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Searching through the different swing training aids on the market for golfers can be a time consuming headache. There are so many choices and some seem the same as the next. Truthfully there are only a handful of great golf swing trainers on the market, and the Orange Whip is one of them.

This golf swing training aid is easy to use, affordable and will make fundamental changes in your ability to play golf. After all, a swing training aid should be effective. If you are wondering if the Orange Whip Swing Trainer is a good fit for your game, we have all the information you need.

Features and Benefits of the Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Regardless of your golf handicap, you will find that the Orange Whip Swing Trainer has various benefits that can help change your game for the better. Here are some of the reasons you may want to put one of these in your golf bag.

Used On The PGA Tour

Anytime that the professionals are interested in using a training aid, it is something that amateur players should also consider. The golfers on the PGA tour see the benefit of the Orange Whip and have used it to help improve their swing speeds, balance, and overall agility. For the price that it is offered, this is an excellent opportunity for average golfers to take advantage of premium professional technology.

Counter Weighted System

The proprietary counter-weighted system is what allows players to focus on gaining speed without losing rhythm or balance. When players start to try and increase strength and speed, they often have a hard time controlling what they are trying to do.

Coordinate Upper and Lower Body

Many players have a hard time getting the upper and lower body to work together. If you always feel like your arms and core are working against each other, the Orange Whip technology should help make a difference. Coordinated the upper and lower body is important to become more consistent and more athletic.

Instant Feedback

Golf training aids are supposed to tell you if you have done the right thing with your swing almost immediately after using them. When you swing the Orange Whip, you will know if you have made a good or a bad swing. This instant feedback trains a player’s brain on how to swing the golf club the next time it is in the player’s hand.

High Quality and Durable Materials

Players enjoy the fact that the Orange Whip Trainer is made of high-quality long-lasting materials. You can use this product every day for years and not see any deterioration in the product.

Better Balance

Balance is a critical component of playing great golf. Without balance, you can’t get a great tempo and the speed that you want. Orange Whip helps golfers to increase their balance. Many players incorporate the Orange Whip swing trainer into their fitness regime. Using the Orange Whip as a physical exercise is a great way to help you gain increased distance and club head speed on the course.

Lower Chance of Injuries

One of the things that an Orange Whip is so good at is increasing a player’s range of motion. An increase in range of motion is something that most players are fully capable of; however, you have to be careful about approaching this. If you try and take bigger and wider swings, you could end up stretching too far and injuring yourself.

With the Orange Whip Trainer, you will safely and slowly work on increasing your range of motion. If you are worried about golf injuries but know your swing needs some work, this is a great choice to consider.

Simple and Easy To Use

We have all seen that guy on the range with the swing contraptions hanging from his head, his ankles, and his torso. We give him credit for wanting to get better at the game, but this is not how it has to be.

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer makes practicing golf much simpler. All you need to do is put the Orange Whip in your hands and swing; the rest will happen naturally. It’s hard to emphasize enough the importance of simplifying things in the golf game. If you want to learn quickly, make things easier on yourself.

image of orange whip swing trainer review - AEC InfoWhy Choose The Orange Whip Swing Trainer?

Users have voted the Orange Whip as the ideal golf trainer for warm-ups and curbing back pain. After playing golf for a long time, it is normal to feel exhausted and have pain in your back. Many users have confirmed this training aid has helped them play their best, especially for left-handed golfers.

Most of the backache issues are caused by the exercising of muscles on one section of the body. Fortunately, the Orange whip helps to swing the other side of the body, thus maintaining balance. If you don’t believe us, check the reviews for yourself. Excellent feedback has been posted online concerning improved tempo and timing in the golf swing. If the swing is off-balance, it is very easy to detect when using this whip.

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