Approximately 40% of the golf community is considered mid-handicappers, according to USGA statistics. Golfers that carry a single-digit handicap make up 35% of the golfing arena. As you probably know, handicaps are established to set up equitable matches for any pair of golfers for both casual and tournament play.

Shooting 80 consistently is going to get you to that single-digit handicap. If you want to drop strokes off of your handicap, you can start by choosing the best golf clubs for your game. Manufacturers of golf equipment have found that game improvement clubs are one of the easiest ways to cater to their clients.

Clubs have been created to suit each low and High handicap, with the mid handicapper’s clubs being more forgiving. These clubs are designated as “super game-improvement” clubs. These clubs have a large “sweet spot” or central hitting zone allowing the mishits to go straighter and at a greater distance.

These more forgiving clubs have players searching for the best golf irons for mid-handicapper. Even though I am a single digit handicapper, I have always wondered why they don’t make every set of irons more forgiving?  Doesn’t every golfer want to have straighter misses?

Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers

Choosing a set of clubs designed for higher handicaps is one of the easier ways to lower scores and drop to that next level of low to mid handicaps. Improving accuracy and increasing distance is one of the benefits you should expect from your new irons.

In each of these irons that we reviewed, you will find features that will drastically boost the height on the ball, increased distances, and with a little practice,  make those birdie Putts a little shorter.

The Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper Are:

TaylorMade Mens M5 Irons

with True Temper XP 100 steel Shaft

Golf irons for mid handicap

The TaylorMade M5 irons were created for distance by offering a stiffer structure, which is ideal for those who struggle with this aspect of the game. The face is hot and has a spring-like feel, a compact look, and an exterior that is stylish. The irons tout a “Speed Bridge” that allows for the ball to be hit at maximum speed in addition to the great Distance.

TaylorMade’s goal with these irons is to improve overall accuracy and sound upon impact. These are well suited for the novice, male or Female, with a higher handicap. This model will allow you to mature as a player.

TaylorMade’s  Speed Pocket and Speed Bridge technology combine and work together by shifting the point of maximum deflection lower on the face of the irons to improve how the club performs through impact.


  • Technology of “Speed Bridge”.
  • Hit the ball with greater distance.
  • Greater workability with the compact head.
  • Technology of “Speed Pocket”.


  • Could offer a better level of control.
  • A smoother feel would be better.
  • Costly for those new to the game.

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro

These clubs offer the simplicity of play with less offset and forgiveness. Perfect for the better player as a long-iron replacement. These irons are ideal if you require Ball speed, forgiveness, or high launch. They can be mixed and matched to fit your gameplay. The top line is much slimmer than Hot Metal and a small bit thicker compared to Forged. The width of the sole is close to Hot Metal.

The sound, however, is loud and hard with vague feedback through the hands. Small misses all feel alike, but big misses are hard and easily identified. These irons are considered long and forgiving, with the Ball launching on a strong trajectory inclusive of loads of speed and plenty of forgiveness.


  • Iron can offer increased ball speed.
  • High launch and forgiveness.
  • Less offset.
  • Ideal for the better player.


  • Sound on impact is loud.
  • The feel is hard.

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland irons offer a completely hollow design to give maximum in forgiveness, solid steel inserts within the face for quicker speeds of the ball, and high-launch is thanks to HiBore crown. These come in either graphite or steel shaft and with three major flex choices making them perfect for any golfer to put in their Golf pull cart.


  • Strong steel face.
  • Irons go straight and launch high.
  • Steel or graphite shaft.
  • Hollow design = maximum forgiveness.
  • Awesome sound
  • Pleasant feel with impact.
  • Massive sweet spot.


  • A bit costly in comparison.
  • Some shots not so forgiving.

Taylor Made M6 Iron Set

TaylorMade M6 Iron Set

These M6 irons from TaylorMade are designed for those looking for the Maximum distance as well as forgiveness. ‘Speed Bridge’ increases rigidity by connecting the topline to the back bar allowing for increased ball speed while improving sound and feel. Maximum ball speed is achieved due to an extra-thin face with various thicknesses over a large area, and a directional bias is delivered with the off-center positioning.

The ball speed suggests this to be among the fastest on the market. Carry distances are impressive, with a combination of low spin and high launch. Mishit distance and accuracy are maintained with the help of stability due to the high club head.


  • M6’s are made to be longer.
  • One of most forgiving irons of 2019.
  • Larger face compared to the M5.
  • More offset for greater confidence.
  • Strongest 7 iron at 28.5 degrees.
  • M6 is louder at impact than M5.


  • Very similar to M5 as expected.

