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We’ve all heard our entire lives the importance of stretching in sports, but many of us neglect just how fundamental it is for optimal performance. Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning, especially with the release of the MISIG (an acronym for The Most Important Stretch In Golf). The MISIG has three important aspects for golfers: It is a stretch device, it is exercise, and it is swing training.

The MISIG was invented by Bernie Fay in 2016. He was a building engineer when he used his savings to start his company MISIG INC., which he runs with his wife, Mary Ann Fay. There have been over 48,000 sold to golfers worldwide, and it has been featured on, Golf Digest, and GolfTips Magazine, to name a few. It has been used by PGA professional golfers. The device caught my eye when it was featured by the Golf Channel at the PGA show in Orlando, FL this past year.


  • It comes with a zero risk money-back guarantee.
  • It claims to improve drive by 20-25 yards in two weeks.
  • U.S.A. family owned and operated and owners are very involved.
  • Low space needed for using and storing.
  • Very responsive customer support.


  • Cords can weaken over time and break – but they offer free replacements
  • Relatively high cost.

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Most Important Stretch In Golf Misig Golf Training Aid and Golf Swing Trainer Device

As stated previously, the MISIG is a training tool for improving drive distance and stretching. It is not intended to work as a swing technique correction device or to improve things like aim. It is also not a substitute for putting in the time to practice. If you are looking to improve your golf swing plane, or your technique, something like the SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer might be a better fit for you, although that is not intended for indoor use.

The MISIG, while easy enough for anyone, is really marketed towards those who are serious about improving their game, and are looking to add distance through flexibility. Obviously the MISIG is intended to help golfers improve their rotation and provides a stretch that all golfers will benefit from. The big question is does it live up to the hype?

Features & Benefits


The MISIG is primarily marketed as a stretching tool, though it does have other uses. With that in mind, it does have quite a few things that set it apart from similar products. The first is the resistance cords. The way that the device is configured means the resistance cords are guaranteed to stretch your shoulders and elbows in a way specifically helpful for golfers to improve their game and reduce the risk of injury.

How To Use for Stretching

When you receive the package in the mail, (pretty fast Shipping) you receive a small welcome kit with information on how to use the MISIG. The information suggests using the MISIG as a stretch device with the orange cord for 20 hours or two weeks. After this time, moving over the to blue cord (medium resistance) and finally to the red cord (maximum resistance).

You start by securing the arm band with the Velcro strap above your elbow of your lead hand. Keep the elbow straight through extension. Begin to push the grip handle up the shaft, slowly at first. Let the stretch cord pull your elbow and release your shoulder to feel the stretch.

The MISIG comes with three bands, a blue, orange and red band. The easiest of the bands is blue, while the most difficult is the red. The idea is to work up to the red band which is thicker and provides more resistance when stretching.

After warming up for fifteen minutes, push sliding grip handle up shaft to increase degrees of back swing and stretch shoulders, back and hips.

Swing training

Although this is advertised as a device to help your swing, this isn’t a technique trainer. If your form is bad, this will not improve it. However, if your form is good, this will improve the speed of your swing, which will improve your distance.

Basically, the stretching and exercise from the device will help your shoulder turn when swinging. This means less resistance, which means a faster swing. One thing to keep in mind is to keep both arms straight.

To use the MISIG as a Swing Trainer – gently slide the handle up the shaft as your bring your right hand away and over your shoulder in repeating motions.

Keel left elbow locked through extension and hinge your wrist. You will begin to develop a better “Inside to out swing”.

Exercise device

image of misig stretching tool - AEC Info

When you first look at the MISIG, it may look a little silly. However, most golf training aids look pretty silly. Regardless of what it looks like, it is effective!

I tested a few workouts that the company advertises with the product, and I must attest to their effectiveness. Golfing aside, you can feel the burn with this thing, and it is specialized to muscles forgotten by traditional workout equipment.

To use the MISIG as an exercise device, keep tension on the stretch cord while holding up the sliding handle on the long bar. Release some of the tension (not all) by letting the handle slide down 8 to 10 inches. Do repeated motions of 10 to 12 reps per set to strengthen muscles.

I found this helpful in loosening up my swing, and it was actually a pretty tiring workout. Starting out, I could only do 10 repetitions with the medium resistance (blue) chord.

Another workout that they recommend is holding the sliding handle with your right hand, and extending your left arm (or whichever arm you lead with) downward in repetitions. I found this to be a particularly good workout for my left shoulder.


