Staying organized on the golf course can be quite a project. Each hole, you will need certain equipment and gear, and pulling tees out of your bag continually can make you feel as though you are unorganized and unprepared.

A golf tee bag hangs on the outside of your bag during a round of golf. This bag will be there to access when you need it, and it can keep your pockets and golf bag from getting filled with dirt, debris, and even broken tees.

Best golf tee bag

There are so many different golf tee bag options on the market. If you are looking for the best golf tee bag choices out there, keep reading!

Best golf pouch

Titleist Travel Gear Professional Zippered Golf Pouch

image of titleist travel gear professional zippered golf pouch - AEC Info
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Titleist always makes premium products, and this golf tee bag or golf tee pouch is no exception. The bag is made from a premium synthetic material that will hold up over time and handle a variety of weather conditions.

We like the fact that this is a zippered pouch with a full closure, ensuring that it will not leak any of your belongings as you make your way around the golf course. The interior mesh and textile pockets on the Titleist Zippered Pouch all for even more functionality.

Overall this is a great tee bag for your next round of golf or as a gift to a good friend.


  • Easy to attach to the golf bag
  • Made with a premium synthetic material
  • Zippered to ensure nothing falls out
  • Can be customized


  • Slightly higher priced golf tee pouch

BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch

image of buyagain golf tee pouch - AEC Info
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The BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch is made with a durable 600D polyester material. The BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch has a zippered pouch and a lobster claw clip to easily attach it to your golf bag. In addition, the lobster claw clip allows for a 360-degree swivel of the bag itself. The swivel is helpful when trying to reach into the bag and organize the tees and other gear.

In addition, the golf tee bag is not going to get tangled up. The BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch can work for a few golf balls and a few tees, and it comes in a variety of colors. This is one of the more fairly priced golf tee bags on the market and one that is well worth taking advantage of.


  • Durable material
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • One of the more affordable golf accessories
  • Can hold tees and a few golf balls


  • Not customizable like other options

Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch

image of orlimar golf detachable accessory pouch - AEC Info
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Orlimar Golf is a company known now just for making golf clubs but also for golf accessories. What we like about the Orlimar is that it has three zippered pockets. The fact that there are three pockets helps to ensure that you can store different lengths of tees.

In addition, the Orlimar Golf Detachable accessory pouch easily attaches to your golf bag and allows you to see what you have with you. The visible mesh pocket gives you easy access and lets you see what you have with you on the course.

If you want to store more than just golf tees and need a place for your keys, glasses, cell phone, and more, the Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory pouch is a great choice.


  • Has more than one pocket to keep your belongings
  • Can attach to your golf bag easily
  • Holds a variety of items, including tees
  • Zippered closure


  • Material is not as durable as the premium golf valuable pouch choices on the market

And The Winner Is…

Titleist Travel Gear professional zippered pouch

image of titleist travel gear professional zippered golf pouch - AEC Info

Although there are a lot of great choices on the market, the Titleist Travel Gear professional zippered pouch is the best overall golf tee bag on the market. Titleist made sure to make this golf tee bag with durable materials, high-quality zippers, and plenty of room to accommodate your gear.

Ensuring that you are equipped and ready to organize and manage your accessories while on the golf course is essential. Between their golf bags and golf tee bags, Titleist does a great job of preparing golfers for a day on the course.

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What To look for in a golf tee bag

Golf tee bags are a simple accessory to choose from. Most of what you will have to decide on with a golf tee bag will be personal preference. However, if you are looking at a few different bags and trying to decide which is for you, here are a few ways in which you can tell them apart.


The majority of golf tee bags are relatively small, and they are designed to be like this. For the most part, you will put a few golf balls, tees, and ball markers into this bag, and that is all that it needs to carry. If you are a player that tends to bring a lot of gear with you, make sure you have room for extra accessories and maybe even a zipper or two to keep yourself organized.


The of a golf tee bag is another important feature. You will want your golf tee bag to last for quite some time, and because these are hung on the outside of a golf bag, they can experience some wear and tear. Ensure that the golf tee bag you purchase has a durable outer material and is relatively easy to clean.

Attachment to the golf bag

It is crucial to consider how you will attach your golf tee bag to the golf bag. Many golfers take their entire golf tee bag and put it inside a larger pocket in their bag. However, for the most part, it is better to have easy access to this accessory b hanging it on the outside of the bag. The swivel clip is a great feature that will improve the longevity of your golf tee bag.

Common questions

Here are a few questions that golfers have asked us about the best golf tee bags on the market. Again, this decision is going to come down to personal preference, but it’s still smart to ensure you purchase the right golf tee bag the first time around.

Do I need a golf tee bag?

The more you play golf, the more you will realize it becomes difficult to keep track of all of your gear. A golf tee bag simply makes it easier to know that you are properly equipped with golf balls, tees, ball markers, and more. In addition, you have easy access to help keep up the pace of play.

Is tee bag better than a pocket on a golf bag ?

The golf tee bag helps you to keep the pockets in your golf bag from getting too filled up with gear. Most fine that golf tee bags are a quicker and more adequate solution for players.

Are golf tee bags worth it?

Golf tee bags are one of the lower-priced golf accessories on the market. If you want to skip a golf tee bag and you another type of storage pouch for the same purpose, you will likely spend more money. Overall for the functionality that they offer, golf tee bags are an excellent choice for your golf organization.