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Every time a new golf gadget comes to the market, we like to give it a look and see if it could be a good fit for our games. Some golf gadgets and tools don’t offer anything new when compared to the others on the market. However, every once in a while, something comes along that makes golfers say, “this makes sense.”

The new Alignment Ball Mark is something that you may want to take a look into. You can legally incorporate this gadget into your game for a very fair price and shave a few strokes off your next round.

What is the alignment ball mark?

The Alignment Ball Mark is a new golf ball mark that offers players assistance in their aiming in addition to marking their golf ball. When you mark your ball on the green, typically, you place a coin or small ball mark behind it. Then players line up their golf ball and then pick the ball mark up. 

The Alignment Ball Mark helps players line their putts up and ensures that when you lay your golf ball back down on the green, the line that it is heading towards is entirely accurate.

For golfers that struggle to read putts and can’t see what they are supposed to do from an alignment standpoint, the Alignment Ball Mark is a perfect solution to consider.

image of alignment ball mark - AEC Info
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Alignment ball marker features and benefits

The alignment ball mark goes beyond the capabilities of any other ball mark on the market. The great thing about this unique tool is that it is also USGA conforming. Even with the extra help that it provides, the USGA will still allow you to use and benefit from this ball mark tool.

Fits in pocket

image of alignment ball mark - AEC Info Even though the Alignment Ball Mark has these additional features, it is still relatively small and will fit in the pocket of your golf shorts or pants. There is no need to worry about finding a place to store your new putting alignment tool; it simply fits right in your pocket.

Alignment component

The alignment component on the top of the Alignment Ball Mark can turn an entire 360 degrees in either direction. However, as it turns, the two spikes will keep your ball mark in its proper position.

This means that you can turn the line to point directly at the hole while your position on the green continues to remain the same. Having this ability is a tremendous benefit that golfers have never seen before.

The Alignment Ball Mark also has a tail section that allows golfers to turn the line with their putter heads while they are standing behind the ball. For those that struggle to see the line while kneeling, this can solve that issue quite easily.

Develops a putting routine

One of the best ways to become a great putter is to develop a putting routine. With the Alignment Ball Mark tool, you can develop a consistent and accurate image of alignment ball marker for putting practice - AEC Info putting routine. The more you can repeat this, the better your chances of shooting low golf scores.

Why you may not like the alignment ball mark

I like the idea of easily being able to mark my ball and get a great line, but I must admit, there are a few things that I don’t love about the Alignment Ball Mark.

  • The Alignment ball mark is not flat, and if someone runs a putt by the hole and it hits it, the ball will move considerably.
  • You must first line up the ball mark, then the ball, compared to just using the line you have on your ball.
  • Not as easy to line up as it may appear.
  • Leaves two decent sized holes in the green that you have to tap down before you putt.  They were a bit distracting. 

Conclusion: Is The Alignment Ball Mark Worth It?

The team at AEC Info believes the Alignment Ball Mark comes at a fair price and offers plenty of technology for the money. Feel free to use this and still be conforming to the USGA rules of golf. Most amateur players will admit to the fact that having a little extra help with alignment on the greens is a major positive.

Pair the Alignment Ball Mark with the Strackaline Green Reading Guide, and you will be knocking in putts like never before.

Don’t let this golf alignment tool slow you down on the greens. It is intended to be a tool that helps you quickly see what you need to do to get a ball in the hole.

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