Most popular golf betting games

If you play a lot of golf, it sometimes feels like you need a bit of competition to make it fun again. This is something that all golfers go through after a while. Having a reason to shoot low or to make a shot count is certainly something that golfers will look forward to.

Golf betting games or golf gambling games don’t even have to be for money; they can simply be added to make the round of golf more fun.

We have put together some of our favorite golf betting games. Some of these are quite simple, and others will require an entire team and a bit more scorekeeping. If you are looking to brighten up your next round of golf, choose from one of these golf betting games.


A Nassau is a classic golf betting game and something that many golfers are playing whether they realize it or not. The Nassau is a competition that includes the front nine, the back nine, and the total 18 holes round.

The Nassau tournament can be played with two teams against each other, or it can be individuals working with each other. At the end of the round, there is an amount paid for the front nine, the back nine, and the total eighteen hole score that was the lowest.

Sometimes the Nassau is just a $1.00 bet, and other times it can obviously get quite a bit higher in price.

In the end, the golfer with the lowest score for the day typically ends up winning, but depending on how the front and back nine work out, this is not always the case.


Just because you are playing as a foursome does not mean that all of your matches have to be 2 vs. 2 for nine holes. Golfers are lucky that an 18 hole golf course is also divisible by 3. Therefore you can get a chance to partner with each player in your group for 6 holes.

Typically with Sixes, golfers will play a team’s best ball (either gross or net) for six holes. At the end of the six holes, the players that win each get the point. Then the teams are mixed up again, and those players try and beat the other team.

Finally, the teams are mixed up again for the third set of nine holes.

In total, there are three six hole matches, and the players who play the best throughout the day will be rewarded with the most at the end of the round. Most of the time, this means a few dollars at the end of 18.

Often, golfers will also switch carts for these six hole matches, which is a fun way to enjoy some social time with all the golfers in your group.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a two person team game where you will have to get quite good at math. In addition, this is a game that could end up in some larger amounts of money being spent throughout the round.

If you are a little nervous about spending money on the course and getting involved in a betting game, Las Vegas may not be for you.

With Las Vegas, each teammate will record their score on a hole to ensure that it is the lowest possible. If one player scored a 3 and the other a 6, the team score will be 36.

If the other team had a 4 and a 5, their team score would be 45.

Next, you will subtract 36 from 45 to create the “debt” that the winning team owes the other team. So for this example, the debt would be $9.00. There are many other ways to set up the Las Vegas tournament; you may find that adding a few modifications makes this a better format for you.

However, if you can continue to score low on every hole around the golf course at the end of the round, there could be a big payday.

Bingo Bango Bongo

For Bingo Bango Bongo golf, some scorekeeping will need to take place, but this is a popular golf game for four players to get involved in a match.

Instead of worrying so much about the score, Bingo Bango Bongo should likely be categorized under the heading “fun side bets.”

The first point is the Bingo, which is for the golfer who is first to hit the ball on a green. If you are the first player to land on the putting service, you get 1 point.

The second point, called the bango, is for the golfer that is closest to the pin. Lastly, the third point is for the first person in the hole.

Bingo Bango Bongo golf game is a great game for players of varying abilities. Since the game has nothing to do with par or handicap, you can simply enjoy the 18 hole match, focusing on your work around the greens.

If you want to play Bingo Bango Bongo golf with just two players, you can certainly do so. Each part of the bet would still be worth one point.

Wolf golf game

Wolf is a bit more complicated of a game for groups of four players. If you are good at golf betting and know how to play the best ball round, then you may be able to figure the format out.

On the first hole, the Wolf is chosen, and this player is allowed to play against the rest of the group or pick a partner and play a team better ball.

The scores are calculated at the end of the hole, and the wolf either comes out on top or has lost. The points are tracked throughout the round because the Wolf keeps changing as the scores and teams change from one hole to the next.

For most golf gambling games, you will notice that all bets are agreed upon before hitting on the first tee; this is the only fair way to play golf betting games.

Wolf is fun because it allows for a bit of risk-taking in the round. If the wolf wins on their own, they will have a big payday; however, if they lose, they will be going into the next hole down three points.


There are quite a few side bets that you can add to your golf gambling game. Three of the most popular are birdies, Sandies, and greenies. Before a round, a group will decide that these side bets are worth $1.00 or .50 or something similar.

Then throughout the rest of the match, each time a birdie, Sandie, or greenie is recorded, the points are accumulated.

Birdies are given anytime someone scores a birdie on a hole; sandies are for those that get out of a bunker in one shot and make the putt; greenies are for those that get on the green and make one putt. As with all golf betting games, these amounts need to be agreed upon before the start of the round.


Skins are a simple and fun way to work with groups of two, four, or even three players. With a skins match, the golfer with the best score on a hole will win the skin. Most of the time, skins are played among good players, and they are gross skins.

However, higher handicap players will often play team skins as well. If all players are tied, and there is no single player with the lowest score, then the skin is carried over to the next hole. Skins that are carried over are going to accumulate throughout the round.

Sometimes a player could win a skin on the four hole that is worth four skins because it has been carried over so long. Skins are fun and a classic golf betting game.

9 Points

The game 9 Points is a popular golf betting game that rewards 9 points on each hole. This is stroke play, not a match play game where you will be playing your own golf ball on each hole.

The player who wins the hole and gets first place will get 5 points, second place is worth 3 points, and third place is worth 1 point.

The fourth player in the group does not get any points. However, there are some ties when playing this game. If there is a tie for second place, the winner still gets 5 points and the second and third place get 2 points each.

If two players tie for first place, they will get 4 points each, and the third place gets 1 point. When all players are tied it is 3 points each.

Although it takes a few rounds to figure out the scoring and how this system really works, it is not difficult and can be quite a bit of fun. One of the interesting variations is that if a first-place wins with a birdie or lower score, they get a total of 7 points, and second and third place just get 1 point.

This is the best way to play when you really want to reward the golfers with the lowest scores.

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