Among the training aids and tools, golf alignment sticks seem to be a must-have to help you master various aspects of the game. Regardless of the level of your golf skills, golf alignment sticks will always find their purpose on the driving range.

As a matter of fact, a tour player’s golf bag has at least one pair of the best golf alignment sticks, which is indicative enough of their importance.

Beginner golfers will find an alignment stick useful while learning the proper alignment, setup, or the swing path. Even the best golf players use the stick as a training aid to practice more advanced swinging techniques.

Most driving ranges are equipped with a variety of golf alignment sticks, and many coaches consider them the ultimate teaching aid. If you have taken up golf seriously, then having the best golf alignment sticks can correct your alignment, swing plane, and swing path when playing with different clubs in different circumstances and ball positions.

We’ve tested the best golf alignment sticks and compiled the list with their distinctive features and their use.

Best golf alignment sticks

SKLZ Golf Alignment Aid

SKLZ Golf Alignment Aid
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One of the leaders when it comes to golf training aids, SKLZ, offers three 48″ fiberglass alignment sticks. These golf sticks are very durable and designed to help you improve all possible aspects of the game. From full swing golf drills to short game pitching and putting control, you can perfect your overall golf performance.

Each golf stick has nine rings in the middle to help you practice precision and accuracy. You’ll find them very useful if you are a beginner golfer who struggles with the proper setup, golf alignment, golf swing, and ball position.

The sticks come with rubber safety caps on one end while the other end is pointed to stick them in the ground easily. Make sure you’ve ensured your safety while transporting them, though, as the pointed ends might be dangerous. SKLZ is the only manufacturer that offers a set of three sticks, and each alignment stick can find its purpose.


  • Three. 48″ fiberglass golf rods
  • Each has 9 visual rings for easier use
  • Rubber safety cup on one end
  • Pointed end to stick it in the ground


  • Not collapsible

Callaway Golf Alignment Stix

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If you are looking for golf alignment sticks from a trustworthy brand name, these Callaway golf sticks will undoubtedly do the job. Callaway did a great job with these alignment sticks that can be configured in different ways.

The package includes photos and instructions on how to use the sticks. They can help you practice versatile shots such as the basic setup, alignment, swing plane, and the ball position. The sticks are a simple but very effective training aid for golfers of all levels.

But, with this bundle, you get much more than just alignment sticks. It also includes an armband Swing-Easy that can help you keep your body and arms together as you swing the ball and practice timing and accuracy.

The third item of the bundle is the Power Platform that allows golfers to keep the weight centered while performing a backswing. It can help you learn how to transfer weight properly and improve hip rotation.


  • Storage tube with two sticks
  • 48″, collapsible golf sticks
  • Photos and instructions on how to use the sticks


  • A bit pricier

Pride Sports Alignment Sticks

image of pridesports golf alignment stick - AEC Info
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PrideSports offers two collapsible, 48″ alignment sticks for golf drills that can be used by golfers and coaches alike. The contrasting yellow color is excellent to easily see them on the driving range and align the ball better. You can practice various golfing skills such as putting, pitching, or practice alignment and swing plane. Sticking them to the ground is possible as well thanks to the pointed ends, just you need to be careful not to break them at the collapsing points.

When collapsed, they can be stored in a plastic tube that fits almost any golf bag pocket, so convenience-wise, they are excellent.


  • Collapsible, 48″ alignment sticks
  • Storage plastic tube for convenient transport
  • Approximately 12″ when assembled
  • Pointed ends to stick them to the ground


  • Fragile at the joints
  • Shipping from manufacturer has been an issue for some

Shaun Webb golf alignment sticks

image of shaun webb golf alignment sticks - AEC Info
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Proper alignment is the key to improve your swinging skills, particularly at the beginning stage of your golfing life. Novices often focus on their swinging moves, but they tend to forget the setup and alignment phases. Stance correction is something you should always need to be aware of, even if you are not a high handicapper.

These fiberglass alignment sticks come in a storage pack, and the offer includes two packs of two sticks in a pack. They come in one piece, and you can’t break them in half. The ends have rubber cups, and if you remove the cups, you can stick them in the ground.

As the rest of the products on the list, you can use them to practice your swing plane, pitching and chipping, putting, and alignment. They are of high quality and considering that you get two packs for the price of one, they are excellent for the money.


  • Two packs for the price
  • 48″ fiberglass alignment sticks
  • Durable construction with rubber caps
  • Excellent value for the money


  • They’re not collapsible

MVP Sport-Swing Alignment Rods by David Leadbetter

image of mvp sport-swing alignment rods by david leadbetter - AEC Info
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If you want to become one of the best, learn from the best! These golf alignment sticks come from one of the most famous golf teachers in the States, and not only do they help you improve your golfing skills, but they also come with the most detailed instructions.

