Many golfers could argue that one of the greatest pleasures on the golf course is lighting up a nice cigar. The biggest problem you have with your cigar is where to place it between shots and keeping it lit.

We got sick and tired of leaving our cigar burning on the ground and laying in chemicals, mud, and whatever COVID-19 stuff was accumulating, so we set out to find the best Cigar Holder for Golfers.

Not only did we find one that we really liked, we actually picked up a few that are now conveniently stashed away in our Golf Bag. We are sure that one of these great, and inexpensive, products will help you fully enjoy your cigar the next time you play.

Best golf cigar holders

The Ninety Degree Wedge Magnetic Cigar Holder

image of the ninety degree wedge cigar holder black - AEC Info
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We could spoil it for you right now and tell you that the Ninety Degree Wedge is our top choice, but with this topic, we actually chose a few different products.

What we love about the Ninety Degree Wedge are the size and convenience. This little magnetic cigar holder fits easily in your golf bag with your tees and balls. It has a magnet on the back that is sturdy as hell, and pulling this cigar holder out pre-round has become as much of a habit as grabbing a divot repair tool.

The Ninety Degree Wedge is small and compact and connects securely to your golf cart. In between shots, you simply put the cigar in the holder, come back, and it should still be lit. You won’t have to worry about it rolling around on the ground or forgetting it on the tee box or green.


  • Keeps your cigars from being damaged by crimping and squeezing
  • Your cigar will stay clean and free from chemicals from the cigar laying on the ground
  • The magnetic mount holds your favorite cigar in place
  • Solid, single-piece design built to last.
  • Holds your cigar in the ideal vertical position
  • Keeps cigar lit longer compared to laying in cart or on the ground
  • Fits cigars up to 60-ring gauge
  • Multiple Uses. Can use on your boat, tailgating, on your deck
  • Every person you play with will tell you how cool it is.


  • No hole in the bottom to allow air and keep lit longer.
  • Cigar holder is a bit deep and requires some moving around toward the end of the cigar.
  • The color blends in with the cart. Easy to forget at the course.

Cigar Minder Clip

image of cigar minder clip - AEC Info
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This is another great cigar holder we tested, and for the price, there really is no reason you shouldn’t have a few of these in your bag.

The Cigar Minder Clip fastens securely to your golf cart with a clamp and has another small plastic clamp that keeps your cigar in place. The light pressure of the clamp prevents damage to the wrapper. Your cigar stays lit because of the vertical angle of the Clip.

The Cigar Minder Clip comes in 8 different neon colors, so you won’t miss it when unpacking your golf cart at the end of the day.


  • Clamps cigar firmly in place
  • 8 Neon colors so you won’t leave behind
  • Keeps cigar lit longer than other options
  • Inexpensive – costs less than most cigars
  • Over 750,000 sold with a 4.5 rating


  • Can damage cigar if you clamp incorrectly
  • Retention spring wears out after a while

JP Lann Golf Cigar Clip – Golf cart cigar holder

image of jp lann golf cigar holder clip for golfers - AEC Info
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The nice thing about all these cigar clips is that they are pretty inexpensive, and the JP Lann falls into that category.


  • Inexpensive and can pick up packs of 6 at a time
  • 4 star rating
  • Easily clamps to golf bag and certain carts
  • Can use at home, in a vehicle, boat, etc.


  • Not as convenient in cart as the Ninety Degree
  • Some report that larger cigars don’t fit
  • Inexpensive, for a reason, not the best quality.

Stage V Clinger Cigar Holder – Magnetic

image of stage v clinger cigar holder – magnetic grip for golf, travel, and boating - AEC Info
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This magnetic cigar holder is made with spring steel designed to last. The magnets will hold your cigar in place even during a bumpy ride and without damaging your cigar.


  • Designed for Golf push carts and golf carts
  • Colorful and noticeable so you don’t forget after your round
  • Made with professional-grade spring steel construction and designed to last
  • Securely holds your cigar in place without pinching, crimping, or damaging your cigar
  • Designed to hold all sizes of cigars


  • Magnet is so strong it sometimes pulls out and remains on the cart
  • Can be a little challenging to pull out the cigar without damaging

GolfJOC 4 in 1 Golf Accessories with – Cigar holder golf

image of us patent 4 in 1 golf accessory tool – cigar holder, cigar clip, divot tool, club caddy, and putter holder - AEC Info
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US Patent 4 in 1 Golf Accessory Tool – Cigar Holder, Cigar Clip, Divot Tool, Club Caddy, and Putter Holder

This is a nice little gimmick golf gadget but wasn’t really our favorite choice when it came to a cigar holder. You can rest your cigar in it, but doesn’t allow you to leave your cigar burning in your cart like the others.

More of a Swiss army knife than a cigar holder.


  • Keeps cigar dry and free of chemicals
  • Serves as divot tool and cigar holder
  • Can use on wet greens to keep your putter or wedge grips dry


  • An all-in-one tool compared to cigar holder
  • Only rests on ground so you need to carry it everywhere

Cigar Lighter with stand – Windproof – Refillable butane

image of cigar lighter torch with cigar stand windproof single flame butane refillable high-quality scorch lighters (without gas)(black) - AEC Info
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If we were reviewing lighters and cigar stands, then this would likely be our winner. However, as far as just a cigar holder, this isn’t one that made the cut.

You rest your cigar on this, and it comes with a strong lighter, but when we are on the course, we want something that is going to securely keep our cigar in place. This is just not built for that.


  • High-quality metal body
  • Great lighter/cigar stand combo
  • Butane is refillable
  • Strong flame and windproof


  • More of a cigar stand compared to a cigar holder

the Best golf cigar holder is …..

Ninety Degree Wedge Magnetic Cigar Holder

image of the ninety degree wedge cigar holder black - AEC Info

Our favorite Cigar holder for the golf cart is the Ninety Degree Wedge Magnetic Cigar Holder.  It is our top choice for a number of reasons. It is extremely compact and fits easily in your golf bag. It is also inexpensive and is going to last you for a long time. (Unless you forget to grab it from your golf cart after your round.)

The magnet is also very powerful, and your cigar is going to stay in place as you ride around the course. We also like that our cigar stays lit while in the holder. As mentioned above, the only issue we have is when you get to the end of your cigar, you may have to detach the holder from the cart and retrieve the end of the stogie. Not a big issue, in our opinion.

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Grab the golf cigar combo pack

As we have mentioned many times, most of the cigar holders for your golf cart are inexpensive, and there are times you may want to use a different tool, or you want to provide your playing partners access to a holder. For that reason, we have created a recommended package that we think you will love.

Based upon our reviews, The best Cigar Holders for your golf cart are:

  • Ninety Degree Wedge Magnetic Cigar Holder
  • Cigar Minder Clip – All Purpose Cigar Holder

We really like all three of these products, and again, they are extremely inexpensive!

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