Nobody likes when those summer days start to slip away. When the temperatures start dropping, many golfers put their golf clubs away for a few months of rest. However, others will break out their winter gear and give cold weather golf a try.

image of girl sitting in golf cart with golf bag - AEC InfoThe secret to being able to tolerate cold temperatures while playing golf is the gear. One of the essential pieces of gear is a golf cart Winter cover. With a winter cover, you will get protection from the elements and extend your golf season by several weeks, if not months.

If you have never purchased a golf cart winter cover or enclosure before, then you are in the right place. Here are a few helpful bits of information to make this decision a bit easier on you.


Golf Cart Cover Buying Guide

Size Matters

Golf cart covers come in standard sizes that are meant to fit most of the major manufacturer’s golf carts. The most important thing that you will have to watch out for is the number of passengers your cart can carry. If you have a two-seater, four-passenger, or a six-seater, the size of the cover that you need will be quite different.

When you purchase a Cart cover, Golf check the fine print to make sure it will work with EZ Go, Club Car, Yamaha, etc.

Features of Golf Cart Covers

The most important features to look for in a golf cart cover are the zippers, access, and the windows.

The windows of the cart need to be made with high-quality materials so that you can see through them while you are operating the cart. You want to make sure that your visibility is not decreased because you have the cover in place.

Your golf cart cover is going to be exposed to the elements, and the zipper must be high quality so that it does not deteriorate over time. Look for zippers that open and close on both sides so you can close yourself inside the cover if you have a long wait before your next shot, and you want to stay warm.

Access, while the cover is on, is very important when you have four and six-passenger carts. Some covers will not allow for access, and that can get difficult.

Look for covers that have doors that roll up so you can leave them up if the wind, rain, or snow (yes, we know there are some of you that play in the snow) stops, and it gets a bit warmer out.

What Materials Make Golf Cart Covers?

Most golf cart covers are made with a heavy-duty polyester fabric. Look for one that is also water-resistant. The water-resistant material is going to help the cover from getting moldy or covered in mildew if it stays wet after rain for a few hours without drying.

There are different levels of polyester fabric. You will see many of the golf cart covers or enclosures will be made with 400D or 600D fabric. The heavy-duty material is 800D or more. With the heavy-duty material, you will probably get a few more years out of your cover before it starts to break down.

Cart Fit

Some golf cart covers are easier to get on than others. Pay attention to how the cart cover goes on and if there is an elastic cord at the bottom, a zipper, a bungee, etc. There are different ways that these enclosures fasten to the golf cart, and some are better than others. If you do a lot of driving around your neighborhood at higher speeds, make sure you get an enclosure that fastens to the golf cart in some way.

Cart Cover Colors

Some people may say that color is just a preference, but it can really help keep you warm. The black covers do a great job of keeping the cart warmer. When it is sunny out, the black cart covers can grab just a little more of the sun’s heat and help to warm the inside of the golf cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Measure For A Golf Cart Cover?

When you measure for a golf cart cover, you need to take into consideration the total length of the cart and the length of the roof. Some carts have an extended roof, but they are only two-seaters; others will not have an extended roof, but it will be a four-seater. Pay close attention to both the length of your roof and the total length of your golf cart to make sure that you get the proper measurement.

What Is The Best Golf Cart Cover?

There are many great golf cart covers on the market, but one company stands out as having some of the best. The Classic Accessories Fairway Cart Covers come in many sizes and colors, and they are made with high-quality material.

These cart covers have the zippers and accessibility that allow you to still play golf and enjoy your golf cart while keeping warm inside. We also love the visibility on the Classic Accessories Fairway cart covers. It will not feel as though you are looking through the plastic when you are driving the cart.

Are Golf Cart Covers Worth It?

If you play golf in the winter or like to ride to the grocery store in the winter, your cart is going to be a very cold way to transport yourself. If you think that the cover will extend your season, it is absolutely worth the cost. There are some value options on the market that will help you stay within your budget but also stay much warmer this winter!


Hopefully, you feel a bit better equipped to purchase a winter golf cart cover after reading our report. Choose something that will work with your budget but get you those extra weeks on either side of the golf season.

If you have never felt the difference between the outdoor air (and wind) and the protection of a golf cart cover, you will be pleasantly surprised. This is a cold-weather golfing product that is worth considering.