Updated on April 20th, 2022 at 11:43 am

It seems that the golf world is becoming more aware of how fitness can be an affective measure to improve. At one time or another, lots of golfers have tried to improve their physical fitness, but with limited success. If you want an effective and long-lasting workout plan, several steps need to be taken to ensure accountability and measurable success.

The research has supported doing fitness programs to improve golf performance and reduction of injury, but we typically see individuals fail to stick with their program.

Get Your Golf Workout Plan From A Trained Professional

The first thing to do is to go see a fitness professional to get screened and prescribed a workout. By screening someone, physical limitations can be identified to ensure the appropriate areas of focus. This is the most crucial step into ensuring long term success. If we opt to self prescribe ourselves a workout, or just use some exercises we find online for golf workouts, we may not be doing the most efficient exercises that would help us improve more rapidly.

The reasoning is that when we prescribe ourselves workouts, we typically do what we know or what is comfortable. Doing this just makes us better at what we already were good at in the first place. When seeking ways to improve golf performance in the gym, weaknesses need to be addressed, meaning you may not be “good” at the appropriate exercises at the beginning. Doing general golf exercises such as a simple “core workout” aren’t bad by any means, but it may not be efficient based on a client’s needs.

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Planning Your Golf Workout

After the workout is prescribed, planning is key. A good fitness professional will prescribe a workout with the individual’s schedule in mind. Sometimes clients only will be able to do a 10-minute workout at home, while others may be able to do one-hour workouts 5 times a week in a gym.
Whatever the situation is, an effective plan can be put in place to make it work. Based on the situation, work with the fitness professional to plan your workouts, whether it be with them or alone. This means marking down days/weeks ahead when the workout will be done.

Establishing A Golf Routine Is Essential

A golf workout routine must be put in place to ensure accountability throughout the process. The most common flaw is not sticking with the workout. After a few weeks, most will unfortunately be off of their program completely.

Golfers need to know that this is a process, not an instant fix that so many of us search for with lessons/swing tips. The goal is to move better, feel better, play pain free, and become stronger, leading to so many positive outcomes.

Working out for golf improvements isn’t just an off season thing. In season fitness is just as important to maintain the gains made during the off season. If an individual fails to do anything during the season, noticeable regressions will be noticed within a month or so.

In-Season Workouts Compounds Results

It is much harder to convince yourself to workout when you can go play instead, so adjustments in workout duration and intensity can be made to ensure sticking with the program. Obviously it would be ideal the client not reduce too much time or intensity, but doing something will always trump doing nothing.

Try these easy steps to ensure an appropriate and effective workout plan to improve year round. We all are busy and have other obligations, but that’s why working with a fitness professional to screen, prescribe, and plan is key to success. The results speak for themselves, as does the research.

Your golf game can reap so many benefits by utilizing these simple steps, and hopefully the trend of short term fixation on golf improvement in the gym can be swayed to more long term measurable success with these tips.

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