Nothing ruins my golf game like a poor-quality glove that slips and slides when I start to sweat. As a man with a great proclivity for perspiration, I thought it might be useful to try out several of the gloves that claim to be ideal for sweaty hands.

For all the products mentioned in this article, I tested them under what I believe to be the ultimate tough conditions for glove ventilation – a Naples, Florida golf course. A good glove will deliver both comfort and grip if it’s made the right way. Let’s see how the following gloves fared in the Florida test.

Golf glove for sweaty hands – Review

FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves

image of footjoy men’s weathersof golf gloves - AEC Info
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I’ve used a FootJoy before, and this one is typical of their quality. It has a nice breathable mesh, and is both comfortable and flexible enough for a decent round of 18. It’s a glove that fits well without being too constricting.

One slightly disappointing feature is that the one I had didn’t come with a ball marker, which is definitely unusual. Finally, while it fits well, I’m not convinced it would endure my typical rigorous golfing schedule.


  • Breathable mesh stopped excessive sweat
  • Very comfortable and close fit
  • Nice soft-touch material
  • Doesn’t constrict the hand


  • No ball marker
  • Doesn’t feel durable enough for “serious” golfers

Titleist Men’s Players golf glove

image of titleist men's players golf glove - AEC Info
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Titleist is a big name in golf. It’s hard to deny the power of the brand. I loved the detail on this one with the satin reinforcement on the cuff and thumb. The real-leather materials were gorgeous. Unfortunately, it was rather hot to wear in Florida.

I’d say this glove is ideal for a determined beginner who is playing regularly, but not for daily play. The material gets very crinkly and even crusty if you leave it wet, and the palm felt to me as though it was starting to wear out.


  • Looks the part – stunning material and color
  • Nice detailing
  • A real golfer’s brand; reliable


  • Not the best ventilation
  • Materials susceptible to damp and wear & tear in the palm

Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather glove

image of callaway golf men's opticolor leather glove - AEC Info
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I found this one an easy one to adjust. I also noticed extra perforation, which made it really breezy and comfortable, even in the Florida heat. Adjusting it without it coming loose also helped a lot.

The many color choices meant I could choose my favorite and stand out, but alas, a hot day on the course made some of the dye run onto my hand! That was an unfortunate turn on an otherwise nice product.


  • Extra perforation made it very comfortable
  • Easy to adjust tightness to ensure best comfort-fit combination
  • Extra color choices help to personalize


  • Color dye may run on a very hot day – watch out!

Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s golf glove

image of nike dura feel viii men's golf glove - AEC Info
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You always expect top-quality stuff from Nike, and I wasn’t disappointed with the Dura Feel VIII. Its innovative angled tab made for probably the most perfect adjustment I’ve ever seen in any golf glove, even better than the Callaway.

The combination of leather and perforated material makes for a very comfortable round. My palm and thumb could barely tell I had a tough round that day! Do check the sizes, though. My usual size was very snug, so I went up a size to get the right fit.


  • Angled tab gets the perfect fit every time
  • Great combination of materials and perforation


  • Sizes seem smaller than advertised

Ping Tour Cabretta Leather golf glove

image of best golf glove for sweaty hands - AEC Info
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The Ping Tour Cabretta might be the best-engineered glove I’ve ever seen. The pre-curved fingers help it to fit wonderfully to the contours of your hand. I also adored the soft-touch material and the apparent balance of durability and comfort.

Ping is consistent with the great products they make, and this golf glove is going to be one you are going to love.  If you sweat a lot, then you know it is difficult to keep your hands dry in the middle of the summer during a round. You probably are cycling through three or four gloves every round and have the sweaty ones hanging from your golf cart of your Golf bag. This golf glove won’t stop you from sweating, but you will need a few less in your rotation.

This one will cost you a little more, so if you’re on a super tight budget and only buy a glove or two a year, you may want to look for another product.


  • Innovative design, well-engineered
  • Ventilated in all the right places
  • Very durable – this is a golfer’s lasting friend


  • Higher price tag

FINGER TEN Men’s golf glove – Rain grip

image of finger ten men’s golf glove rain grip - AEC Info
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What caught my eye with the FINGER TEN is the 3D performance mesh. I was keen to try it on the hottest day of my Florida tests, and it did not disappoint. What’s more, it comes at an amazing price point. It is a fantastic value.

While I feel the material may not be the longest-lasting, especially if you play golf multiple times a week, the price point makes buying additional gloves very easy. It washes easily and is fresh and ready for the next round.


  • Best grip of the bunch
  • Great value price tag
  • 3D mesh is highly effective for ventilation


  • Not the most durable

And The Winner Is…

The Ping Tour Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

image of best golf glove for sweaty hands - AEC Info

It was hard to choose between this more expensive item and the FINGER TEN, which is great value. In the end, however, the combination of quality and ventilation on the Ping can’t be overcome even by a lower price tag.

Wearing a comfortable glove that is going to provide you with a non-slip grip is worth a stroke or two every round. You obviously play enough golf that you are specifically looking for a golf glove designed to withstand sweaty hands.

This glove is going to eliminate any thoughts of worrying about your glove, so you can concentrate on knocking your drives down the middle and hitting your irons next to the flag. Spending a few extra bucks a few times a year is worth it when you scores start dropping with each round. Pick up the Ping Tour Cabretta here and thank us later.

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Additional Golf glove reviews:

How do I stop my hands from sweating when i play golf?

There are many steps you can take to curb the fight against sweat when you’re golfing, even in hottest parts of the country like Florida. There are things you can do before coming to the course, and things you can bring with you to the course to use as you play.

Before coming to the course, make sure you’re wearing breathable clothing made from things like cotton. Golf may feel slow-moving at first, but you’ll warm up fast out there. You could also apply baby powder to your hands to dry them thoroughly before you start your round.

Bring essential items with you to the course. Pack a gym towel (or two) into your bag and use it to wipe your hands after each hole. Gym towels are better than Golf towels for absorbing sweat. You should also pack 1-2 spare gloves into your bag and consider changing your glove after every 6 or 9 holes.

Consider products like Dry Hands and Grip Boost spray, which work like the baby powder, but are designed specifically for use in sports. When you combine these products with sensible steps like spare gloves and towels, you’ll have a much more comfortable round.

One more step you can take if you are worried about sweaty hands is switching out the Golf club grips on your clubs. Certain grips are designed for the sweatier hand, so you could ask at your pro shop to see what they have for you.

What golf gloves are the best?

Which golf glove is best for you will depend on several things:

1. The Weather

If you’re playing in a hot environment, then you need gloves with good ventilation like those with breathable 3D mesh. Other places may have frequent rain, in which case you’ll want the weather-resistant rain glove. Always consider the typical weather of your local course.

2. Size

The glove needs to fit your hand perfectly. Buy your first one in the pro shop to find the perfect size; you need a “Cinderella” fit with a golf glove. If it’s too big, it won’t protect your skin or offer the best possible grip.

3. Price

Consider the price point of each glove you buy. If you are buying your “main” glove, then it’s worth spending a little more for a durable, quality item. If you’re getting spare gloves or ones you’ll only use on the driving range, then you can go for something a bit cheaper.

Thanks so much for supporting AEC Info and taking the time to read our reviews. Please drop us a line if you have a product or service you would like us to review.

4. Brand

Don’t be too taken in by the biggest and best Golf club brands. They often look the part and are of a high order in terms of quality, but they also cost a lot more and don’t always deliver enough difference to justify the price point.