If you have a golfer in your life and you need a gift idea, we have done research for you. We do realize there are so many ideas online that shopping for an item related to golf can be stressful,  especially finding gifts for golfers who have everything.

The golfer you are buying a gift for probably already has all the golf essentials, which makes shopping difficult. The good news is, there are many choices out there, some of which have been compiled into the top 50 best golf gifts to buy a golfer in 2022.

Gift Ideas for Golfers

Monument Golf Stick It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

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OK, this gift idea is for those of you that want to give great golf Gifts, but you don’t want to ask the golfer in your life if they have this. When he or she opens this, they are going to love it.  Trust us, this may be the coolest Golf gadget we have seen this year, and everyone that has a rangefinder will love this item.

The Monument Golf Stick It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap is one of the more affordable golfing gifts on the list with a price tag just over twenty bucks.

Made of durable nylon the gadget is built to fit almost any Laser rangefinder. You will easily be able to stick it to carts or clubs. It does include magnets that allow you to place your rangefinder in a handy place where you can use it easily and quickly.

You will not lose your rangefinder again with this magnetic rangefinder strap. Just velcro it around your Laser rangefinder, use the magnets to strap it around, and stick it easily to a cart or club.

If the golfer you know is misplacing their rangefinder every time they golf, this might be a good gift idea to get them for the holidays around the corner.

FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

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The FlightScope Mevo is one of the most popular items we have reviewed on AEC Info, and it is not only a great item purchased by many golf fanatics throughout the year, it is also a great gift idea for the true golf nut in your family.

The FlightScope Mevo allows your golfer to practice with precision. This portable launch monitor sits about 6 feet behind the golf ball during practice, and your golfer will receive detailed stats related to each shot. Knowing how far you hit each club in your bag, the spin rate, and the club head speed are just a few of the features that will keep your golfer on the practice range or working on the golf  Simulator for hours on end.

Although the Flight Scope is a bit more expensive than other gifts you may be considering this holiday season, it will be one of the most appreciated. Any golfer that uses this device consistently is going to better. As golfers, we are looking for ways to improve our game while becoming more consistent. Be sure to check out our details of the FlightScope Mevo review we did previously. You may see why so many golfers are buying this item.

Blast Motion Golf Sensor

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The Blast Motion Golf Sensor is used by over 200 players and coaches on the PGA, European, Champions, LPGA, and Web.com tours as a must-have part of their golf tools and equipment.

The Blast Motion Golf Sensor easily attaches to the end of any golf club and also has the feature of capturing video clips of your golf swings with its record feature. With this technology, the golfer you are gifting to will be able to analyze their swings in slow motion while having the metrics of each swing presented to them.

The software used for this golf gift idea can be used not only on a Smartphone but by Tablets as well. Both IOS and Android support the Blast Motion Golf Sensors.

Similar to the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, the blast motion golf sensor is the more affordable option of the two gift ideas for your favorite golfer this coming holiday.

Chippo Golf Set

image of chippo golf game set - AEC Info
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Started in 2017 by a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Chippo is a game built for golfers, family, and friends alike. Due to Chippo’s portability, it can be played anywhere, at any time. Use it in the backyard or take it to the beach.

Each Chippo golf set includes 2 target boards that are covered with artificial turf, 2 heavy-duty chipping mats, and 6 high-density foam practice balls made by almostGolf.

The Chippo golf set can be played by several people at once, due to its scoring system. There is a competitive part of Chippo which allows each player to score up to 2 times their points earned, and earn up to 5 single points at once.

The Chippo Golf Set is a great gift idea for golfers who love to be around family and friends. The Chippo golf set is meant to be a game for all, and if you know a golfer that enjoys the company of others, this may be the perfect gift for them for this coming holiday 2019.

Technasonic Check-Go Pro Sweet Spot Electronic Golf Ball Liner

image of proactive sports check go pro electronic ball liner - AEC Info
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Within a matter of 30 seconds, the Technasonic Check-Go Pro Sweet Spot Electronic Golf Ball Liner can locate your ball’s sweet spot.

with its patented feature of spin-balance, it will improve your game before you start your round through calibrating the balance with any golf ball.

Drawing an indicator on the ball’s center of balance once the ball has been put through a spin of beyond of way beyond 10 000 revs per minute.

You will see a reduction in the number of hooks and slices as you now play along the new alignment, and your hits now go further and straighter.

Monument Golf Stick It Magnetic Golf Towel

Waffle Microfiber

image of stickit magnetic golf towel - AEC Info
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Bad weather is a golfer’s worst nightmare, but with the Monument Magnetic Golf Towel, you can protect your clubs from moisture, so they don’t end up corroding.

It is made out of a high-quality microfiber material that allows it to absorb large amounts of water. It can also dry in a rapidly short amount of time.

It includes deep waffle pockets that help clean grooves faster and more efficiently while as trapping any dirt and debris it might pick up.

It also includes a magnet that can be removed so that you can machine wash and dry your towel.

Don’t worry about your clubs anymore, especially if you happen to live somewhere where there is lots of moisture because the Monument Magnetic Towel is made to keep your club heads and shafts clear from corrosion.

The Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater MH4GC

image of mr. heater f242010 mh4gc golf cart heater - AEC Info
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The Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater MH4GC is small enough to fit inside of your golf cart cup holder while giving off a large amount of heat. This product is made with high-quality products that make it strong, tough, and safe to use. It is made to last for a long time.

This versatile, and simple to use, product can be used when you are off the course as well. You can appreciate this heater if you are tailgating or sitting outside on the deck. This is the only model out there that offers an oxygen depletion system. It has a certification for outdoor use of 4,000 BTUs if you connect it to a one-pound tiny propane cylinder.

