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Golf shoes are not always known for being the most comfortable pair of shoes in your closet. Most people put up with the discomfort they feel in a golf shoe because of the functionality. In today’s golf world, you can have both comfort and functionality in your shoe.

There are more and more options for those with wide feet that will accommodate your foot size and give you plenty of traction during your golf swing. We have put together eight of the best golf shoes for wide feet. There is an option on this list for every player type and every budget.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

FootJoy Men's Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe
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The FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex BOA Golf Shoe is the best overall option for golfers with wide feet. Everything about this shoe is built for comfort and performance. The performance mesh exterior of the shoe is lightweight and comfortable. It allows your foot to breathe, even on those hot days on the course.

One of the concerns of some mesh material is that it is sometimes not water resistant. The Footjoy Hyperflex is fully waterproof and even comes with a waterproof warranty. Another great benefit of this shoe for the person with wide feet is the full rounded toe character.

Many traditional golf shoes will have a pointed fit at the toes, but this is much wider, giving players room to fit their entire foot. As always, the advanced BOA closure system really helps make sure a golfer is properly fit in a pair of golf shoes. A few turns of the BOA system and your golf shoe will support your foot the way it is intended.

We can’t say enough good about this versatile and high performing pair of golf shoes. Although it may seem priced slightly higher than a few other shoes for wide feet, it stands out as the overall best.


  • Available in a few colors
  • Waterproof mesh material
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Boa Closure System


  • Priced a little high as it is a new release with new technology

New Balance Men’s Breeze Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Breeze Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe
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New Balance is known for making comfortable sneakers for walking, yet they make very high performing golf shoes. The New Balance Spikeless comfort is a breathable and comfortable shoe that provides plenty of support.

The midsole of the shoe features the REVlite 10mm drop. This is a New Balance technology that provides for more cushioning in the golf shoe and extra responsiveness. The New Balance are spikeless golf shoes making them even more versatile than you might imagine.

Between the cushioning in the insole, the fair pricing, and the fact that you can wear these pair of golf shoes on and off the golf course, this is one of the best golf shoes for wide feet.


  • Lots of cushioning and support
  • Available in wide sizes
  • Fairly priced shoe
  • Water guard in front of the shoe to protect the toe from water


  • Does not have the same look like a traditional golf shoe

ECCO Men’s Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe
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ECCO is a premium golf shoe manufacturer. The Ecco Men’s Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex is an expensive but very high quality shoe for golfers. The Ecco shoes are for those golfers that spend a lot of time on the course and need something with water resistance, comfort, and tremendous traction.

The entire ECCO Biom Cool has a Gore-Tex surround. This means that it is entirely waterproof while still being breathable. The BIOM technology helps to bring golfers closer to the ground, giving them more stability during their golf swing.

The upper part of the ECCO shoe is made with its traditional YAK Leather. The materials used in this version of ECCO shoes are going to keep these in your golf routine for years to come.


  • Plenty of rotational support
  • Removable insoles for extra width
  • Complete water resistance
  • Traction outsole
  • Premium design, fit and look


  • Ecco shoes are almost always the most expensive on the market

Adidas Men’s ZG21 Golf Shoe

Adidas Men's ZG21 Golf Shoe
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The Adidas golf shoes are some of the most popular designs on the market. Golfers like Adidas shoes because of the performance that they can get for a very fair price. The new ZG21 Golf shoe is a perfect choice for those seeking a pair of comfortable golf shoes. With the stretch capabilities and the availability in a wide width, those with wide feet will find this a good solution.

The Adidas ZG21 is made with entire synthetic material. This makes the shoe very easy to take care of and a good option for beginner golfers. You won’t need to worry about treating the leather and making sure that it stays in good shape; this is a low-maintenance shoe.

The ZG21 is not a spikeless shoe; it has a six spike outsole and traction lugs. For those players with a faster swing speed and a bit less balanced, the shoes give incredible traction.


  • Easy to take care of golf shoes
  • Lots of stability
  • Long-lasting materials


  • Not waterproof

PUMA Men’s Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe

PUMA Men's Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe
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The PUMA Men’s Ignite NXT shoe is starting to get more and more popular. When you first look at this shoe, it looks like it has comfort, but it’s hard to see how much the other features and details add to the performance.

The material of the shoe is a performance mesh. This allows the golfers with wide feet to have room for their feet and not struggle with the shoe feeling too tight. The foam material that the shoe features on the interior results in a much more comfortable feeling each time you step. The PUMA Ignite makes a great pair of walking shoes.

The mesh is a waterproof material allowing these shoes to be worn for any golf course condition. It’s hard to find a better-performing shoe for the price.


  • Foam material
  • Waterproof Mesh
  • Lots of traction


  • Not the best choice for stability for golfers with very fast swing speeds

Callaway Men’s Coronado V2 Sl Golf Shoe

Callaway Men's Coronado V2 Sl Golf Shoe
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If you are looking for a unique pair of golf shoes for wide feet, the Callaway Men’s Coronado V2 is a perfect choice. With the Coronado, you will get performance with a bit of fashion as well. In addition, these shoes are plenty wide with a performance mesh, making them perfect for those with wide feet.