Ping Men’s i210 Irons

Ping i210 Driver

The Ping i210 irons are a replacement for the i200 and is designed with a softer feel and more consistency. These irons have a much cleaner look with designed edges that are crisper and a straighter toe. The design from the back is not that different except for the notice of a more significant elastomer piece. The sound comparison between i200 and i210 shows the new version as more muted but only slightly so.

Ball speed was considerably increased, and club speed was quicker compared to the predecessor, most likely due to the lightness of the shaft. Ball launch is higher with less of a spin contributing to a greater distance. The Ping i210 irons are perfect for a better golfer who is in for extra forgiveness that a cavity back can give over the muscle back but yet in a compact package. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our review of the best Ping Golf bags for 2020.


  • This iron offers gives much-enhanced performance over the i200 across the board with increased distance, higher flight, and a softer feel.
  • Silky Smooth irons made for mid-handicappers.
  • Great feel and workability.
  • More forgiving than traditional blades
  • Stainless steel head with soft insert
  • 30% Larger Insert compared to the previous i200 model


  • The target player may see the offset in the long irons as too much.
  • Has very high offset. May be too excessive for some golfers.

Cleveland Launcher CBX irons

These are perfect for the mid or high handicapper for game improvement to forgive

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons were created to increase distance while doling out massive forgiveness. They are capable of hitting longer irons much easier and offer shorter club control. They have a heavy top line with the offset appearing minimal, making them look professional. The club glides through the turf with a v-shaped sole allowing for a hit that is rock solid even if it is a little bit fat.

The cavity back on the Launcher CBX is much bigger, allowing for forgiveness and a sweet spot bigger in size. There is a reduction in the cavity back with the shorter irons allowing for control. Stronger lofts give players a noted increase in the distance, with some seeing half to full club with these.


  • If you hit toward the toe, this is a good set for you.
  • Straight hits and some reduction in shot shapes into baby fades and draws.
  • Glides and high launches throughout turf.
  • Crisp, clean sound on impact.
  • Lofts are printed on the bottoms allowing the purchase of the correct wedge and hybrid.


  • Scratches are much more evident with a matte finish.
  • If you want to shape the ball’s flight, these are not for you.

Callaway Rogue Irons

Offers the simplest’ sweet spot’

Callaway Apex 19

The face on the Callaway Rogue Irons rebounds and flexes more so than models before allowing for a long ball with some finding a full club gain in distance. These irons are known for customization, where you are given an option of which cubs you would like to have in the set.

The sound coming from the face is clean and crisp. It is difficult with these irons to tell the difference between a mishit and a sweet strike, but there is more accuracy as well as greens in regulation delivered in smooth hits from the whole face combined with high, straight balls.


  • Best value for your money.
  • Extremely straight even on mishits.
  • Specifically suited for the mid handicapper.
  • Very professional appearance.
  • After upgrade, distance increases.


  • Not for swing speeds at 95+ mph with the driver.
  • On forgiving face, mishits are tough to gauge with feedback.

Cobra F7 Irons

Suitable for those mid handicappers who hit low

Cobra King F7 Irons

Although the Cobra F7 irons have a more of the mid-sized head, they are touted as being a definite game-improvement set with a top line that is not as hefty when addressing the ball as many of the game-improvement irons. The face has been made thinner, so there is a higher ball speed from the flexible face to shoot it longer.

Because they are one or two models old, they are reasonable in cost, whether you get new or used. There is a more hybrid look to the longer irons with the area behind the whole face being hollow. The cavity on the Cobra F7 irons is reduced once you get to the wedge and the short irons. With the lightweight, swing speed is assisted without having to go to a softer shaft.


  • Hollow cavity back for forgiveness.
  • More palatable mid-size club head as opposed to many game-improvement sets.
  • Lightweight for an increase in swing speed.
  • Among the highest of flying irons.


  • The hybrid appearance takes getting used to it.
  • Not able to shape very much.

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

Awesome to get the mid handicapper into the single digits

The heads on the Titleist 718 AP3 Irons are larger than the AP1/AP2 range, making them more appealing to the mid-handicapper. The top line is not fat but rather relatively thin and will appeal to those who like an iron that is much more classic as opposed to hefty game improvement sets on the market.

These irons look like “players” clubs, but the backs are those of mid-handicappers with hollowing and a small cavity. This gives the player much more forgiveness and a bit more distance. These work well for the mid-handicapper but also transition into the low-handicapper when you up the level. Of all of the clubs made by Titleist, the AP3’s are the most forgiving.


  • Offer an incredibly professional appearance with characteristics in line with semi-game improvement.
  • These clubs will carry over when you transition into a single-digit handicap.
  • They offer more accuracy and distance.