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

image of puttout pressure putt trainer - AEC Info
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The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer has a simple design that uses the principle of the recreation of pressure for the putting drill feedback so that you can see whether a putt was made and how it was made. This device provides a ramp feature that can easily fold flat so that you can store it or place it inside of your golf bag. It has a white circle that simulates a golf hole and is about 4.25 wide.

You can appreciate a spike made of rubber that will automatically return your ball if you make it. It offers a certain level of difficulty, which is beneficial for golfers since it helps improve the stroke tempo. This is one of the best-golfing aids available to purchase. We completed a review of the 2020 PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer in April. Be sure to check it out.

Team Golf NCAA Contour Golf Club Headcovers

image of team golf michigan wolverines 3 pack contour fit headcover - AEC Info
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The Team Golf NCAA Contour Golf Club Headcovers are a great gift idea for golfer’s who want to protect their oversized drivers from damage. The nylon sock that it comes with will do the trick.

The features of this product include 3 location team embroidery, is able to fit all oversized drivers, utility clubs, rescue clubs, and fairway clubs, a Nylon sock that protects shafts from any damage, and Velour lined for extra club protection.

The Team Golf NCAA Contour Golf Club Headcover is made with buffalo vinyl, polyester knit, and Mesh.

If you know a golfer that doesn’t use club headcovers to protect their golf clubs or perhaps the need new ones this might be a good gift idea for them to purchase for the holidays.

Complete Golfing Set with Accessories

image of boxed golf premium golf gift set for men & women - 9 golf accessories included - AEC Info
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You might not know what to get a golfer this season, and perhaps they need a little bit of everything for their golfing needs.

Accomplish gifting a new golfer all the essentials in one go with the Complete Golfing Set with Accessories.

In this bundle, there is over $99 worth of items including a bonus golf glove, 3 Golf Balls, 20 Tees, Microfiber Towel, Valuables Bag, Divot Tool, Ball Marker, Ball Liner plus Pen, and Groove Tool.

Not only are you getting the golfer, you know all the essentials but are also getting a professionally designed gift set that was designed by golfers for golfers.

Getting a gift for your favorite golfer this season can be easy by getting them a gift set with all their favorite golfing tools and accessories.

Perhaps buying a golfing set that includes a little bit of everything could make your golfing gift shopping a little bit easier.

Top Tier Golf Pure Strike – Golf Training Aid

image of top tier golf pure strike golf training aid - AEC Info
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Every golfer wants to hit the ball directly on the center of the clubface, but if that skill takes a lot of practice time. This is where the Top Tier Golf Pure Strike can help.

The pure strike is built to help you hit straighter and longer shots so that you can gain up to 30 yards in distance, and enable you to execute the perfect golf swing path.

This golf training swing aid is built to endure your swings and strikes. It is made from tough polycarbonate and can take beatings while you get into the rhythm of your swings and strikes.

With this item, you will also receive an accessory kit that allows you to tether your poles to the plate instead of chasing them across the fairway. This feature would normally cost you additional money, so you are saving yourself some money by buying this brand of item.

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set

image of samsonite deluxe 3 piece golf travel set - AEC Info
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The Samsonite Golf Deluxe is for that golfer in your life that goes away each year with their group for the annual golf vacation. This golf set not only will protect your clubs, it also comes with additional bags for your shoe and other golf accessories.

The biggest fear all golfers have when traveling through an airport is that their clubs are going to show up in multiple pieces. This travel bag is durable with extra protection at the top to keep drivers, hybrids, fairway woods and irons safe.

The Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set comes in multiple colors and was chosen as the AEC best rated golf travel bag earlier this year. This is a great gift for any golfer in your life that takes that annual trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina every year.

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

image of spornia pop up golf chipping net indoor and outdoor golf practice training - AEC Info
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The Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle includes a Tri Turf hitting mat, carry mat, and a 10 x 7 inch Haack golf net.

The game allows you to simulate your swing as if on a real course with this bundle, which sets up with ease in a few minutes and without any tools.

The net is durable, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to assemble with user-friendly instructions.

For a realistic training feel, the mat offers you a choice of Tee Turf to practice your tee-off or the Fairway surface with a real grass feel.

To keep it from moving while playing, it comes with two sturdy base spikes.

SelfieGOLF Golf Swing Phone Holder

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As most golfers want to record there swing on any course, they usually use their smartphones but with the aid of a tripod system, which is always costly and made them think twice before opting for this choice.

The SelfieGOLF Golf Swing Phone Holder provides the answer by cradling your phone employing clips and clamps in a variety of options that creates the complete and perfect stick.

Also, with it comes adapters of different sizes, making it a none issue on any phone. Offering a stick holder that is tension tightened the clamp and attached to any the edge of any golf bag, you can place the monopod.

Once securing the stick onto a solid, the phone is ready for a full-frame swing zone capture.

TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with Battery

image of tectectec laser golf rangefinder vpro500s slope with battery - AEC Info
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Although the TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder was not our highest rated rangefinder earlier this year when we did our Rangefinder, Golf review, it did make our holiday shopping list because of the price. We are assuming that you are not looking for the most expensive range finder on the market, and would like to give a nice gift that won’t cost you a fortune. The Rangefinder from TecTecTec is that gift!

This rangefinder meets the legal standards of the USGA so your golfer can play with it during normal rounds and in tournaments. It does include the slope mode which calculates distances up and down hills which is really cool. It is one of the longer rangefinders on the market and can calculate a distance up to 540 yards for the jacked up, steroid using, long-drivers.