Golf club fitting is getting more and more popular. Not only are golfers looking to get a club fitting at their local club, but they are also purchasing person launch monitor technology to continually test their stats and specifications. Is this really all necessary? What does club fitting do for you? If you are unsure whether or not club fitting would impact your game, we have all the answers you will need. Find out exactly what the club fitting process entails.

Purpose of a golf club fitting

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A golf club fitting is a process of correctly identifying the clubhead and shaft specifications that will work for your golf game. Using a launch monitor and testing various products, golfers can determine which set of clubs will work for their height, swing speed, swing path, and overall playing style.

Without the proper club length, lie angle, shafts, and loft, players have a hard time performing to the best of their ability. Golf is a difficult game, and accuracy and performance are essential. If the flex of your irons or the length of your driver is off, your consistency won’t be there. This makes it much harder to increase a golfer’s confidence in their ability to score.

What should golfers know about club fitting ?

When you go through the golf club fitting process, you will be given quite a bit of information about your golf game. For the average golfer, the stats and angles may be a bit too much to take in. Truly a professional fitter will be able to look at your results and put the proper equipment in your hands. However, before you go into a golf club fitting, there are some things that you should know.

Fitter qualifications

Not all golf club fitters are great. Have you ever taken a golf lesson and realized that the pro was not the best choice for helping you work on your game. The same thing will apply to the fitter that you go to. If you want a really high-quality fit, you must pick a place with the latest equipment and launch monitor technology.

Try to talk with some of your golfer friends and see where they have gone for their fittings. It may be worth calling a few different places and learning about their fitting process.

Variation from standard clubs

Having a general idea of what you would like in a set of clubs is an important part of the fitting process. A player that understands shaft flexes and lie angles will find that they get more out of their fitting. You can ask the fitter questions about the benefits and disadvantages of switching out your golf equipment.

If you are a tall golfer, know that the length of the clubs you play will likely need to be adjusted. When going to a fitting, if the fitter suggests shorter length drivers, make sure you understand their mindset.

Understanding the variation from standard clubs and their impact on your game is essential to get a great first club fitting.

Cost of fitting

Golf club fittings can cost $50, and they can cost $400. It really depends on the place you are getting fitted, what their procedures are and what clubs you are being fitted for. Some locations will do an entire golf game fitting. Others will do fitting for just drivers, just irons, or even just shafts.

Many golf retailers will credit the cost of your fitting if you purchase golf clubs with them. This is a nice benefit if you are in the market for a complete set of clubs.


Taking the golf specification too seriously can end up confusing you. Players should not be actively thinking about their smash factors or spin axis when they are playing golf. However, there are a few fitting factors that you should understand.

Players should know how length, flex, ball flight, and spin will impact shots and performance. These are the basic factors that will impact your round most directly. If a fitter says, “these woods are very low spin,” that is typically a good thing if you are looking for more roll. Understanding these things is an important step in getting a great golf fitting.

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Is golf club fitting worth it?

If you play golf more than a few times a year, chances are a golf fitting will be well worth the money you spend. Golfers tend to worry that they will go for a golf fitting and find out that the equipment they are playing is already the best for their game. This is really not a bad thing and should give you confidence as a player that you are using the right clubs.

Many golf club fitters will credit the cost of the fitting towards new clubs. Take advantage of this benefit any time you are looking at purchasing new clubs. The bottom line is that if you pick the wrong golf clubs, it will be an expensive mistake to make. Let a club-fitter guide you so that you end up with all the right things.

How important is club fitting for beginners ?

It can take a very highly skilled club fitter for true beginners to be properly fitted for equipment. A beginner’s game is traditionally very inconsistent. Each time a beginner swings, they may not be repeating the same motion. Until golfers get a bit more consistent with their game, fittings may not be worth it.

We would recommend getting a cheaper beginner’s set and then getting a fitting after a few months of playing. After a few months of playing, finding shafts that will give you both distance and proper ball flight will be much easier.

Golf club fitting is becoming a more and more important factor in the game. If you are a championship player or a player using a driver for high handicap, there are great benefits to the golf club fitting process. The next time you are looking to upgrade your clubs, ensure that you have the right knowledge.

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