The MISIG has been used as a warm-up tool by professional golfers for a few years now. I personally have been using it for about a month, and I have got to say, I see why so many people like it. It makes you feel much more limber while playing and I have noticed a considerable difference in my shoulder turn.

It is great to use for 10 or so stretches prior to playing, and helps to get that extra speed you need on the drive. Some personal advice: use it after your round as well. It is good to stretch both before and after a workout.

Small Size

image of misig stretching tool - AEC Info

The MISIG device takes up less space than a single club, while the armband and cords take similar space to a pair of gloves. This means that it can be stored virtually anywhere. I personally keep mine in my golf cart bag, with my clubs. This helps me remember to use it before and after each round, as a warm-up/wind-down device.

Money-Back Guarantee

The MISIG device offers a zero-risk 30-day money-back guarantee. They even claim that you can extend the 30 days if you just ask. The customer support, while slow (they ask that you give them 24 hours to respond) seems top tier, as one would expect with a family run business.

“Power Ball”

The Most Important Stretch In Golf recently got an upgrade to V2, which started coming with a blue, 8-ounce ball attached to the end of the pole. This is intended to add to the weight, similar to an actual club. Its aid is twofold: it lets your brain associate the MISIG as a golf club, and it adds extra weight during exercises with the device.

Resistance cords

image of the misig resistance cords - AEC Info

The Most Important Stretch In Golf comes with three color-coded resistance cords. The orange is the most flexible and is best used when new to the product, or just looking for a light stretch. This is the one that I use mainly for my cool down after my round.

The blue chord is the next step up, better for those intermediate to the device. I used this one a lot when I was first using the device when I was doing my repetitions for exercise. I still use when it when I have done as many reps as a can with the red chord.

The red chord is the highest in resistance, and best used when you have gotten the hang of the device. This is my most used chord and the one I use for stretching, as well as for the majority of my exercise. It’s great because it’s not an insane amount of resistance, but definitely enough to make you work for the stretch.

The company is very concerned about your safety, and in all of the information I received, they stress not to stretch cords beyond the breaking point. If you notice one of the cords is starting to fray, contact the company for full replacement.

Two week improvement

The MISIG says it will improve your drive by 20-25 yards in two weeks. After using one myself for two weeks, I did not see quite that much improvement, but it wasn’t far off.

I already hit the ball pretty far compared to the guys I play with regularly, but I will say, I definitely saw an increase of at least 10 yards, and on certain drives, I would say I picked up close to 25 yards.

I would believe that the average golfer will see an increase in 20 to 25 yards due to the increase in mobility. Prior to using the MISIG, I had a very short backswing and my shoulder turn was not all that impressive. After using this for a few weeks, I have noticed a longer backswing and more carry with the driver. I expect my results to improve with each use of this device.

Range Of Motion

The Most Important Stretch In Golf claims to improve range of motion, not just in golf, but in everyday life, as well. To quote Bernie Fay, “It’s giving back what time is taking away.” Range of motion is one of those things, and the MISIG is a great way to improve on things like how far you can twist.

Free Band Replacement

Part of the MISIG customer service promise is free lifetime band replacement. This means that if a resistance chord ever becomes damaged, you can contact the company for a free replacement. This is great because nobody would want to buy a new device for a broken chord. I personally admire that they do it for free, and don’t just sell replacement bands on their website, as many companies do.


Maybe the MISIG doesn’t fill the exact need you’re looking for, or the price isn’t able to fit into your budget. If so, I’ve found a few alternatives that might be a better fit.

SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer

This device is designed to help improve your swing technique and accuracy. It’s basically a stand, which you put into the ground, and a ball similar in shape and size to a golf ball. The ball is attached to the stand by a rope that dangles it to where a golf ball on a tee would be. Hitting the ball causes it to spin around the stand. If the spin is perfectly vertical, your swing was well centered.

The SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer can be purchased here.

Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer

This is an armband, worn around the lead arm elbow, that helps to correct lead arm break, which is the most common problem with people’s golf swing. It works as a brace to help keep the arm straight and can be worn on the right or the left arm. It can be purchased here on Amazon.

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Make It Yourself

If you are good with tools and have a few supplies in the garage, you could make something similar to the MISIG yourself. As its basically PVC and resistance bands, it wouldn’t be difficult. Although it wouldn’t be as polished as the MISIG, it might be a better option for some.


The MISIG is a great device for anybody looking to stretch or exercise the muscles most used in golfing and is a great fit for anyone looking to reduce injury or improve their golfing performance.

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