If you recently purchased a new driver, it came with a driver head cover.  Same goes for your fairway woods. However, golf iron covers are a bit rarer. It is very unlikely that the set of irons you just purchased came with their own iron covers.

For many golfers, this creates a problem as they would like to maintain the overall look and quality of their golf irons. If you are worried about your irons experiencing minimal damage in your golf bag, then iron covers may be your next golf equipment purchase.

Golf iron covers are sold in sets so that there is an option for each of your irons. The head covers for irons will also fit over your sand wedge and any other wedges in the bag. Let’s take a look at some of the best golf iron covers on the market.

Best Golf Iron Covers

Craftsman Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers

image of craftsman thick synthetic leather golf iron head covers - AEC Info
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The Craftsman 12pc Thick Synthetic leather golf iron headcovers are the best on the market. This is a complete twelve-piece set that will allow you to cover everything from your three iron down to your lob wedge. The thing that makes the Craftsman stand out is the protection that it offers your golf clubs.

In addition, the Craftsman Golf iron covers look great. This is one of the best golf club head options if you are worried about the overall look of your golf bag once the covers are in place. The thick material will protect against unnecessary scratches or dents in the iron head.


  • It comes in a wide variety of colors
  • The oversized head will fit any iron
  • High quality PU leather material
  • Waterproof design


  • This is synthetic leather, not real leather

Craftsman Golf US Flag Neoprene Golf Club Head Cover

image of craftsman golf us flag neoprene golf club head cover - AEC Info
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Sometimes headcovers are used to protect the golf clubs, and other times they may help display more of your character and interest while on the golf course. The Craftsman US Flag Neoprene golf club headcover is one of the best-selling options on the market for Callaway golf clubs, Taylormade, Ping, Cobra and other club models and brands.

This golf club headcovers set will offer coverage from your four iron down to your lob wedge. The neoprene material means that these headcovers should last you quite some time. The unique flag pattern stands out and will complete any patriotic golfer’s bag.


  • Neoprene material will last a long time
  • Machine washable
  • Unique American flag design


  • White color on the outside can get dirty quite easily

Sword & Shield Meshy Golf Iron Covers Set Golf Club Head

image of sword & shield meshy golf iron covers set golf club head - AEC Info
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Sword & Shield is a golf iron cover manufacturer that will come up on our list a few times. The Sword & Shield iron covers come in a few different colors, and this mesh material makes the golf club covers very easy to get on and off. Overall, these protective mesh golf iron head covers also tend to come at a very fair price.

We like the fact that you can order these neoprene zippered golf wedge iron covers in a variety of colors so you can always find an option that will match your golf bag. Sometimes if you get the right iron covers, they will look as though they came with the golf bag.


  • Easy to take covers on and off
  • Very fair pricing
  • Some of the best golf iron covers for the money


  • Longevity is not as good as other companies

wosofe Golf Head Covers Set Iron Black PU Leather 11pcs

image of wosofe golf head covers set iron black pu leather 11pcs - AEC Info
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Most of the covers on our list so far have been Velcro closure or simply slide on options. The Wosofe Golf Head Covers are magnet golf iron covers. This means that the opening and closing of this product to put on your golf club is incredibly simple. Many golfers reported losing fewer golf iron covers because the magnetic closure keeps them in place.

In addition to staying in place, the Wosofe golf headcovers also look great. These are made with a durable polyurethane leather material, and they are dustproof and waterproof. In addition, the fact that the Wosofe golf headcovers are a bit more colorful will stand out on your golf bag.

The Wosofe golf headcovers are some of the best golf iron covers for iron protection. If you care about your golf clubs and do not want them to get damaged, consider this brand.


  • Magnet closure
  • Longer length cover to protect neck of club
  • Great material


  • Color selection is more limited

Hipiwe Number Print Golf Club Irons Covers

image of hipiwe number print golf club irons covers - AEC Info
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The long neck iron golf iron covers from Hipiwe help protect the neck and hosel of the club and the club head. The fact that the hosel will be properly protected is essential as this can be a spot on the club that is subject to damage.

The Hipiwe golf iron covers are made with a zipper. You can ensure that each of the headcovers is properly in place before taking it on or of your bag. Even though these are a long neck design, they should fit with almost any standard golf iron on the market.

We find the Hipiwe to be one of the best golf iron covers for travel. When you put your golf clubs in a golf travel bag, they are subject to quite a bit of damage; the Hipiwe will help to prevent some of this.


  • Strong cover with a durable zipper
  • Good looking iron covers
  • Great golf iron cover for travel


  • Zipper can experience issues in the rain

BIG TEETH Golf Iron Head Covers

image of big teeth golf iron head covers - AEC Info
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The Big Teeth golf iron headcovers have a unique feature that allows it to be very easy to see that you are choosing the right club. In addition to being numbered on the top of the iron covers, you will also be able to see the club because of the transparent head design.

The Big Teeth golf iron headcovers are easy to get on and off, but they only come as an option for right-handed golfers. The fabric used to create the Big Teeth Golf Iron Head covers is waterproof and will not wear down quickly. Keep this in mind so that your clubs stay protected in all conditions.


