The golf tempo is one of the more misunderstood parts of the golf game. With a poor golf tempo, you will struggle to make consistent contact with the ball. In addition, the distances and directions that you get with your shot will vary consistently from hole to hole.

Golfers who struggle with their tempo will shoot one round in the low 80s and another in the high 90s. If this sounds like you practicing your golf tempo could be a smart decision.

One of the best ways to practice your golf swing tempo is to work on a drill. We have put together six of our favorite golf tempo drills to ensure that you can start to understand and feel what great golf tempo is.

3:1 Drill

image of 3:1 golf tempo drill - AEC InfoMany golfers assume that having a great tempo means that you must slow down your swing. This is really not the case. The tempo of the swing needs to be efficient, timed correctly, and in control.

The problem with slowing things down is that some golfers forget to accelerate through their shots and take great swings.

The 3:1 drill is a great drill to help golfers get the feeling of a great tempo. With this drill, you will swing back in three smooth beats and then down in one. If you have ever seen someone do the waltz, you will want a similar tempo to that concept. Take the club back in three and then down in one.

Of course, this is not an exact science, but it helps give you some guidance and direction for your swing speed and how your golf swing tempo should feel throughout the entire swing.

Eyes Closed

Have you ever tried hitting a golf ball with your eyes closed?

Some golfers use this game in the short game, especially with putting; however, there are other times that the eyes closed tempo drill can be a great solution for your game. Try to use this drill while practicing on the driving range and not on the golf course.

Grab a club that you are comfortable with, and at first, don’t even attempt to hit a golf ball. You are just trying to get the feel of what a controlled and consistent golf swing will feel like. Taking a full swing with your eyes closed will help ensure that your swing is smoother and that you don’t lose your balance.

With eyes, open golfers throw in extra movements that they don’t need, and it throws off their rhythm.

Feet Together

image of feet together golf tempo drill - AEC InfoAnother great golf swing tempo drill is to hit some shots with your feet completely together. This is one of our favorite drills not just for improving rhythm and tempo, but it can also be a drill that helps fix swing path issues.

Putting your feet together when you swing helps golfers feel the turn a bit better and what it takes to get through the ball. Golfers that tend to come over the top on their full swing do very well with the feet together drill.

Keeping your feet together will help you not to rush and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your golf swing.

Speed In Balance

Have you ever looked at a PGA tour player and wondered how they could have such great tempo but also swing so fast. The players on the PGA tour have some of the fastest swing speeds that you can find in the game. When they put a driver in their hand, you will watch them swing it fast enough for the ball to travel over 300 yards.

However, there is one thing these golfers almost all have in common. On both the backswing and the downswing, the players are in balance. These golfers have complete control over the way they are swing and how their body is balanced.

For some players speeding up the pace of the golf swing will actually help to improve tempo. Swinging the club faster but controlled can help your rhythm and be the key to improving tempo. So the next time someone tells you to slow down to get the proper tempo, make sure that is the right swing for you.

Swoosh Drill

A swoosh drill is a popular choice for the golfer that is new to the game and trying to figure out things like tempo, swing speed, control, and solid contact with the golf ball. If you find you are striking the golf ball less consistently, the swoosh drill is a great one to try.

For this drill, all you need is a club, no golf ball. Grip the club at the clubhead as opposed to the golf grip. Take full swings with the club and look to hear a swoosh noise when you swing. If you hear this swoosh as you take your downswing, you develop a good rhythm and tempo.

The swoosh drill also helps to create a bit of resistance in the swing, and it can help golfers that are looking to gain some strength and speed as well. We like this as a way to warm up before a round of golf.

Club Up Drill

Another great golf swing tempo drill is to pick a target about 100 yards away and take a few different clubs to see if you can get the ball to land near the target. Being able to hit a 7, 8, 9 and pitching wedge all 100 yards will help you learn to play with a better feel and tempo.

So many golfers are stuck on the idea of only having one golf swing and one swing tempo that they can use. This is really not the case. The best players have control over the club and learn how to develop better precision regardless of the club they have in their hands.

This is a drill that can work on the driving range, and it may require a golfer to take a shorter backswing. However, learning how to take different length backswing shots will only help you improve your skills in the game.

How Do You Practice Tempo In Golf?

Practicing golf tempo is important. You will need great golf tempo from the tee, fairway, and around the golf green as well. The best place to practice golf tempo is on the driving range and at home in your Backyard.

It can be a bit difficult to work on golf swing tempo while you are playing a round of golf. Sometimes this can throw off your swing and cause you to score a bit higher.

Practice golf swing tempo as part of your everyday routine and use our drills to help. When you head out to the golf course, trust the fact that you have put the time and practice in, and your swing is ready for the course.

If you can get your tempo down, other parts of your golf swing are going to fall into place.  

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