The ForgedFoam midsole of the Coronado V2 allows for quite a bit of comfort. You will have no trouble feeling as though your foot is properly supported while wearing the Coronado. In addition, the shoe is waterproof and will keep you dry.

This is a spikeless golf shoe that you can wear on and off the golf course. One thing to watch for with wide golf shoes is the stability on the bottom of the shoe. With more surface area on the golf shoes for wide feet, you need a supportive and solid traction pattern. The Coronado is packed with technology from the inlay sole to the forefoot area, giving golfers everything they need.


  • Waterproof warranty
  • Comfortable wide golf shoes
  • Unique and fashionable design


  • May not have the traditional golf shoe look

Adidas Men’s S2g Golf Shoe

Adidas Men's S2g Golf Shoe
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Adidas makes another appearance on our list of the best golf shoes for wide feet. The S2g is another great choice to consider and gives golfers a shorts shoe/golf shoe look. These are some of the best golf shoes for those that are looking for comfort.

Inside the midsole of the shoe, you will find a flexible bounce material. Stepping down on a hard surface each time you place your foot will cause some fatigue at the end of the day. With the S2g, you will not feel tired, even as you approach the 18th green.

The V Traxion Lugs and Adiwear outsole round out this impressive golf shoe pair for those with wide feet.


  • Comfortable yet classic looking golf shoes
  • Performance technology throughout the shoe
  • Additional comfort added in the midsole
  • Available in wide width size


  • Traditional lacing system

Under Armour 2020 HOVR Show SL GTX Sunbrella Spikeless Golf Shoes

Under Armour 2020 HOVR Show SL GTX Sunbrella Spikeless Golf Shoes
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Under Armour seems to always be coming up with unique golf game solutions for men. This new HOVR Show SL GTX Sunbrella shoe takes a unique material and incorporates it into golf shoe technology for the first time.

The Sunbrella fabric is known for being durable outdoors and providing breathability and stability. Many people have Sunbrella fabric on outdoor furniture or even an outdoor umbrella. These waterproof golf shoes are fade resistance and allow for a ton of rotational support.

The spikeless outsole is a bit more flexible than a rubber outsole, giving golfers with wide feet the design features they need. Under Armour believes that the power in your golf swing starts in your feet. Not only do your feet need comfort, but they need the technology to transfer power to the golf swing. With the HOVR Shoe Sunbrella, you will be able to do just that.


  • Plenty of breathability
  • Unique fabric technology
  • Available in wide width size
  • Careful attend to pivot points and transfer of power


  • Spikeless design is not a fit for all golfers with wide feet

And The Winner Is…

Footjoy Hyperflex Boa

FootJoy Men's Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

With all the research we conducted on the best golf shoes for wide feet with comfort, the Footjoy Hyperflex Boa stands out as the best overall option. These shoes have breathability, impressive technology, and an extra wide fit. You can use the BOA closure system to ensure that the shoe closes just perfectly around your foot.

This shoe has waterproof technology and comes with the Footjoy waterproof warranty. With a few different colors to choose from and the Footjoy brand name behind you as you walk the course, it’s hard to find a better pair of golf shoes for wide feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf shoes for wide feet players that need comfort let’s cover a few of the questions that players tend to ask about these types of golf shoes. Having a great pair of wide golf shoes can increase energy on the course and ultimately lead to lower golf scores.

What Are The Important Features in Golf Shoes For Wide Feet?

The most important thing to look for is the availability of the shoe size you need. Some golf manufacturers don’t make a wide width size in their shoes, and these should automatically be taken off your list. Some companies like Footjoy offer an extra wide golf shoe in select styles.

Another factor to look for is the mesh type fabric. With mesh, your foot will have plenty of room to move around and feel the comfort you need. Additionally, waterproof technology and a stable spike design are good features to look for.

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Better?

It seems like each year; we see more golf shoes move to the spikeless version. Players like the convenience of the spikeless hose as you can wear it both on and off the golf course. Some pairs look like an office or everyday shoe, while others still look like a golf shoe.

The technology featured in these spikeless golf shoes has helped make it so that golfers still get plenty of traction while also getting the convenience. All of the major golf shoe brands now offer spikeless shoes. Many times the spikeless design gives golfers with wide feet more room to move around.

Are Golf Shoes Necessary For Those With Wide Feet?

We know it can be a challenge to find a pair of golf shoes that fits a wide foot properly; however, it will be worth the research you do. Golf shoes for wide feet will give players more breathability and stability than a traditional sneaker or tennis shoe.

Often, golfers with wide feet also need a bit of help when it comes to traction and balance. Only a golf shoe is going to provide this type of technology.

We hope our review of the best comfort golf shoes for wide feet has helped you narrow down your selection. Remember that the size will still be the most important factor in determining the best option for your feet. Find something offered in the wide width that you need and pay close attention to the material that the shoe is made of.

If you are looking for additional shoes that we have reviewed on AEC Info, be sure to check out the most Comfortable golf shoes for 2021, along with top rated for Walking, for Ladies, our top choice for Diabetics, and lastly, our favorite for keeping your feet dry.  Please be sure to visit us soon, and please let us know if there is as golf product or service you would like us to check out for you.