  • Very easy to identify which club you are taking
  • High quality waterproof fabric
  • Long lasting design
  • It comes with 11 golf club head covers


  • It does not come in an option for left-handed golfers

Sword & Shield sports Neoprene Zipper Golf Club Covers Iron Covers

image of sword & shield sports neoprene zipper golf club covers iron covers - AEC Info
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Sword & Shield makes our list yet again with their Neoprene Zipper Golf Club Headcover. Having a zipper on the club will help ensure that none of the headcovers fall off from one hole to the next. Having a set of ten headcovers is helpful but keep in mind that this does not come with a cover for the lob wedge.

The Sword & Shield golf club headcovers go through an extensive manufacturing process to ensure that they will fit on all standard golf clubs. Unless you have a very unique or different iron clubs in your bag, the Sword & Shield should do the job.


  • Easy to work with
  • 10-piece set
  • It comes with ten golf club headcovers
  • It Will fit most standard golf clubs


  • Only for right-handed players
  • Not as thick as other golf iron covers on the market

FINGER TEN Golf Head Covers Iron Set

image of finger ten golf head covers iron set - AEC Info
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Finger Ten makes quite a few golf accessories, and they offer them at very fair prices. The Finger Ten Golf Headcovers for irons are made with a synthetic leather material, and they have a Velcro closure. If you want to ensure that your golf club heads stay in excellent condition, Finger Ten can help.

Another huge benefit of the Finger Ten iron covers is that they work for left-handed golfers in addition to right-handed golfers. Both sides of the headcover have numbers for very easy identification. The set comes with enough covers to handle everything from the three iron down to the lob wedge.

With several different colors to choose from and plenty of protection for your golf irons, the Finger Ten golf iron headcovers are a great option to consider.


  • Impressive quality for a fair price
  • It comes in several different colors
  • Synthetic leather design
  • Good durability from these golf club head covers


  • The magnetic closure is easier to work with

The Best Headcovers For Irons Are. . .

image of craftsman thick synthetic leather golf iron head covers set headcover - AEC Info

Craftsman Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers

The Craftsman Golf 12 piece golf iron headcovers are the best golf iron headcovers on the market. These covers are made with quality material, affordable in price, and come in several different colors. We also had an easy time getting the Craftsman headcovers to fit over almost any type of iron. If this is your first time purchasing golf iron headcovers and you want a strong and reliable choice, this is a smart option to consider.

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Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can purchase golf iron covers with some confidence. Although there is quite a bit of functionality to consider when making this purchase, you also must think about your personal preferences and the look of your golf bag. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying iron covers.

Set Composition

Each golf iron manufacturer has different set compositions that they give you. If you are a professional golfer that carries an approach wedge or gap wedge, make sure that the set has an iron cover for this number. In addition, some golfers do not want the iron covers for their wedges, so you may want to look for a manufacturer that sells individual covers for just the clubs you need.

Type of Golf Iron

The best type of golf iron to fit in a standard golf iron head covers is a cavity back game improvement iron. The game improvement irons tend to have a simple and straightforward design that easily fits the headcovers.

For those with players style blades, the headcover may be a little loose. In addition, any golfers playing with a hybrid type golf iron may struggle to get a headcover that will fit properly.

Right or Left Handed

Golf iron covers come in both left and right handed designs. If you are a lefty, you may have a hard time finding options for your game. Keep in mind that the Finger Ten has some great-looking lefty golf iron headcovers.


The golf iron head cover color options you want boils down to personal preference; however, the black iron cover tends to make the most sense. With the black iron cover, you will get a longer lifespan because the covers will not get as dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we are asked about golf iron headcovers and whether they are worth purchasing for your golf clubs.

Do You Need Headcovers on Golf Irons?

Having headcovers on golf irons offers the golf irons excellent protection from damage. Golf iron headcovers are designed to keep golf clubs from banging into each other and getting scratched or scuffed. Golf iron headcovers are a great option to consider when traveling. When your golf clubs are in a travel bag, they can experience quite a bit of damage; avoid this with golf headcovers. And in case you think you’re overthinking it, Tiger Woods also uses a head cover called Frank to protect his driver from damage. For dirt lodged in the groove, you can clean every single groove using baby oil and a pin. 

Are Golf Iron Headcovers Worth It?

When you spend thousands of dollars on golf headcovers, it can be hard to look at the club and see the damage that has happened to it just from being in the golf bag. To avoid this, golf iron headcovers will do the trick. In addition, players that use golf headcovers will have higher resale value on their expensive clubs should they decide to sell them. 

What Is The Purpose Of Golf Iron Headcovers?

The purpose of golf iron headcovers is to protect the club head and the hosel of your golf irons from damage. So many golf clubs are now made with premium materials and components. Some of these materials are a little less durable and can be damaged easily. If you have just purchased golf irons that are known to be higher quality and slightly less durable, consider golf iron headcovers.