The 44″ microfiber sticks are those that touring professionals use, and you’ll have the chance to practice the same drills of the pro players. This means you can exercise your stance, swing plane, ball alignment, ball flight, and short game shots like Chip vs pitch vs flop and or putting.

Unlike other similar models on the market, there’s plenty of versatility when it comes to colors. The golf practice sticks come with rubber caps for safety measures, and they even have a UV coating to protect them from fading. Even though they are not collapsible, they come in a storage tube that can easily fit your golf bag.


  • 44″ fiberglass golf alignment sticks
  • UV coated to prevent fading
  • Multiple color option
  • 2-pack offer with an instruction booklet


  • Not collapsible

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

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Tour Sticks are one of the best alignment sticks to practice swing drills. Featured by a pro golfer and instructor, Todd Colb, these sticks come with video lessons to master swing techniques better.

They are not collapsible, but their size is 46″, which complies with the size of Travel golf bag. Made from lightweight fiberglass and protected with UV coating, they claim durability and long-term use. The golf alignment sticks come in a plastic storage tube for better convenience. Plus, Tour Sticks come in multiple color varieties to match your style and preferences.

You can use these alignment golf sticks for various purposes, from long to short game shots, alignment, and setup. The pointed ends allow you to stick them in the ground and take advantage of numerous practice drills.


  • 46″, lightweight fiberglass sticks
  • UV protected for durability
  • Instructional videos with training drills
  • Different colors to choose from


  • Not collapsible
  • Limited colors

ForeNoMore golf alignment rods

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Suppose you are looking for something unconventional and extra helpful. In that case, this ForeNoMore club alignment golf stick with a weighted magnet base can provide you with an insight into how you play your irons and help you master the swing. The club alignment magnet attaches to your irons to reveal the aim of the clubface and how it is positioned at impact. It lets you know where and how you are aiming before you hit the club.

The magnetized stick attaches to most irons and helps you to correct the swing aim, path alignment, and develop proper swing positioning. The alignment stick is very lightweight despite the weighted magnet so that you can maintain the original feel of your clubs.

You can practice various short game shots like putting, pitching, or chipping. It helps you properly align the face to the target and enables you to develop intuitive feel how you hit the ball.

It comes stored in a plastic tube and fits most golf bags.


  • It attaches to irons and wedges to point to the aim
  • It comes one stick in a storage tube
  • Strong magnet with pulling power of 20lbs
  • Lightweight construction
  • Magnet alignment golf stick for aiming purposes


  • It doesn’t attach to drivers, woods, and some putters

the Best golf alignment sticks …

image of sklz golf alignment sticks - AEC Info

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks

When there are similar products that offer similar functions, it is often hard to choose the one and only ‘best among the best.’ However, we consider SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks the best golf alignment sticks as they have a few unique features that make them stand out.

We’ll start with the number of the sticks included. The offer consists of three alignment sticks that come for a very competitive price. Then, we’ll focus on their craftsmanship. They are made from lightweight fiberglass, and each stick has 9 rings that visually indicate your position, the ball position, your stance, and how you align. These alignment sticks are of high quality and versatile enough to offer a variety of practice drills. And finally, you get an instructional booklet that informs you in detail how to use the sticks to lower your score.

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Golf training aid reviews:

How can golf alignment sticks help me improve my skills?

Golf alignment sticks are a precious training aid, and they can help you advance in different segments of the game. Perhaps the most critical role they have is to help golfers improve their alignment and the setup. Along with that, the alignment sticks can help you improve your swing plane and achieve the best swing path.

But that’s not all, despite the common opinion of many beginner golfers. They can help you get rid of hooks and slices, practice the path of your putting stroke, keep track of your hip movements, and many more.

How to use golf alignment sticks?

Golf alignment sticks are precious training aid, but you need to know how to use them. Luckily, most of the golf swing alignment sticks come with either an instructional booklet or videos. The booklet usually describes in detail all their possible uses, including photos that explain every step that you need to follow. Check out for more info. Videos are also very convenient to learn from and repeat every step until you do the right thing.

Their essential purpose is to help you with alignment, stance, and ball position. In most cases, you’ll need two sticks, but sometimes three sticks will do the job as well.

The basic position is to lay the stick down toward the target. It needs to be halfway between the ball and your feet to a point where you need to see the line that guides you. Sometimes, it is advisable to anchor your sticks with tees to stand firmly on their position.

To practice your swing, you can position them in a parallel position, just like a train track on the ground. The ball position should be in the middle, and your swing should follow the line of the sticks. This way, you can easily monitor the swing path.

To get a correct ball position, place the club perpendicular to the target line in the middle of your stance. Make sure you are positioned in a parallel position with the stick.