  • These clubs cost more than average.
  • These are not suited for those with an 18+ handicap.

Our Winner

PING i210 Irons

Ping i210 Driver

All the irons we reviewed are going to improve your game, but the clubs we liked best were the Ping i210 irons. Ping continues to make clubs designed to help the middle to higher handicap, and help see drastic improvement. The i210’s has a very smooth feeling at impact, similar to hitting a marshmallow, and it is an impact you know right away.  These clubs are an improvement and step up from the previous i200’s, but clubs that would provide serious improvement for the mid to high-handicapper.

The new Ping i210 has increased face contact by 25% and offers a 30% larger insert compared to their most recent model. Your misses will be much straighter and much longer, and the new elastomer provides a very soft and comfortable feeling. You will feel how pure and buttery these clubs are when you hit these irons on the screws.  Great feel and sound!!!

The milled grooves along with stainless steel casting is new for Ping, and this truly changes the feel of these clubs. The Stainless Steel is much softer than the traditional 17-4 steel (which was good, but a bit different).  When you hit these clubs, you are going to fall in love with them.  We went out of our way to recommend some irons for specific types of golfers, and you will see those listed above. However, if we only had one set of irons to choose from as a mid-handicapper, we are playing with the Ping i210 Irons in 2019!

What To Look For With Mid-handicapper irons

Most Mid-handicap players are striving to reach the low-handicap level, but what are the things they should look for in their irons to help them reach their goals:

  • Mid-handicap irons will contact as the longest, the five iron, and go to a pitching wedge and then perhaps a sand wedge.
  • They will be cavity-backed for a vaster sweet spot within the face.
  • There will be perimeter weighting to enhance the sweet spot.
  • There is going to be offset hosel to allow for straighter ball flight.

Most of the sets today won’t offer a 3 or 4 iron due to the level of difficulty in hitting. They’re usually substituted with a fairway woods and hybrids to comprise what would then be the best golf irons for the mid handicapper.


The iron’s clubface size will vary depending on the brand, but it plays a significant role in the way the club will function on the course as a full clubface will be somewhat more forgiving. If forgiveness is something you require, the club face size will be critical in your irons.


Clubs designed with weighting, incorporated tungsten, which is more substantial than steel, within the club in specific places will tailor the balance for the iron. If you have a mishit, this weighting assists in the correction of the shot.


As a mid-handicap golfer, your achievable goal is to shave a few strokes off your game, bringing you down into the low handicap level. Gradually working towards your intended single-digit outcome is extremely dependent on which irons you choose to play with.

As a mid handicapper, choosing blades or irons a professional golfer would use is not going to decrease your scores. These clubs are not designed for you, and the quicker you understand and accept this, the quicker you will move into that lower handicapped bracket.

Best Golf club for Mid-hanidcappers

You want to use the proper clubs that work correctly for you, such as those starting at a five that offer a wider clubface and the perimeter weighting to both increase forgiveness and improve contact.

You want to look for a cavity in the back of the head, so the force is moved to the front, making for a more prominent sweet spot. Features such as these are going to give you better contact and have you hitting with more accuracy from the tee to the green.

You’ll find when you go to choose irons, it’s like a jungle out there. There are so many varieties of different trusted brands making an effort to market what comes down to products that are ultimately similar yet in the same breath innovative and revolutionary game-improving technology.

Being a mid-handicapper, you’re no novice to the game and have an idea of what aspects of the game the irons you purchase will need to cover. The clubs listed here are going to give you greater distance, many offering you much better accuracy, with some providing greater added forgiveness.

Beyond allowing for the famous cavity back shape, there are considerations such as the material of the shaft, value, price, and any additional features that the clubs may offer. Reading the detailed reviews of those who have purchased the irons will provide great insight into which brand is best for you.

There is nothing more honest than someone who has used the irons and can tell you precisely how they worked for them. Testimonials from other mid-handicappers will give you insight into how the metals may ultimately play out for you on the course, allowing for a much more informed decision with purchase.

Of the irons on the market, those mentioned here on our list are among the best golf Irons for the Mid-handicappers. They each offer their unique specifications to fit the individual needs of each player. If you know where you fall short with your game, it should be easy for you to find one of these sets to address the issues that you’re having and ultimately correct those issues.

Once you work with these irons, it’s only a matter of time before the game-improving technology incorporated into these irons have you moving up to a low-handicap and achieving a score of 80 on the regular.

Please be sure to check back often for new Updates and reviews.  We have tested and researched Kids clubs, the Best rangefinder, Grips, Sunglasses, Training aids, your top Travel bag, Driving iron, Walking shoe, and the top Cooler, Golf approved and ready to go.