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Small, convenient, and sleek, the Callaway 300 Pro is a laser rangefinder with an integrated slope measurement function that comes from one of the most ground-breaking golf companies and, therefore, deserves all of the attention.

Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder Review

Rangefinders are now classified as essential golf equipment. Almost all golfers have at least one that is quick and accurate. If you are a beginner golfer and strive to master those swings, then knowing your yardages would be necessary to know which club to use, how to perform your next shot, and where to focus.

Since the market is packed with a variety of rangefinders, I’m sure that it isn’t easy for you to choose which one to get. The Callaway 300 Pro is a Slope measurement rangefinder that boasts a top-notch design and performance. It offers all the functions that you’ll truly need on the course and excludes all the junk that you’ll never use.

Performance and Technology

image of callaway 300 pro - AEC InfoThe Callaway 300 Pro rangefinder is relatively easy to use. Still, since it integrates several modes, it might get complicated the first few times you use it. I really hope that this review will quickly guide you through the process of selecting the function you need.

The primary function of any rangefinder is to get the distance to the target. This is acquired by pressing the power button located on the top of the rangefinder.

If the distance to the flag is what you need, then you simply point to it, and in a second, the distance will be displayed.

The scan mode allows you to scan the area and get the distance to multiple targets such as hazards, trees, and bunkers. Once you point to a specific target, and press the black button, the distance will be displayed on the screen.

The slope function gets activated when you slide the side button up, and it is turned off when you slide it down. This function calculates the angle of the incline or decline and includes the slope adjusted distance. This function must be turned off during tournaments because it is illegal. However, it is an excellent aid for beginners as they get a sense of distance.

If you’ve played for a while, then you know that when there are many objects in the surrounding, it is hard to know the precise distance to the target. The proprietary Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) allows you to lock onto the pin even up to 300 yards distance. Plus, once locked on the target, you will hear a chirping sound that confirms the target thanks to the“birdie” technology.


The accuracy of any rangefinder is the ultimate requirement, so any failure to provide precise measurements will affect your game. Luckily, I haven’t had any issues when using the Callaway 300 Pro as it has proven to deliver precise measurements when compared to much more expensive distance finders.

With the precision of +/- 1 yard and target distance range from 5 to 1000 yards, it is a solid device. What I’ve noticed is the instability of measurements regarding more distant targets. It is very fast during normal weather conditions; however, it often re-establishes the distance during bad weather.

Design Features and Optics

image of callaway pro 300 scope - AEC InfoAs of its design, I think that what truly matters is its small size, grippy surface, and the convenience of holding it in one hand. It has an ergonomic, waterproof design and weighs only 7oz.

The lens quality is superior in any way. Golfers can easily see through the bright screen while the 6x magnification enables golfers to zoom in the targets and the landscape. The zooming feature is activated by rotating the rubber eyepiece located at the lens.

The LCD screen displays the yardages/meters to the target, the battery status, slope function, PAT indicator and it is clear even when the weather is foggy.

Battery and Packaging

image of callaway packaging - AEC InfoThe Callaway 300 Pro is powered by a CR2 battery which is replaceable, long-lasting and comes included with the purchase.

For safe and convenient handling, the molded carrying case with a carabiner clip can be hung onto your golf bag or the belt. Callaway offers a year warranty from the day of the purchase.

Key Features

Let’s briefly take a look at the key features of the Callaway 300 Pro.

Slope Measurement technology: It measures the angle of incline/decline and delivers the exact distance to the target. Make sure to turn it off during tournaments as it is not legal, though.
P.A.T technology: locks onto the pin, up to 300 yards, and delivers exact distance measurement. The chirping sound confirms the target.
Scan Mode: It allows you to scan the surroundings and obtain the distance of the target you point at.
Accuracy: 6x zoom with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard and a distance range from 5 to up to 1000 yards.

Bottom Line

Using the Callaway 300 Pro on the course has been a fulfilling experience. The yardages I received were mostly very precise, with slight deviations and frequent reestablishments on large distances. I didn’t expect less, though, as Callaway has never ceased to impress me, so it was an anticipated performance.

I can’t say it has all the bells and whistles found in some extremely expensive range finders. But, as I mentioned, it does provide you with the crucial measurements to help you make better judgments on the course and eventually lower your score.

Price-wise, it does cost more than the averagely priced ones, but what you get is a laser rangefinder that offers the Callaway quality, very accurate, and easy to use.


  • It features a compact, sleek and ergonomic design
  • Pin Acquisition Technology delivers precise distance up to 300 yards
  • Chirping sound when it locks onto the pin thanks to the “Birdie” technology
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Scan mode and Slope measurement technology
  • Premium LCD screen and 6x zoom
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Slight measurement inconsistencies

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