technology. This material dries extremely quickly, and it is moisture-wicking and breathable, so you’ll feel cool and dry. The screen grommets in the crown enhance the air-flow, while the internal sweatband prevents sweat from dripping off your forehead.

The hat is very versatile when it comes to adjustability to match your size and fit. You can choose from S to XXL, and even if your size is in between, then there’s an internal, elastic toggle that allows you to fine-tune its size. Plus, there’s an adjustable and removable chin cord that holds it in place, particularly during windy days.


  • UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection
  • Extra-wide brim
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable and very comfortable
  • Internal toggle and removable chin cord


  • Just three colors to choose from

Zero Restriction Men’s Gore-Tex bucket hat

image of zero restriction men's gore-tex bucket hat - AEC Info
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This bucket hat promotes itself as being water-resistant even at the seams. The 100% polyester material in which it is made will keep your head cool and safe from any water. The wide brim of the hat also assists in shedding rainwater to prevent build-up and compromising leaks.

It comes with an adjustable sizing option, so you won’t be ignored if you have a larger head. Many hats come in a one size fits all feature, but this one comes with an adjustable band that lets you fit the hat to your head.

The product is built for comfort and protection from the elements.

While the design of the product might not be the most appealing, the hat itself is quite effective in what it sets out to accomplish. Your head will be kept safe from both rain and sun, and your focus can remain on your game. Durability and longevity are the focus of this hat and can be seen in the care of the design.


  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Protects from rain
  • Fits larger heads


  • Compromised adjuster feature
  • Bland look

Under Armour Men’s Storm Golf Hat

image of under armour men's storm golf bucket hat - AEC Info
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One of the best sporting attire brands available is Under Armour, and their Storm Golf Bucket Hat matches their standard in quality. Under Armour uses its ArmourVent mesh panels to allow for proper airflow both to and from your head. This will enable you to stay cool and fresh, even in the most direct sunlight.

They employ storm technology to keep your head dry even during a rainstorm. This works in tandem with their mesh walling to keep your head dry and cool, no matter the element. Unlike many other options, this hat is machine-washable and quick to dry.

You can select from either the black or white options, both of which are designed for durability, fashion, and protection. With the Under Armour Storm Golf Bucket Hat, you’ll be safe from rain, sweat, and sun all day long. The fast-drying 100% polyester material is perfect for keeping your head stylish and safe from the elements on the golf course.


  • Mesh walling for breathability
  • Storm technology to keep your head dry
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish and durable


  • Easily blown off
  • Sizing options are off

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat

image of coolibar matchplay golf hat - AEC Info
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The golf hat by Coolibar is a unisex hat made of 100% polyester. The hat is very lightweight, breathable, and provides a cotton-like feel on the skin. It has an elastic closure for a more customizable fit, and it’s a great choice if you love playing golf during sunny weather.

Apart from the elastic cord at the back of the crown, this hat also has an internal sweatband that absorbs moisture and prevents unpleasant odors.
Overall, I would say that this is a very nice hat with light fabric and a sturdy brim. This hat helped to keep the sun off my head and cheeks. It’s very easy to wash, and the material won’t change its color or lose its shape after a while.


  • Unisex hat design
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Lite™ fabric is breathable, lightweight and soft
  • Available in two colors
  • A durable hat that doesn’t lose shape over time
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The wide brim may be more suitable for people with bigger heads

Nike Golf UV Sun bucket golf hat

image of nike golf uv sun bucket golf hat - AEC Info
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This hat offers both UVA and UVB protection from the sun for your head. The design of the 360-degree brim of this hat allows for more facial protection both from the sun and rain. The spandex material that is featured in this hat allows for adjustments to be made to fit any size head. This Nike flex material offers stretchability and a comfortable fit for anyone.

Nike implements dry-fit fabric to keep the hat sturdy and protected from even the most severe rainstorms. With this bucket hat, your head will remain dry, and the hat will dry out quickly. Nike’s design includes a mesh walling to allow for airflow to keep your head cool even as you start to sweat more.

This bucket hat comes in three different colors – black, gray, and white. The stylish design allows for comfort and dependability while keeping your look on par with the rest of the competition. With the UV protection, this golfing hat is a cut above the rest as it keeps your scalp and face safe from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Dry-fit fabric
  • Flex fabric for adjustable sizing
  • Stylish and sleek


  • Flimsy brim
  • Easily wrinkled

TaylorMade Storm bucket hat

image of taylormade storm bucket hat - AEC Info
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TaylorMade is a brand that specializes golf accessories, apparel, clubs, etc. They produce some of the best golf bucket hats available for purchase. Their golf caps focus on strength and durability in use, providing customers with the promise of longevity and useful features. Most of their products are made and shipped from China.

The crown of the bucket hat is fully seam-sealed, meaning there is no way for the elements to access your head. Your scalp will be protected from any rain that may pool on the top of the hat. The fabric itself is also water-resistant, which offers you another layer of protection from the elements.

The hat comes with a stretch fit material that provides the user with comfort and accessibility for almost anyone. Some reviews tend to complain about the small size of this golfer hat and state that the flex-fit material doesn’t stretch enough for their needs. This hat seems to be tailored towards people with small and medium-sized heads.


