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Knowing the distance to hit each one of your golf shots is vital to your success. Gone are the days of walking off yardages and relying on distance markers in the fairway. With a Golf GPS on your wrist, you will know the exact distance to the front, back, and center of the green. 

Distance measuring devices provide quick, accurate spans, providing you with new levels of certainty on the green.

With a GPS device, you’ll consistently know whether you’ve chosen the right club for the shot, while being able to commit to your shots handily. Nowadays, distance measuring devices come in varied guises, including polished Global Positioning System units and tech-savvy GPS watches.

Commit to your shot, and rely on the best golf GPS  units to deliver accurate distances on the course.

Best Golf GPS Devices

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS
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A slick and concise gadget, this product is fashioned to equip you with definitive distances in a transparent and easy-to-use format. Each device is pre loaded with 36,000 courses, stipulating distances to the anterior, middle, and back of every green.

Additionally, the Phantom indicates the distances to each hazard, and comes with Bluetooth functionality. You also have the benefit of connecting directly to Bushnell’s app for additional features. Geared with new technology, the Phantom advertises a sturdy Magnet and clip, allowing you to handily clip the device right to your belt, cart, or bag for effortless reading. The magnetic clip also comes in handy when approaching the green. After checking your distance and hitting your shot, you can attach it to your Wedge so it doesn’t get lost. Just keep in mind that the battery life lasts around 10 hours.

Notable Features:

  • 36,000 preloaded courses
  • Definitive distance tracking
  • Up to 4 Hazard distances per hole
  • Advance course recognition and auto hole advance
  • Bite Mount Technology


  • Transparent format, simple for beginners
  • Access to the Bushnell App
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • Auto-Off function with satellite connection
  • No fees or memberships required


  • The magnetic mount can fail
  • The unit is small and easy to misplace

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder
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This model implements all of the major elements of its prior form, all while offering up additional capacities that could help you breach 80 on the course. Speaking of courses, Voice 2 offers a total of 40,000 courses to choose from worldwide.

The 1″ display is small but mighty, showing you all aspects of the green at once. Just like the previous voice, Voice 2 offers Dynamic Green View Technology with accurate distance readings and a shot calculator. If it’s essential for you to have a device that is equal parts form and function, this will make a solid choice for players of all backgrounds.

Notable Features:

  • 40,000 preloaded courses
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Accurate distances to front/center/back
  • Dynamic green view technology
  • Distance readings from golfer’s perspective


  • Available in a variety of fashionable colors
  • Clear, concise audio Readouts
  • Voice functionality
  • Access to a special Manager Program


  • Limited lifespan
  • Customer support is lacking

Garmin Approach G10

Garmin Approach G10
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With buttons that are amply big and a price-point that’s attainable, the Garmin Approach G10 doesn’t fixate on vanity. Instead Garmin has concentrated on a building unit that is mightily definitive with distance up to a yard. If you’re not someone fully married to complexity, you’ll find that the Garmin Approach G10 is simple and easy to use.

Setup is a breeze and the compact, clip-on design is unpretentious yet sturdy. With a sunlight-readable display, you’ll be able to monitor distances and stats without having to squint. If you’re looking to get a leg up on your game with an easy and facile device, the Garmin G10 provides both certainty and precision on the links.

Notable Features: 

  • Sleek pocket-sized design (0.9” x 0.9” (23 x 23 mm))
  • Hazards and course targets to identify locations
  • Quickly see the distance to greens, hazards, and Doglegs
  • Green View to display the shape on the green with added manual pin placement


  • Very lightweight and unobtrusive
  • Priced fairly
  • Sunlight readable display
  • 15-hour battery
  • Compact clip-on design


  • Can freeze at inopportune times
  • Some quality-control issues
  • Sat signal can go out in bad weather

CANMORE H-300 Handheld Golf GPS

CANMORE H-300 Handheld Golf GPS
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If a concise handheld gadget is your preferred choice, then this product is a great option. Less than half the size of a classic credit card, the Canmore H-300 automatically draws up courses nearest to your location.

With the Canmore, you can begin to play promptly, with no prior setup or scanning required. Just roll up to your chosen course and get started. With 38,000 preloaded courses, you’ll find your golf course in no time. Vital info is accessible at a flash, including space to the front, middle, and back of the green, par for the present hole, risk presence, and the tally for the prevailing hole.

Notable Features: 

  • Access to comprehensive course data with over 38,000 global courses.
  • Course finder which grants easy-to-access distances to front/center/back
  • Automatic course pullup
  • Magnetic clip for use on the belt, hat, or bag
  • High contrast white on black display


  • Compact and easy to set up
  • Easy to read display
  • Vital info available at a glance
  • Affordable


  • The small size makes it easy to misplace
  • The magnetic clip can be difficult to attach

Golf Buddy GB3 VTX Talking Handheld

Golf Buddy GB3 VTX Talking Handheld
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When size counts, this product is a suitable option for any player. As one of the broadest talking handhelds devices on the market, this product is definitely advanced. With a robust 2.7-inch color touch screen, you can easily verify the hole layout, while also perceiving your present point on the grass. In addition to classic green areas, this model also exhibits hazard distances and accurate yardage readings.

