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Practicing your golf putting game is an essential part of becoming a better player. If you are not working on your stroke, you are very likely going to have a hard time making more putts the next time you head to the course.

Getting out to the course to practice and play after a hard day of work is quite difficult to do. Luckily with the Perfect Putting Mat, you can get a real green like putting surface in your own home. If you have been looking at the Perfect Practice Putting Mat and haven’t been able to decide if it is for you, hopefully, this information will help.

What is the perfect putting mat?

The Perfect Putting Mat is a putting practice device that Dustin Johnson sponsors. The mat allows players to practice their putting stroke, speed, and distance control from their home or office. This Perfect Putting Mat rolls out and can be placed on any surface.

image of perfect practice perfect putting mat - AEC InfoIf you watch golfers on the PGA Tour and you see the way their putting stroke is consistent every time, it comes from a lot of time spent practicing their putting. If you are serious bout lowering your scores, taking more putts each day can help.

Not all putting mats have the same features, and it’s important to be selective about the one you choose. Let’s take a look at the main features and benefits of the Perfect Putting Mat.

Features and benefits of the perfect putting mat

There are several impressive features that this Perfect Practice Mat has. Whether you need to work on speed, distance control, alignment, or consistency, you can do so with this tool.

Home or office use

The Perfect Putting Mat is made of artificial turf, and it will roll up quite easily. When you are exposed to a putting mat like this that can remain set up in your home or office, you will be much more likely to head over to it and take a few putts.image of perfect practice putting mat - AEC Info

Our recommendation would be to leave a putter and balls next to it at all times. Chances are, a few times per day, you will want to go over and take a putt. The overall look of the product is quite nice and will not disrupt the look of any room. 


When choosing a putting green or mat for the practice, you must be sure of the materials used to create it. As you know, if you have practiced golf on your carpet, when you putt it on different surfaces, the results will vary.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mats are made with a Crystal Velvet material that is unique to this design. Essentially the roll is going to feel very much like a putting green at a private golf club. The roll is consistent and true, and if you hit a great putt, it should go in.

There are also wooden guards on the side of the putting ramp to ensure that you are not hitting golf balls all around the room where you practice. Overall this mat is one of the better feeling practice putting mats on the market.

Auto return

Auto return functionality in a golf putting mat means that when you make a putt, or sometimes when you miss a putt, the ball will follow a channel and end up back at your feet. This is a nice thing when you are training and working on your game. You can stay in one location and try to make putt after putt.

The auto return is significant because you are working on something with your stroke, and it may disrupt you from moving to the hole.

Alignment lines

An infographic explaining the features and benefits of the perfect putting mat - AEC InfoAs you can see, the putting mat’s lines help you ensure that your putt is moving straight and that your stroke is a quality stroke. The putting mat should help to be a training aid and a practice tool. The more hours you can spend testing different length putts and your abilities to make them, the better your chance of transferring this to the course.

Instant feedback

Although throwing a cup down on a carpet and practicing your putting can work, the Perfect Practice Mat is a much better solution. The results with this mat are so consistent, and you will find that with training aids like this, feedback is instant. Golfers can take instant feedback and then turn that information into a valuable tool for their golf game.

Left or right handed golfer

If you are in the market for a putting mat and a left-handed golfer, you could have a hard time. Many putting mats are made for right handed players even though they are not advertised this way. We love the fact that the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great choice for both the left handed and right handed players. You can set this up on hardwood floor, carpet, and even triple and start making quality putts within minutes. Overall it’s hard to be disappointed with an option like this.


Anytime you get a putting mat with more than 8 feet in length, you are doing yourself a favor. The Perfect Practice Mat allows for about nine feet of putt. This is really the scoring range that you need when you transfer to the golf course. If you can start making most of your putts from under nine feet, your friends are going to start losing money!

Is the perfect practice putting mat worth the money?

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great choice if you are looking for a way to practice your putting stroke at home. Truly any golfer can take a few minutes out of their day to work on making a few putts. If you feel like you don’t have confidence in your ability as a putter, trying something like this that works as a training aid and a putting tool is really the smart choice.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is well worth the money that you pay for it. The next time you roll in an 8 footer for birdie, you will understand why that is.

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