Touch of Modern will often run sales on golf simulator technology. If you are in the market for a golf simulator and ready to improve your indoor golf experience, keep an eye out for three of the Touch of Modern Golf simulators to have recently been offered for sale. 

With golf simulators, it is always important to see what type of technology is used, how players can benefit from that technology, and what golf courses you can enjoy while using the simulator. Let’s take a more in depth look at the Touch of Modern golf simulators. 

What Golf Simulator Does Touch of Modern Sell? 

Touch of Modern has offered sales for the OptiShot, OptiShot 2, and the Title X golf simulator packages. Each of these options features different functionality and technology and can be an excellent fit for your golf game. 


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OptiShot is the original golf in a box simulator. With OptiShot, you can use the practice range, test your clubhead speed and play real golf courses with moderately accurate feedback. In addition, you will be able to use real golf balls or Illegal golf balls when you play. 

The OptiShot comes with a small pad that works as a sensor or launch monitor. When you hit shots, the information is transferred to the software, and you can even get a projector and display this on a screen in front of you. The compact size is really what sets this simulator apart. As long as you can swing a club, you will have enough space to make this work. 

The hitting mat that comes with the OptiShot is more like a small hitting pad, but the Touch of Modern package did sell this with a hitting net, so you truly had an all-inclusive solution. 


  • Can use real balls
  • Easy to travel with
  • Kind of an interactive game mixed with a simulator


  • Will still need a projector screen for a real simulator experience
  • Not as accurate as the new OptiShot 2

OptiShot 2

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The OptiShot2 took some of the flaws with the OptiShot original and improved on them. The problem with the OptiShot 1 was not the infrared sensors or the hitting pad technology; the real issue was with the software. Playing golf courses like Pebble Beach and other famous clubs around the world requires great software with fast load times and better graphics. 

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator is still this same smaller and affordable design that works as a relatively accurate golf simulator (especially for the price). The thing is, the golf simulation software with this model is considerably better. 

If you are ready for a golf simulator set up in your home but are afraid of the total costs, the OptiShot 2 golf in a box is the solution.


  • Affordable golf simulator
  • Accurate data about your golf shot
  • Distance traveled is more accurate than previous models
  • More accurate ball speed than OptiShot original


  • Doesn’t work quite like an actual golf launch monitor
  • Still considered more of a basic home golf simulator

Title X Golf Simulator

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Title X Golf Simulator

The Title X Golf Simulator is another unique option offered by Touch of Modern. Instead of working with a small hitting pad like the OptiShot, this is an attachment you will add to any golf club in your bag. As you swing with the Tittle X Golf Simulator, expect to get some accurate results at times, but things like spin and angle of descent will not be nearly as accurate with these cheap golf simulators. 

If you have tried the PhiGolf simulator game that is more like a video game than a simulator, Title X will be a step up from that.

For a golf entertainment type experience, this is an award-winning product. However, when it comes to the best golfers in the United States looking to better their game, the Title X Golf Simulator is not the best choice.


  • Compact golf simulator
  • It can be used any time of day
  • Won’t require a lot of space
  • Good for those that are simply into it for the enjoyment of golf


  • Results are not as accurate as a golf launch monitor
  • Not a great option for a high-level golf simulator
  • It May be worth saving money for a more premium product

Frequently Asked Questions 

Golf simulators are certainly dropping in price and the main factor in golf simulators becoming part of your golf technology lineup is likely pricing.

Although it’s nice to know things like club head speed, smash factor, flight time, ball flight, carry distances, and angle of attack, there is a price tag for this.

The OptiShot, OptiShot 2, and Title X are more of a golf entertainment product than a full simulator solution, but they can be an excellent choice for those on a budget. 

What is the difference between OptiShot and Optishot 2?

The difference between the OptiShot and the OptiShot 2 is software. The software in the OptiShot 2 is greatly improved and better for those who demand accuracy. If you want instant feedback and more stunning graphics, the OptiSHot 2 is the better investment. 

Is OptiShot worth the money?

OptiShot is worth the money if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a high-end golf simulator. The overall accuracy is quite good, and it can be a really fun thing to play on a rainy day.

For golfers looking to turn professional, the overall accuracy and technology are not quite good enough. 

Are Title X golf simulators good? 

The Title X golf simulators are an excellent way to get some data about your golf swing, but they aren’t as good as other portable golf launch monitors. For those that are just starting to get interested in golf technology, this could be a choice that stands out as a good option. 

Check out our full line of portable golf launch monitors.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you have a better idea as to what Touch of Modern offers as far as golf simulators are concerned.

The OptiShot, OptiShot 2, and Title X offer golfers fair pricing, a clever device, and the ability to practice and play golf much more often.