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Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green Review

Convert a designated room in your house into your own personal putting green, using Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green! The surface of the mat will give you a ‘genuine roll’ because it is manufactured to provide a realistic putting experience- simulating what it is like to play at your local golf course.

You can practice putting from critical distances – within ten feet, without occupying too much room in your garage, home office, or wherever you choose to use this product.

The Putt A Bout mat is extremely popular – and rightly so. As well as being made from top-notch materials, it can improve your putting stroke as well.

I enjoy practicing on my game – be it at home indoors, in my backyard, the local range, or on the golf course. I enjoy working on a specific part of my game, seeing my game get better, and I love physical training that enhances any skill – particularly golf.

I have done a good bit of carpet putting in my time. However, the Putt A-Bout mat offers a whole new dimension to indoor golf practice. It is designed to give you a far more vivid experience, by imitating the texture, color, cup cutouts, and slope that most courses have.

image of putting green - AEC Info
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Is the Grassroots Par Putting Green a quality product?

Let’s look at the quality of materials, which is vital if you are attempting to imitate a practice green indoors. This specific putting mat consists of a durable surface that remains smooth, with no wrinkling, and is made in America. In addition, PET resin is used in the manufacture of this product.

The green has a kidney-shaped design, which presents a challenge, making it essential to align putts properly. There are a few hole options available so that angles can be adjusted appropriately.

The only drawback is that a ball return feature isn’t included. Notwithstanding, it does not have an unrealistic platform raised up next to the cups, causing putts to angle up at the last moment.

This enables you to acquire a more authentic roll and sense of distance management, without needing to deliver additional power to push the ball up a make-believe hill at the finish – like ball return greens normally have.

Perhaps this is personal taste; however, I prefer this green’s flatter surface and do not mind strolling to fetch the balls, as I do on standard practice greens at golf courses.

To further develop your technique, the putting cups included are not as big as regulation cups, to make your time practicing more productive. A partial incline is included, too, and this will stay still on harder surfaces, because of its’ anti-skid backing.

image of putting green - AEC Info
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What is the Size Of The Putt-A-Bout?

The Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green is 9-feet long and 3-feet wide with three cutout golf holes and two built in sand cutouts, acting as a penalty area. This increases the difficulty level and makes this indoor mat more enjoyable to use.

Hone your technique on this three-hole green, without striking the links. Ideal for your office or home, this green has a few holes with cups below regulation size, for improving your precision.

This is an excellent putting stroke practice aid. Nine-foot by three-foot green, in a kidney shape, has a few cups to shoot at with a durable putting surface manufactured to remain smooth.

Invite a few buddies over to watch a football game on television, then have mini-golf tournaments with them during the advertising breaks.

What sets this product apart from the competition?

The Putt A Bout mat has outsold virtually every other similar product – and this is not a coincidence. It is manufactured using top-notch materials, which will last for a long time.

The manufacturer is a large and well-established golf mat manufacturer, which means you receive excellent customer support.

It contains three-cup cutouts for practicing. The shots you miss will be caught in the inbuilt sand trap cutouts. The durable surface for putting remains smooth and wrinkle-free.

image of putting green - AEC Info

What is the best way to improve your putting technique?

  • Lots of practice!
  • Keep repeating it.
  • Improve Confidence
  • Become a better Putting green reader

Unique Product Specs

  • The green has an anti-skid backing, so it will remain in position and not roll up, or cause players to trip
  • Made from urethane and polypropylene foam to produce a sturdy product
  • Has a green, realistic appearance
  • Weighs four pounds, and measures thirty-six inches wide and 108 inches long
  • The cups are 0.25″ below regulation size, to enhance your precision
  • Partial incline, so you can practice making your stroke firmer
  • Anti-skid backing ensures comfort and safety

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