When you are serious about listening to music and spending time on your golf cart, then a Bluetooth soundbar is by far the best option. Golf cart speakers do not always have the same audio output or clarity as golf cart soundbars.

One of the most popular golf cart accessories is these golf cart soundbars, and there are more and more options on the market each year.

A soundbar should check the boxes for all of your golf cart audio needs. However, this can be a big investment. We have put together some of the best golf cart sound bar options on the market to ensure you get something that works for your needs.

Best golf cart bluetooth soundbar

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

image of ecoxgear soundextreme se26 amplified powersports bluetooth 8 speaker soundbar - AEC Info
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The EcoXGear SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Sound-bar is our best overall option for a water-resistant and dustproof soundbar. Even if you take your golf cart off roading, the sand, dirt, and rain will not impact the usability of this sound-bar. 

We love the fact that there is a rear facing LED light bar as well with a control panel allowing you to change the light design and coloring. If you want to put more than one of these on your golf cart, you can pair it with another golf cart speaker.

There is a built-in waterproof auxiliary output to attach to a subwoofer if necessary. 

With the Bluetooth V5.0 technology, you can stream wirelessly from about 100 feet away. This is a durable construction soundbar that makes an ideal solution for your next round of golf. 


  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Multi color backlit speakers
  • Fast Bluetooth technology
  • Loud sound


  • Not rechargeable

Bazooka 24 Inch G2 Bluetooth Party Bar Speaker & LED Lights Illumination System for Off-Roading

image of bazooka 24 inch g2 bluetooth party bar speaker & led lights illumination system for off-roading - AEC Info
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The Bazooka 24 inch G2 Bluetooth soundbar is another excellent option for golfers that are looking for amazing sound on the golf course. The rich sounds that the G2 offers can help ensure that you are getting the audio output you need from your custom cart sound system. 

We love the fact that the Bazooka 24 inch comes with an RF remote and a dashboard controller. In addition, you can use the mobile app to control the soundbar. Having various options to change the song or the settings is a great feature. 


  • 360 Degree Sound
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Customizations with the remote control
  • Great option for those who use the cart at night


  • May take some time to mount to the cart frame

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SEB26 Rechargeable Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

image of ecoxgear soundextreme seb26 rechargeable amplified powersports bluetooth 8 speaker soundbar - AEC Info
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The EcoXGear Sound Extreme is a premium option that is powered by a removable lithium battery. Most of the time, these audio solutions are wired directly into the cart. Having an external power source from the battery really helps make the installation and overall operation for these golf cart audio systems relatively a bit easier. 

This model is 100% waterproof and dustproof and has 500 watts peak power output. The fact that this model also has water resistance and is dustproof means that you will have it for years to come. In addition, the multi color LED backlighting means you will have quite an excellent cart.


  • Versatile cart sound bar speaker
  • Easily fits on cart rail
  • Aluminum exterior
  • It has a rechargeable battery


  • Higher price than the wired model

Universal Radio Stereo BT Capable Sound bar UTV Golf Cart Kicker Speakers pods

image of universal radio stereo bt capable sound bar utv golf cart kicker speakers pods - AEC Info
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The Universal Radio Stereo BT Soundbar is a great option for both custom golf cart building and for a UTV. This is a Bluetooth enable model that has impact resistant plastic as its outer covering.

You will find that you will need to come up with your own mounting solution to get some of these custom fit golf cart stereo systems to work. 

This is an excellent golf cart soundbar that also has an AM/FM radio. If you also have a boat, this is a marine-rated Bluetooth soundbar that will help even those outside of the golf cart community.

Overall we found the sound to be quite clear with this option, and the wire attend does help get better sound from the radio. 


  • Can make it work on the golf cart dash
  • Fairly priced option
  • Will work with AM/FM radio in addition to Bluetooth
  • Marine grade speakers


  • Not as many features with RGB illumination or remote controls
  • May have a hard time getting to work with some golf cart models

Ampcaddy Version 3 Pro Max Bluetooth Speake

image of ampcaddy version 3 pro max bluetooth speaker - AEC Info
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The Ampcaddy is an amplified golf cart speaker that works more like a soundbar than other golf cart speakers. This is a Bluetooth portable option that will have much easier mounting than other golf cart entertainment solutions. In addition, the Ampcaddy has some maneuverability and a 180 degree audio swivel. 

The sound quality coming from this soundbar is quite strong, and it makes a great overall golf cart speaker system for serious golfers. The built in amplifier, 12 hour battery life, and 100 foot connection range also help the Ampcaddy stand out as one of the best on the market. 

For those that are not quite ready to fully invest in the golf cart audio game, this Ampcaddy Version 3 is the perfect stepping stone for a golf cart owner. 