As a smart handheld, you’ll also find it easy to use Bluetooth Connectivity with quick updates via their special app. If it is crucial for you to have a gadget that is larger, easy-to-read, and meticulous, this product might find a permanent home in your bag.

Notable Features

  • Most advanced GPS handheld technology
  • High resolution 2.7″ LCD display
  • Option for male or female voice
  • Eight distinct language options
  • Accurate hazard and yardage readings


  • Rugged and resistant, built to withstand the elements
  • Large display and design similar to a first-generation iPhone
  • Uses a powerful chip for the most accurate distances
  • Audio readout of scores
  • Difficult to misplace


  • The display resolution isn’t crisp
  • Large size can make the device cumbersome to carry

Which Golf GPS Is The Best?…

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

The best golf GPS devices can recast the way you play the game. With a GPS device, a player from any skill level carries the potential to perceive correct distances to the pin from anywhere on the golf course. When deciding which product is best for you, there are plenty of things to consider: size, portability, endurance, and efficiency.

After plenty of testing out on the golf course, we’ve found that one model sets itself apart from the rest reviewed products. The Bushnell Phantom GPS isn’t just the best on the market today. With a large square shape and a well-designed readout, the Phantom is easy to discern yet highly accurate.

A great device should never be so complex that you dread putting it to use. The Phantom is all about simplicity, which makes it appealing to golfers from all skill levels. If you’re a mid-handicapper looking to jump to the single digits, this unit could undoubtedly be the best place to start. When choosing best GPS devices for golf, the extras should also come into play.

While some units will allow access to relevant apps, many will also require a subscription for use. This device offers free access to the Bushnell Golf app, granting you a complete overview of the hole and precise distances. With this GPS in tow, you’ll always have an easier time clearing hazards and navigating dog legs.

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AEC Info reviews:


Which is the best Garmin GPS Device?

Garmin is known for its slew of advancements in the range of Golf global positioning system GPS units. When it comes to the best Garmin has to offer, the Garmin Approach G10 named above reigns supreme. Not only is it the best lightweight option on the market today, but it is a full-featured apparatus in clip-on form. Unlike its forebears, the unit is remarkably slim and lightweight, chock full of preloaded courses.

With a high sensitivity GPS, you’ll handily discern information like yardage and hazards in a slight frame with a water rating of 5 ATM (50 meters). If it is important for you to have a device that is clear that can clip-on with ease and offer concise readings, the Garmin Approach G10 could just be a solid choice. If you would like to consider other options from the same brand, check out Garmin golf watches.

Which Golf Buddy is the Best?

For years, this brand has been churning out quality and precise handheld GPS units. Out of every product we’ve reviewed, the GB3 Talking Handheld GPS may be the most beneficial and resistant. Not only will it exhibit the actual shape of the green, but it can also demonstrate precise distances to disparate points.

About the size of a first-generation iPhone, the device is slight yet looks very high-end. Despite its premium and polished appearance, it is a device that is rugged and made to withstand the elements. If the idea of a small clip-on device doesn’t appeal to you, the larger size and resistant nature of this product proves a great choice.

What Is Better, A GPS or a Rangefinder?

Both rangefinders and GPS devices have shifted the fashion in which we play golf in the modern-day. Each brings something to the table, yet you may still be puzzled as to if you need a GPS, a rangefinder, or both. Does one do a better job than the other? Is it necessary to have both in your bag? Let’s take a look.

Pros and Cons of GPS Devices

GPS devices are pleasing because they can take on a wide cluster of forms. For instance, you can see yardages on a handheld device, a GPS watch, or even a simple hat clip. If you’re someone who wants the greatest intelligence when playing on a golf course for the first time, a Rangefinder – GPS unit can be paramount.

Whatever you need to know, the unit will exhibit it right there for your examination. Everything from yardages to bunkers is laid out before you without having to hire a caddie. The one dominant drawback to GPS devices and the prime criticism among golfers is that there can be a lack of accuracy to the pin.

Pros and Cons of a Rangefinder

Rangefinders are all about unadulterated accuracy. Some can even boast accuracy to the half or tenth of a yard. Another benefit to a rangefinder is that it can be used anywhere without having to download additional information. The only overlying problem many rangefinders have is the measure of play. It can slow things down. A GPS can give you yardages as soon as you get to your ball. A rangefinder will require you to take it out and aim it at the flag to receive your number.

Which is best?

The decision between Garmin watches for golf, a GPS, a rangefinder, and a Hybrid golf rangefinder comes down to personal preferences. Is it more important for you to have detailed information on a large screen or laser-perfect accuracy? The choice is ultimately up to you.

We hope you like what you have found so far. We work hard to find some of the greatest golf products on the market, and the do our best to test and review as many as possible.  Be sure to check out some of our recent reviews below.

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