If you have ever played a round of golf without a golf towel on your bag, you know how important this golf accessory can be. Golf towels allow players to keep their clubs, hands, and golf ball clean at all times during the round.

Whether you just hit a shot out of a bunker or it suddenly starts to rain, having a great golf towel is a necessity. The best golf towels on the market can be hard to narrow down; there are so many options out there that it makes sense to do a bit of research before purchasing your next golf towel.

Golf towel review

Mile High Life Trifold Golf Towel

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The Mile High Life Tri-Fold Golf Towel is a premium golf towel and one of the best golf towel options when you want to try and match something to your bag. If you spend all that money on a golf bag, why not have a golf towel that matches the colors and style as well.

There are more than 14 different colors to choose from when buying this microfiber golf towel.

In addition to being machine washable and great at cleaning golf clubs, the Mile High Life Tri-Fold Towel comes with a heavy-duty carabiner clip that will attach to any golf bag. If you don’t currently have a golf towel on your bag, the Mile High Life is the perfect option to consider adding.


  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Easy to clip on the bag
  • 16×21 inches in a tri-fold design
  • Super absorbent


  • Not as large of a surface area as some of the non tri-fold towels

STICKIT Magnetic Towel

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The StickIt Magnetic Towel is a great concept for those that are particular about keeping their golf balls and golf clubs clean. The StickIt is a great option for when you walk away from the cart and want to keep your towel close by.

Since the end of the towel is magnetic, it will stick to your club, and you never have to bend over and pick it up.

The 25lb industrial strength magnet means that your golf towel will not fall off your bag as you are traveling around the golf course. There are waffle pockets on the towel that will help ensure your golf equipment stays clean and dirt free.

Overall this is a more premium towel, but the functionality makes it really stand out.


  • It gets golf clubs even cleaner
  • You don’t have to leave it attached to the golf bag
  • Microfiber material is very effective at removing dirt
  • Can remove the magnet to wash it


  • It comes at a higher price because of the magnet technology

Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel

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A Frogger Golf towel is designed to help golfers need both a wet and a dry golf towel. The inner layer of the towel stays wet to help clean your clubs, but the outer layer stays dry. This means you can either dry the club or your hands on the outer part of the towel once it is finished.

The Frogger towels work in all weather conditions and easily clip to your bag. Although the Frogger is one of the more expensive towels on the market, we find it to be one of the best golf towels out there. The fact that it is machine washable and available in several different colors will make this a perfect choice for any golfer.


  • Like owning two different golf towels
  • Durable and long lasting option
  • Great for cleaning clubs and golf balls and hands


  • Not the largest of the golf towels available on the market

Callaway Golf Uptown Towel

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Suppose you play with Callaway golf clubs; what could be better than adding a Callaway golf towel to the mix. Callaway golf always puts out a high quality and long lasting product. The Callaway Golf Uptown Towel is a great choice if you want a slim towel that flows down the side of your golf bag. Since this towel is 21″ x 16″, it won’t take up much space, and it is available in a few colors.

The only thing to keep in mind with the Callaway Golf Uptown is that it is a soft and absorbent towel, so it will not dry out as quickly as the microfiber towel will. If you want something that stays wet throughout the round, this is a good choice.


  • It comes with a carabineer clip
  • It won’t take up much space or add weight to the bag
  • High quality towel to last a long time


  • Tends to stay wet even after your round of golf is over

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Microfiber Greens Towel

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The Greens Towel has started to become one of the more well known golf towels on the market. Since the greens towel is a perfect size and known to clip to your belt loops, people like taking it to the putting green tee box and even the driving range. Essentially you can keep this towel with you and use it as necessary.

The Microfiber Greens towel is very absorbent, and they come in a few different colors as well. The overall size of the towel is 16″ x 16″, which is not all that large, but because of this smaller size, it is a very portable towel to take around the golf course.


  • Durable and quick drying microfiber material
  • Keeps golf equipment in great shape
  • It comes in a pack of three, so you always have a few


  • Not a large towel

Titleist StaDry Performance Golf Towel

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Titleist products are typically designed for the lower handicap golfers; however, when it comes to towels, anyone can use a Titleist. The StaDry construction allows for play in almost any condition.

Even if you get caught in a rainstorm on the course, this golf towel will help make sure your grips and club heads are in good condition.

The towel is a dark black bleed free sheared velour terry so that you won’t have to worry about it looking dirty at any time. This is a smart towel for any golfer, and even though it is expensive, it will last a long time.