  • Internal amplifier
  • One of the better price golf cart sound devices
  • Extended blue tooth range
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant


  • Won’t have the same output as some other speakers on the market
  • No LED light technology or integrated lights

Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD

image of wet sounds stealth 6 ultra hd - AEC Info
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The Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD is an amplified marine sound bar with a Bluetooth connection and some really impressive durability. The sound that you get while listening to your favorite music with the wet sounds is quite impressive. There is enhanced base technology and plenty of volume with the Wet Sounds model. 

If you play golf and it starts to rain, there is no need to worry about the Wet Sounds Stealth 6. The highly advanced composite frames and advanced DSP amplifier make this one of the most durable on the market. You may need to try some unique installation methods to get this hung up in your cart; it’s not made specifically for the golf cart. 


  • Will not damage with contact with water
  • Waterproof construction
  • Clear sounds
  • Rich bass


  • Expensive golf cart soundbar

MB Quart Nautic NSB10V1 Amplified 10-Speaker

image of mb quart nautic nsb10v1 amplified 10-speaker - AEC Info
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Last but not least is the MB Quart Nautic Amplified 10 Speaker Sound bar. For those looking for a fun time not worried about the price of the soundbar, this is a great option. Although it is one of the more expensive options, it has high-end technology and a Class D amplifier that gives off more sound than other on the market. 

The controls on the front of the MB Nautic feature all weather control, and you can use them even with your golf glove on. The weatherproof construction also ensures that this model is made for outdoor use. We also like that this model comes with several mounting options and the hardware as well as installation instructions. If you are new to speakers and soundbar options, this can be really helpful. 


  • Integrated amplifier
  • High power digital amp
  • Easy to use controls


  • High pricing

The best bluetooth sound-bar for golf carts is…

EcoXGear Sound Extreme SE26

image of ecoxgear soundextreme se26 amplified powersports bluetooth 8 speaker soundbar - AEC Info

The best overall golf cart Bluetooth soundbar is the EcoXGear Sound Extreme SE26. This soundbar has really impressive element resistance, and it has a clean, sleek look to it. With golf cart customization becoming more and more popular, it is a great idea to consider the golf cart soundbar for your cart. We highly recommend picking a high-quality unit that is capable of handling any type of weather condition. In the end, you will be glad you picked a high quality long-lasting model.

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Buyers guide 

Not that you have a better idea as to which golf cart Bluetooth soundbars are the best on the market, it’s time to look into how to narrow down which are the best for your needs. Here are a few things to consider when shopping. 


Many of these soundbars come with a built in lighting system. The lights will help you see, or they can simply be used for fun as you are traveling around on your cart. The built in light is waterproof so that you won’t have to worry about a light rainstorm.

Many of these lights have options to choose different colors, but they also can drain the power on your cart a bit quicker as well. 

Control audio

How would you like to be able to control your soundbar? Switching from Amazon Music to Pandora to Spotify should be easy with the app that many of the soundbars come with.

In addition, some will have a control panel directly on the unit that allows you to toggle and decide what you would like. We found the combination of a remote and the app to be the best for getting this unit the control we needed. 


For playing a round of golf, chances are you won’t need that much extra sound, and something with medium output is an excellent choice. However, there are times that you will be taking your cart to the beach or for a ride through the woods, and you will need higher sound levels.

In addition, it is a good idea to look for strong bass responses and maybe even external subwoofers if you need this extra output. 


The golf cart Bluetooth soundbar is more expensive than the golf cart speaker. However, these soundbars will be resistant to harsh elements, and they will have better sound quality overall. The good news is that these soundbars are built to last for quite some time. 


Many of the Bluetooth soundbars for both Gas golf cart vs electric golf carts need to be professionally installed. Most of the time, they are hardwired into the cart so that they have power. If you want to install these on your own, we recommend going with a battery-operated model that will make installation quite a bit easier. 

frequently asked questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get about golf cart soundbars. Golf cart customization is a relatively new concept, but it is growing quickly. Golfers love the different buying choices they have and the opportunity to add additional items to their golf cart. 

What is the difference between a golf cart speaker and a golf cart soundbar? 

A golf cart speaker is a simple model that attaches to the golf cart or sits in a cup holder (like our Top golf cart heaters ) to help golfers listen to music or even hear a yardage as they move from one hole to the next. The soundbar is a bit different as it is a combination of speakers, and it can really improve the overall sound.

Soundbars are the perfect choice for golfers that are using their cart for cruising, off-roading, heading to the beach, and more. 

Be sure to check out our Best golf cart bluetooth speakers here.

Why do I need a golf cart soundbar? 

The golf cart sound-bar is mounted on the cart in an area where it does not impact your vision or ability to drive the golf cart. Golf cart soundbars can produce tremendous sound and allow for custom audio solutions.

Many people will use their Golf cart as the main way of transportation in a golf cart community. Having all of these great features attached to the cart makes for a much better overall experience. 

How are golf cart soundbars powered? 

Golf cart soundbars are powered through the golf cart. However, some will have a battery backup, and others are just battery operated. If you want a simple installation, the battery options are the best choice, and some will provide up to 20 hours of battery life.  

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