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If you have started pushing the ball or duck hooking, you may want to take a look at your alignment. There have been many times where a small change to your setup can make all the difference in the world to the trajectory of your shots.

A simple way to make sure you are aligned properly are with Golf Alignment Sticks. Our favorites are SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks. These golf sticks are extremely durable, they come in 48-inch fiberglass rods and easily fit in your golf bag.

The key to a consistent golf swing is your routine and alignment. By using a few of these alignment rods on the driving range, you can be sure to setup perfectly every time, and ensure your practice time is as efficient as possible. There is a reason why you see the PGA tour pros using these rods as they warm up for their matches. This Gadget does a great job setting you up properly for every shot.

Our favorite feature about these Alignment sticks are the 9 rings in the center of the sticks used for setup and to give you a visual aid in where you are placing the ball. In addition, SKLZ has created their training aid with a pointed end to easily place the rod in the ground while using a rubber cap on the top of the other. There truly are so many different great uses for this inexpensive Golf Training aid.

Check it Out On Amazon