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#1 Ground Force golf training system review

We recently had the opportunity to give the DownUnder Board Golf Training System a review. This revolutionary new golf training tool is quite simple when you look at it. However, when some time is spent discovering what it is capable of, you will likely be very impressed. The DownUnder Board is a tool that many golfers could benefit from, and it is something different than the golf world has seen. Let’s take a bit of a deeper look and tell you what it is you need to know about the DownUnder Board.

What is the downunder board golf training aid?

The DownUnder Board resembles a tray that is slightly elevated off the ground that a golfer places between their feet while they practice. The concept is for a player to squeeze the DownUnder Board as they swing therefore keeping them better connected and more stable.

Any golf professional will tell you that stability and control in the swing are essential. The DownUnder Board allows golfers to get their swing started out on the right path, and it nearly perfects the takeaway.

The overall composition of the DownUnder Board is a plastic material that is both weatherproof and durable. The board does not get hit with the club at any point during the swing, and therefore it should last for quite some time.

The new DownUnder Board 2.0 is adjustable so that you can hit anything from a wedge shot to a driver with the board in place between your feet. The next question becomes, what will this do for my golf game?

Benefits of the DownUnder Board

The exciting thing about the DownUnder Board is that it is going to help golfers with their setup, their backswing, and their downswing. There are a variety of golf training aids on the market that will help a single aspect of the game. It can be hard to find something that will add benefits to your entire golf swing.


The DownUnder Board will naturally help a golfer get their setup how they need it. Since the board is adjustable, you can set it so that your feet are the perfect distance apart. As soon as you squeeze the board with your feet, your weight will be appropriately positioned to start your backswing.

The board is also impossible to squeeze if you are too bent over or if your knees are turned in. Essentially your setup will have to be great, just from having the board in place.


The takeaway of your backswing is extremely important. If you can get the club started on the right path, chances are everything else in the swing will fall into place. Since your feet are going to be so busy pushing in the sides of the DownUnder Board, they will engage your core to start the backswing.

A backswing with a core engaged is going to be a much sturdier and more repeatable backswing. This feature and concept is probably our favorite part of the DownUnder Board. Getting that takeaway started properly is something that so many golfers struggle with.


Although it takes a bit of getting used to, once you get to the back of your swing, all you need to do is feel that squeeze of the DownUnder Board and turn through to your target. This is a great concept, and swing thought for those players that tend to get hung up on the impact position and idea. Great players swing through impact without stopping to think.

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Who Needs A DownUnder Board?

When you talk to great players and watch them on television, you will notice that one thing they continue to work on is setup and stance. This is because everything starts with a perfect setup. If you cannot learn to get your weight balanced and make that perfect connection with the ground, it isn’t even worth swinging the club back.

image of downunder board golf training aid - AEC InfoGolfers that can benefit from a DownUnder Board include low handicappers, mid handicappers, and high handicappers. Players will likely use the board for different reasons and focus on strengthening other areas of their game, but it is truly a tool that all golfers can benefit from.

It’s hard to say that your weight transfer, connection, balance, and core involvement are perfect on every swing; chances are, this is not the case. A DownUnder Board does not guarantee that your golf swing will be corrected; it instead gives you the tools you need to improve.

Is The DownUnder Board Worth It?

There are two things to consider when deciding whether or not a golf training aid will be worth purchasing. The first is how often you plan to use the aid. The second is to consider the parts of the swing that the aid is going to benefit.

When it comes to useability, the DownUnder Board is an excellent option. You can easily move this into play at the range for a few swings and then push it to the side while you practice what you learned. It’s small enough to keep in some golf cart bags, and it handles well in almost all weather conditions. You will have no excuses not to use this device.

The second consideration about how many parts of the swing a training aid will help is where the DownUnder Board really stands out. You can work on everything from stance to take away to backswing to downswing with the DownUnder Board. Very few training aids are going to offer this type of variety unless you are looking at wearing a swing jacket or something ridiculous.

The sleek design, the interesting engineering, and the ability to use the DownUnder Board to make real changes in your game make this product very well worth the price. Regardless of your handicap or the time you get to spend practicing, the DownUnder Board is a smart addition to your golf training devices.

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