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Precision Pro Golf NX7 pro slope review
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In a market dominated by Bushnell, there are few choices when it comes to finding a high-quality Rangefinder. The Precision Pro NX7 Slope Rangefinder is one that we have heard great things about and wanted to test it for ourselves. Below, we will break down what we liked, what we didn’t, and provide our honest review of this product.

We ordered the NX7 and received it via USPS within three days of ordering. It came in a small box with very few bells and whistles. Inside the box was:

  •  The NX7 Pro rangefinder Quick Start Guide
  • A Hard shell carrying case
  • A small lanyard
  • A cleaning cloth
  • The rangefinder, with a Cr2 3-volt battery, was already installed

I took everything out of the box and was immediately impressed.

Precision Pro Golf

What stood out instantly was the size of the Precision Pro NX7 Slope compared to other brands like Bushnell. It is a little bit smaller compared to other models and fits very comfortably in your hand. I immediately went to my golf course to hit balls on the range and started testing it out with flags on the course. It was super simple to use and provided all the feedback needed.

There are two buttons at the top of the NX7. The first is a fluorescent green button that you tap on when you are locking onto your target. You aim, hit the fluorescent green button, and it vibrates and gives you your distance. The yardage pops up on the bottom middle of the viewfinder.

Rangefinder Viewfinder

When looking in the viewfinder, your yardage is at the bottom. On the left is an M1, and M2. M1 is no slope. M2 is slope mode. In slope mode, it will tell you if you are hitting uphill or downhill, and the change in distance, based upon this elevation. When you lock on your target with M2, the distance still shows at the bottom of the viewfinder, but you can now view your adjusted distance at the top.

The Slope feature is not permitted in tournament play, and it is very easy to switch between M1 and M2 by hitting a button. The only thing that makes me a bit nervous about using this feature in a tournament is that there is no external switch to quickly identify if the Slope feature has been turned on or off.

When we received the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder, it was already set up in yards. The easy to read instruction guide explains very simply how to change that setting to meters if desired.

The final image inside of the NX7 view that was really convenient was the battery life. If you own a rangefinder, you know how much it sucks to be playing a round, and all of a sudden, it no longer works. There is no warning. Your rangefinder is dead. But, not with the NX7 Pro Slope.

You can easily see the battery life remaining in the top right-hand corner of the viewfinder. Never again will you be caught off guard with your rangefinder no longer working.

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Slope review - 2020 - AEC InfoOne thing to point out is that Precision Pro Golf provides free battery replacements for their rangefinder, which is a great feature. We haven’t finalized sending in our information about the program just yet, but plan on doing so in the very near future.

There is a lot to like about the NX7. We found it very easy to use and extremely accurate, and it was our choice for the Money, Rangefinder several months back.

During the process of testing the NX7, we compared it to our Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Model. We found that these two models were consistently within a yard of one another.


  • Cost significantly less than Bushnell slope model.
  • Smaller than the Bushnell and fits conveniently in your hand
  • Neon Green body makes it difficult to misplace
  • Can turn slope on and off with a single button
  • Rangefinder vibrates when we lock on our target


  • No exterior button to turn Slope on and off

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