There is one miss in golf that will make golfers more frustrated than any other.  That is the slice. A sliced golf ball does not travel as far, it takes a turn to the right, and it is just a frustrating golf shot to hit. 

If you are tired of slicing the ball and need a new training aid that can really make a difference in your game, the Inside Striker could be the perfect solution. This is a new golf training aid that will help you make sense of one of the most used Golf Training Aids in the game. 

Inside Striker Overview

The Inside Strike is a portable golf training aid that is designed to help golfers fix their Swing plane. One of the most common issues that golfers struggle with is coming over the top on their swing plane. image of inside striker review - AEC Info

This path that comes over the top results in players hitting the outside of the golf ball as opposed to the inside. With the Inside Striker, you can work with any club in your golf bag to make sure that you are hitting the golf ball from the proper location. 

Features and Benefits

There are plenty of training aids on the market, and not all of them will help fix your game. Here are a few of the key features and benefits to keep in mind about the Inside Striker. 

Can Use With Any Club

The Inside Striker is a medium sized plastic piece that goes on the ground while you are hitting the golf ball. Since the Inside Striker is not something that attaches to the club or the person using it, you can practice with any club in the bag, putter included! 

Holds An Alignment Stick

image of inside striker aid - AEC Info

The key functionality of the Inside Striker is that it will hold an alignment stick in place while you swing. With the alignment stick held on the proper line, golfers can have a takeaway and an angle of attack that comes from the inside. 

Golf clubs that travel on this inside path towards the ball will help hit the ball more squarely. The result is more distance and a better right-to-left ball flight. 

The only downside here is that you will also need to purchase an Alignment stick. Golf alignment sticks are some of the most popular and useful golf training aids on the market.  Don’t shy away from adding one of these to your practice routine.  We particularly like the SKLZ Pro Rods.

Durable and Portable

The Inside Striker is durable and portable. You can easily take this with you to the driving range.  If you are lucky enough to have a lonely afternoon on the golf course, it can make its way out to the course for you. If you happen to hit the Inside Striker with a poor swing, or a golf ball, its durability should be able to hold up just fine. 

An infographic for the inside striker - AEC InfoPutting Green Practice

It’s important to strike a golf ball from the inside.  However, there are also times that the path on the putting green is even more important than the path with your putter. The Inside Striker can be put down on a putting green or an Indoor putting mat like the Perfect Practice Putting Mat and used to ensure that you don’t hit the ball from the outside. 

However, you can also flip the Inside Striker around and use it as a path to drag your putter along. We really like this option for the golfer that is new to the game and trying to figure out where their putter path should go.

Eliminates Over The Top

If you try to swing over the top with the Inside Striker in your path, it is going to cause you to hit the alignment stick. The Inside Striker essentially creates a barrier that forces you to strike the ball from the inside. 

With this mindset and technology, golfers will have no trouble getting more distance and increased speed the next time they head to the golf course. The Inside Striker will change the way you look at the golf swing and the way you feel about where to strike the golf ball. 


  • It can be used with every club in the bag
  • Will eliminate the slice
  • Instance feedback for golfers
  • Used with an alignment stick 
  • Can be a great putting aid 
  • Gets rid of the over the top and outside in swing paths
  • Square face at impact 
  • Rugged construction 


  • Limited in the number of configurations 
  • Won’t help golfers that slice the ball for other reasons (not outside in path) 
  • You can damage the club if you hit the Inside Striker with a full swing shot 

image of inside striker - golf training aid, review - AEC Info

Who Should Purchase The Inside Striker?

As far as training aids for golf are concerned, the Inside Striker is fairly priced.  The purpose of this device is very straightforward.  One great thing about the Inside Striker is that it gives some golfers the direction they image of inside striker reviewed - AEC Infoneed when it comes to how to use an alignment stick. 

So many players have alignment sticks out on the range, and they really aren’t sure how to use them. With the Inside Striker, you can simply put the alignment stick in place and get to see the path to an inside to outside swing. 

If you slice the ball, this is a tool that can help you start to understand why you are slicing it. It also provides a really strong visual representation of what you will need to do to fix your slice. Overall, golfers should be able to carry this visual image of a great swing path with them when they head out to the course. 

Is The Inside Striker Worth It? 

If you are a golfer with a bad slice, the Inside Striker could be the tool you need. Not only does this training aid help you get the club back on the right track it also ensures that you get a clear mental image of what needs to be done when you strike a golf ball properly. 

The Inside Striker is worth it! It’s a good tool at a good price that makes practice considerably more effective. 

image of inside striker golf training aid - AEC Info

The Inside Striker has quickly become one of our favorite golf training aids, and have used it consistently with the Lag Shot training aid and have seen great results.