Golf simulators were something that you could only find at high-end fitting centers. To get on a trackman or play a round on a simulator would potentially cost you hundreds of dollars. This is because the person offering you access to this system paid tens of thousands. But, golf simulators are changing daily.

They are now available for even the average weekend golfer to put up in their home. As long as you have some space, a little extra spending money, and a desire to work on your golf game even when it’s cold or raining, the golf simulator could be a great choice for you. AEC Info takes a look at the three four golf simulator options of 2021.

Top Golf Simulators

Best Overall

SkyTrak Golf

SkyTrak Golf
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We chose the SkyTrak as the best overall golf simulator. This model has several options and lots of high-quality features. We love that you can figure out a way to make the SkyTrak system work for you, regardless of your budget. With golf simulators coming down in price, some have lost quality as well. This is not the case with SkyTrak Golf.

The SkyTrak golf simulator comes as a complete package set. You can choose several different setups, but each one will have the basic needs to get you started with the ultimate golf experience. The best thing about the SkyTrak simulator package is that the pricing starts as low as just a few thousand dollars.

If you choose the basic system, you are going to get a SkyTrak Launch Monitor, the basic practice range plan, the pro turf mat, and the net as well. With this setup, you will have to have a computer or a television set nearby to see what you are doing as you practice or play on the 3D driving range.

Moving a step up from the base model in the SkyTrak system, you will get the projector screen as well. This screen sits behind the net and allows you to feel as though you are on the golf course playing. Of course, as you get your golf simulator system to feel more and more like the golf course, the pricing will increase.

The more expensive SkyTrak systems are going to come with a complete bay that has side barrier netting. These are a larger investment, but they have some really great benefits as well.

One of the things that will make a golf simulator package better than another is the included launch monitor. If the launch monitor does not have high-speed cameras and quick connections, it will not be as accurate. We were very impressed with the abilities of the SkyTrak launch monitor as well. Overall, you will find that this system is a great way to track ball speed, launch angle, and your progress, all within the comfort of your own home.


  • Fairly priced package set
  • Several buying options
  • High-quality simulator with accurate results
  • Large hitting mat included
  • Simulation software is relevant and upgradable


  • Need to upgrade the software to get full access to all golf courses

Best Premium

TrueGolf Vista

TrueGolf Vista
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Considering golf simulators will be a lot of money, some people decide to go all in. If you are one of these people and you want something that is high definition, durable, and able to give you a golf course experience in your home, then the TrueGolf Vista is a great indoor golf simulator option to choose.

The first thing we should warn you about with the TrueGolf Vista is that once you start considering this unit, you will have a hard time forgetting about it. The TrueGolf Vista graphics are all 4l, and this simulator setup sometimes looks more realistic than a golf course does.

Just like with the SkyTrak, you will get several buying options with the TrueGolf Vista. The lowest price starts at about double the price of the premium SkyTrak simulators. If you go for the base package on the TrueGolf, you will end up with a projector, the TruTrack2 Tracking system, e6 connect subscription and a warranty. Although this is still a great start, you will need some additional equipment to get the perfect indoor golf simulator setup.

However, when you look at the premium Trugolf Vista package, you will see that you get everything in the basic plus a computer, a 21″ touch screen monitor, and premium fairway turf. The screen is also 165 inches as compared to the 114 inches with the basic package.

The screen that comes with the TrueGolf Vista package is an impact screen that will hold up to many shots. If you have the money to spend, you will not be disappointed by what you can do with these golf simulators for home use. The True Golf Vista will feel more like a commercial model because of its qualities and durability.


  • Best golf simulator for graphics
  • High-quality tracking system
  • One of the best for speed and technology
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Accurate Ball flight data


  • The price is relatively high for a home golf simulator

Best Value

Optishot 2

Optishot 2
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If you checked out the pricing on the TrueGolf System and thought that we were a bit nuts, then the Optishot may be more your speed. With the Optishot 2, you are going to get quite a bit of value. We don’t want to call this a cheap golf simulator because it is actually of excellent quality. However, we will say that this is certainly the lowest price simulator package you will find on the market.

The fact that Optishot 2 has been able to put together a system that allows you to play golf courses all over the world and improve your game for less than $1000 is quite impressive. You will notice that with this, Optishot may require you to use some of your own technology to complete the set, but it will be well worth it.

The basic OptiShot 2 is called the Golf in A Box simulator. You will get a hitting mat, a basic golf net (not a full swingbay), OptiShot software, the Infrared Optical Swing Pad, and 15 renowned Golf courses to play on. The launch monitor on this model is good, but it is certainly not quite like the option on the TureGolf Vista.

However, if you pair your OptiShot2 with a great computer and have all of the connections set up properly, you can get some great information about your launch angle, distance, spin, and more. This will feel like you brought the driving range home.

With the OptiShot 2 simulator premium package, the major difference is going to be that you have a full swingbay with a screen. This will certainly change the feel of the home simulator experience and make it feel more realistic. If you are going to be playing rounds of golf with your friends on your simulator, it is probably a good choice to go with the upgraded screen and swingbay.