  • Play in all conditions
  • Velour terry exterior
  • It stays in good condition for years to come


  • One of the more expensive golf towels on the market

Uther Golf Towel

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A golf towel is just another place to display your personality on your golf cart bag. The Uther Golf Towel is available in various colors and patterns, and it also has quite a bit of functionality. The Uther Golf Towel is very absorbing and lint free.

You won’t have to worry about any of your golf clubs getting damaged or scratched when using the towel.

The size is 15 x 24, so there is plenty of room to clean your clubs and keep your hands clean as well. There are plenty of patterns and designs to make this Uther golf towel a perfect match for your style.


  • Very quick drying golf towel
  • Cleans golf clubs really well
  • Unique patterns available


  • Patterns tend to get dirty quite quickly

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Callaway Rain Hood Golf Towel

image of callaway rain hood golf towel - AEC Info
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The Callaway Rain Hood Golf Towel is one of the best multi functional golf towels on the market. In addition to being an option for everyday use on the course, this is also a rain hood should you get caught in some bad weather. The outer shell of the towel is waterproof nylon, and the inside is microfiber cotton.

Overall this rain hood from Callaway makes for one of the best golf towels on the market for functionality and ease of use. If you don’t want to deal with getting your golf bag rain hood out, this golf towel does everything you need it to do.


  • Callaway towels are made with quality in mind
  • Non Abrasive materials to clean clubs
  • It won’t show dirt
  • Lots of absorbency


  • A bit heavier than some other microfiber towels

our Top Choice is …

Mile High Life Tri Fold Towel

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The best golf towel on the market is the Mile High Life Tri Fold Towel. This towel is known for being a great compact size, super absorbent, and offered at a very fair price. Mile High makes several golf accessories now that are certainly worth considering.

The towel is going to be easy to clean, simple to attach to your golf bag, and it will clean in the wash without any trouble. Choosing the perfect golf towel is going to be a personal decision as well as a choice based on technology. Be sure that you find something that matches both your style and your needs on the golf course.

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Towels buyers guide

Now that you have a better idea of some of the best golf towels on the market, it’s time to narrow down which one would work best for your game. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new golf towel.


Most golfers do not need a very large golf towel to keep their hands, clubs, and balls clean. The size of the towel is more of a personal preference. However, it is nice to keep one area of the towel wet and another dry to ensure that you can wipe your equipment and your hands.

When choosing the size of your towel, also consider the weight; if you walk the course a lot, you may want to go with something smaller.


Microfiber golf towels tend not to absorb quite as much water. This can keep things neater on the golf cart and ensure that your towel does not get over saturated and unable to dry off your golf ball. The cotton towel is great for staying wet throughout the round and making sure that you can always clean the grooves on your club. Overall the absorbent microfiber tends to win this race mostly because of its quick-drying capabilities.

Additional features

There are several features that the best golf towels on the market will have. Some towel features include a strong carabiner, a rain hood, reversible sides, or a magnetic clip.

In addition, you may find that the towel has a waffle weave technology to ensure that it cleans clubs much more quickly. Some golf towels will even work as cooling towels in addition to cleaning your clubs.


Most golf towels will come with a carabiner clip to help you attach the towel to your bag. Some unique options have a magnetic strip on them that will allow you to attach it to the cart or to your golf bag. The attachment is important because it will need to be strong so that you don’t lose your golf towel during the course of your round.

Towel frequently asked questions

So much of buying a golf towel is going to come down to your personal preferences, but here are a few things to consider to make sure you purchase something that will last a long time.

Are golf towels important?

A golf towel is important because it can help to keep your golf clubs clean. Many golfers underestimate the importance of making contact with the golf ball while having a clean club head.

If you can make consistent contact and ensure that the club looks and feels great, your results will be better.

In addition, if you are playing in the rain or the warm weather, it is essential to use a golf towel to keep your hands dry. If your hands are wet and you don’t have a good connection with the club, anything can happen.

Why do pros use large golf towels?

Golf professionals are often playing with large bath size towels on their golf clubs. There are a few reasons behind this, but mostly it has to do with the fact that the caddy uses the towel to properly prepare the equipment for each shot.

Having a large towel ensures that players have the room to use the towel for anything they may need.

Should i bring my golf towel to the green 

More and more golfers realize the importance of bringing a golf towel to the green. If you have your towel at the cart and your hands or your golf ball needs to be cleaned, it won’t do you much good.

Instead, purchasing a towel with some magnetic pull on it allows you to bring something with you to the green and then simply pull it right up when you are ready to get it off the ground. Bringing a towel with you to the green is a smart idea.

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