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If you want to shave some strokes off of your handicap quickly, work on your golf putting.

image of putt out pressure putt trainer - AEC Info

Did you know that 40% of all golf shots during a typical round are made with the putter? When you think about that, that is pretty astonishing. A 300-yard drive down the middle and a 3-foot putt counts the same.

You may not be able to ever hit it 300, but you sure as hell can make more 3 footers if you work on Perfecting Your Putting.

That is what the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer can do for you.

By reducing the abundance of putts you take each round, you will dramatically improve your score. You have probably heard about the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer and seen a few reviews online. The big question is, will putt repetition using this device help you? We tested it out and wanted to share our review.

image of puttout pressure putt trainer - AEC Info

When the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer arrived, it did look pretty cool. It has an innovative design, comes in five different color options and really stands out. It is light, and the shape is interesting.

Immediately you can see how putting with this training aid will help you improve. It shipped almost overnight and I had it unpacked as soon as it arrived.

When I quickly setup the Puttout and started putting, what stood out to me right away was that if you don’t get the ball to the hole, it isn’t going in. That sounds like something that has been said before!?!?!? 

But this little training device emphasizes this through putt repetition.  The ball won’t return to you if it doesn’t go up the translucent polycarbonate ramp. Therefore, you have to hit the ball to top of the plastic ramp.

This golf training aid simulates the same feel as if you were putting on the green sinking the golf balls in a real hole, depending on where you use it to practice.  When I first got the Puttout, I immediately started using it on my living room carpet. 

That is a little thick and I had to hit the ball a bit harder compared to my office, which has a very low profile and actually putts more like the real green.

The Parabolic ramp design will return each successful putt to the same exact distance it would have traveled beyond the hole in the event you had missed. This is exceptionally valuable as it helps with the speed and putt of your putting. Again, as mentioned above, the surface that you putt on will determine how far the ball will roll back.

Since the ramp’s shape is designed to reject bad putts and return great ones, if you stroke a good putt, it will roll over the hole and roll back towards you. But if you miss the putt, it is rejected and rolls off to one side or the other. 

My Puttout is red and the hole at the very front is the size of an actual golf hole (4.25 inches).   back to you as well. You can’t leave it short, or it simply comes rolling back to you. This is one of the rare golf training aids that I like because it provides you with instant feedback. This is information you can use before your round.

What is even better, it has a foldable design that allows it to fit into your golf bag, and away you go.

One of the first times I used the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer outside was at my club’s practice green. The company advertises several challenges to help you improve your putting quickly. The first one I tried was the 25 in a row challenge.

How do you use PuttOut?

It is pretty simple. Knock 25 putts into the hole in a row using this training aid. I have knocked in 25 two footers in a row before, but it was into a hole. For some reason, that was much easier.  With this challenge, you need to stroke the putt and have the ball go up the ramp and roll back towards you. 

If you miss the putt to the right or left, you start over. If your putt rolls off of the edge and doesn’t come back to you, you start over.

Landing a few in a row was pretty easy. But, as you get a little closer to 25, it gets a bit more challenging and the pressure starts to build.

After pressure putting for more than 30 minutes, my back was starting to bother me a bit. (That had nothing to do with the Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer, it had everything to do with me being old with a bad back.) However, I finally did knock down my 25th in a row after a 4th attempt, and I immediately felt more confident with my putter.

The Perfect Putt Is Addictive

The Puttout has a hole in the center of the device that you can adjust and if you happen to hit the absolute perfect putt, the ball will sit in this hole.  In order for the ball to stop here, the ball needs the correct speed and aim. 

When I started using this for the first time, I opened up the slot to allow my ball to rest there, and must have hit 100 putts before it finally came to a stop.  It was so addictive and I was getting so frustrated because I knew I was hitting good putts on the micro – target, but they just wouldn’t stay in the hole.

image of outtout pressure putt trainer review - AEC InfoWhat I did realize after all of those putts was I was making a consistent stroke, was getting more confident with each putt, and even though the ball was not coming to a complete stop in the cutout, my pace putting was improving. 

The challenge may have been difficult, but the improvement was immediate.  Of course it didn’t help that my wife came over to try it out and knocked in her “perfect putt” on her 3rd attempt.  Ugh!!

Note: If you make incorrect putts, you can tell if you had the perfect pace if the ball rolls 18-inches past the golf ball. This helps you know you only have to work on your aim. And if you’ve hit the ball on target but too fast, the ball returns the same distance it’d have traveled past the real hole if you missed. 

The Benefit of Doing The Puttout Suggested Challenges

My next round, I putted the “lights out”! I felt like I was hitting a perfect putt to the hole every time. My continued practice sessions had me seeing a micro-target, and the stroke felt awesome all day. The ball went exactly where I wanted it to after I started my backstroke. It was awesome!

I couldn’t miss inside of 5 feet, and everything from 20 feet had a shot of going in. It was a fantastic feeling, and I know the putting practice was the reason.

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