  • Seam-sealed crown
  • Flex fit material
  • Great for smaller heads
  • Protects against rain, snow, and sun


  • Not great for larger heads
  • One color, not designed for style

Titleist Men’s Tour Aussie Golf Hat

image of titleist men's tour aussie golf hat - AEC Info
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This hat was designed for comfort, style, and durability and takes each feature of the previously mentioned hats to the next level. The fabric of the hat provides fresh and breathable airflow to your scalp while also absorbing any sweat produced while keeping you fresh and cool. The 100% polyester material is a staple of any great golf bucket hats for men.

The one-size-fits-all mentality of most golf bucket hats is successfully implemented in this product as the material can stretch and morph to almost any size head. Customers rave about the hat’s ability to fit their needs and remain comfortable no matter how long they wear it. The design of the hat is inspired by the PGA tour and provides style along with comfort.

This mens sun hat is one that is even resistant to wind, whereas most other men’s sun hats hats are susceptible to being blown off. The Titleist golf hats come with a removable chin strap that will keep it comfortably placed on your head even in the strongest winds. If you don’t necessarily like the chin strap, it’s easily removable and can be stored away in the hat’s side pocket.


  • Stylish PGA tour design
  • Successful stretching material
  • Chin strap with storage
  • Wind and rain resistant
  • Size was true


  • The vent holes don’t provide enough ventilation
  • The price with shipping was a bit higher than others in our search

the top Golf bucket hat is …

Titleist Men's Tour Aussie Golf Hat

image of titleist men's tour aussie golf hat - AEC Info

The Titleist Aussie Golf Hat is our top choice because of its style, the comfort, protection, and most importantly the fit. The bucket hat is one size fits all, and this reviewer has a larger than average head. I had no issues with the fit of this bucket hat.

Titleist is a brand that you can trust when it comes to their products, and this sun hat is no exception. You are likely trying to find a good looking hat this is going to keep your face out of the sun, covering your ears and neck, while at the same time, you want golf apparel that looks good. This hat is should be your choice.

Even though this bucket hat is going to provide you with some great protection from the sun, you are still going to need to wear some sunscreen and likely some great sunglasses.  Be sure to check back with us often in 2020 as we will be reviewing every golf product we can get our hands on.

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Additional Hat reviews:

frequently asked questions

Hopefully, you now feel as though you have a better understanding of the best bucket hats on the market and which could be a good fit for you. Luckily there are some great options out there to choose from. Here are a few of the questions that we are asked most commonly about the best golf bucket hats.

Are golf bucket hats legal?

Golf bucket hats are legal to wear on the golf course. In addition, golf bucket hats do not violate any golf course dress codes. The best golf bucket hats will actually help a golfer look even more prepared for a round of play on the course.

Protection from the sun

A golf bucket hat will help protect you from the sun. Most golf bucket hats will offer better protection than a traditional baseball cap because they come out over the ears and over the back of the neck.

If you can protect your entire head and neck area, your chances of developing cancer are much lower.

Are they hard to keep on?

Most golf bucket hats are not hard to keep on. However, you will want to ensure that you purchase something that is the proper size. The golf bucket hat will sometimes have a chin strap, but most golfers find that this strap becomes a bit of a nuisance after a while. Go with an option that has a removable chin strap.

Why choose these hats for golf?

Bucket hats might be the best type of hat for blocking the sun from getting to the face. Whenever I head out to the beach and am looking for proper protection, I always bring along a bucket hat to shield my head.

But why are they great for golf? Well, it’s more about the sport that features them than the hats themselves. In a perfect world, golfer, tennis players, baseball players would all be wearing bucket hats while playing their sport.

However, with the range of movement required by most of these sports, a bucket hat is simply not feasible for use.

In baseball or tennis, a tighter, more restricted hat is necessary to prevent it from slipping off during a pivotal play. In golf, however, there is less of a demand for movement. Meaning less restriction on which hats work best for the players. This is where protection from the sun becomes the focus of the athlete’s attire.

How-to choose the best bucket hat

There are many features to consider when choosing your golf bucket hat, and some people might have further restrictions that others do not – branding promotions or league rules and regulations. Once you’ve discovered what restrictions might apply to you or your league, it’s time to consider the features and add-ons of specific products.

The basic requirements that you should have for your hat should be the following: sun protection and sweat absorption. The better the hat, the better these features will be. Many bucket hats, by nature, provide an acceptable amount of protection from the sun. As the rim of the hat stretches a full 360 degrees, no part of your head will be left unprotected.

The next feature that you should look for is ample sweat absorption. When the sun is out, it gets hot on the fairway, and the sweat can be distracting. When it comes down to putting, you’ll want to keep a cool head – literally.

The best bucket hat you can find is one that will absorb sweat and keep your head cool even in the heat of the sun.

Popular Brands

All of the best sports clothing brands should be on your list when searching for a bucket hat. This includes companies like Under Armour, Nike, Umbro, Adidas, etc. If they offer quality sporting attire, chances are that bucket hats will feature on that list.

Specifically, with golf bucket hats, one of the best companies to consider is TaylorMade. They are a golf focused company that offers some of the highest quality of products. Clothing, clubs, anything that will enhance your golf game, TaylorMade is ready to supply it.

Titleist is another company that offers fantastic quality golf products and apparel. This is why their golf bucket hat features as our number one choice on our list of reviewed bucket hats. They put care and attention into the designs of their products and always place the customer first when creating a product.

Thanks for visiting AEC Info. If you have liked this review, please be sure to check out some of our other popular reviews below.