Whichever OptiShot package you choose, you will be impressed with the ability to work on your game and continue to improve both your full swing and your short game. Think of all the money you would spend playing golf during the winter. If you have a simulator at home, you can work on your game, and it won’t cost you any more than it would during the regular golf season.


  • Best golf simulators for affordability
  • Great for game improvement
  • Even the basic package comes with 15 world-class courses


  • Not the highest quality launch monitor

Best For Accuracy

Flightscope Simulators

Flightscope Simulators
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You will soon learn that there will be some differences in accuracy from one simulator to the next. The Flightscope will lead the way when it comes to data. If you are a golfer that wants all the data about your swing, the Flightscope will be a great choice.

The reason the Flighscope proves to be so accurate is because of the Mevo Launch Monitor. The Mevo is going to allow you to track carry distance, smash factor, roll distance, total distance, shot shape, ball speed, and more. Having all of this data is only going to make your simulator experience all that more accurate. As the tracking system collects this data, it will incorporate it into the simulator software to give you very accurate results.

One of the great things about the Flightscope Simulators is that they offer many different types of home use packages. You can find something built for a lower handicapper or someone looking for a game improvement type model.

The Flightscope X3 Premium is our favorite of the Flightscope Simulator choices. When you look at all this package offers and compare it to other simulator options on the market, you will find that it is a really great value. With the X3 Premium by Flightscope, you will get the launch monitor, the mat, the projector screen, and the large next with the side barrier netting.

Not only will this X3 premium make you feel as though you can play a round in the comfort of your own home, but it is a safe package as well. This net will certainly catch the ball without doing damage to the walls of your home. We know you are shopping for a golf simulator, but it is good to know that this X3 premium also doubles as a home movie theater. This may help you close the deal with all the members of the family!


  • Very accurate launch monitor
  • Good for golfers of all handicaps
  • High-resolution graphics on the screen
  • Access to many golf courses and practice facilities as well
  • Low bounce back on the net


  • Starting prices are a bit higher than some other simulator packages

And The Winner Is…

The SkyTrak

SkyTrak Golf Simulator

Hopefully, you have a better idea as to what the best golf simulators on the market offer. Purchasing a simulator can be a tough choice. You will need to make sure that you have the space, the budget, and then time to properly use it. Most people who purchase these are very into golf and improving their game. If this is the winter you plan to take your golf game to the next level, the golf simulator package is the way to go.

The SkyTrak still stands out as our favorite option. This is a top of the line system offered at a very fair price. Depending on the home golf setup you are looking for, the SkyTrak can be modified to work for you. There is no question that working with a model like this will help you improve your game.

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Buyers Guide

Purchasing a golf simulator package is a big investment. This is going to be a bit different than purchasing a new putter or a wedge this season. The best golf simulators of 2021 are made to help golfers work on their swing when they can’t be on the course. For the first time, these packages are being offered at fair and affordable prices. This is the time to add a simulator to your at-home practice setup.

Are Golf Simulators Accurate?

Golf simulators can be very accurate. If the simulator is set up properly, has a good launch monitor, high-speed cameras, and multiple data collection inputs, you will get some great results. Golfers need to be realistic about their golf simulator capabilities.

If you normally hit your seven iron 155 yards (according to your Golf rangefinder) and the simulator says 153, that is pretty accurate. If your simulator is reading 125 yards, then chances are you don’t have it set up properly. Check all connections, make sure the launch monitor is calibrated, and try setting things up again.

How Important Is A Launch Monitor?

The launch monitor is usually the most expensive and most important part of a great golf simulator. Launch monitors are the data providers. The launch monitors are what will read all of the data coming from your golf ball and clubface at impact. They will then use this data to give the software the information it needs. Once the software has the information, you will see what your shot looks like.

If the launch monitor is of lower quality or not capable of picking up the proper information, your results are not going to be accurate.

Can I Play Actual Golf Courses On My Golf Simulator?

Depending on which simulator your purchase, you can play golf courses all over the world. Most of the time, you will have to purchase a subscription that allows you to play in different places. These subscriptions are usually very fairly priced, and they will allow you to play golf courses you would probably never have had a chance to get on.

The experience won’t be exactly the same, but it will certainly be a great way to spend a snowy Saturday!

Do I Need A Projector With My Golf Simulator?

If you are going to use a laptop or a television with your simulator, you do not need a projector. You won’t be able to get the full experience as if you are on the course, but you can certainly still play. Many golfers like to get a net with an impact screen. This way, they can look straight ahead of them like they are on the course.

The nets with the screen are more money, and then you have the additional cost of the projector as well. This is a larger investment, but one that most find is very well worth it. Here’s a great idea to consider. If you and your friends typically play golf every Saturday, why not chip in on a golf simulator enclosure. If you can get several people involved in purchasing one of these, it makes it a bit easier to justify.