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The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid product ranks really well on Amazon for good reason. It is an inexpensive golf training aid that works well. No other training aid does such a good job of getting you in the proper impact position at contact.

an image of a golf course with overlay words 'Swingyde golf swing training aid review' - AEC InfoThe Swingyde will help you hit the ball closer to the target and will likely add distance to your shots. This training aid helps to ingrain the proper swing into your memory and helps you “feel” where you should be at the top of your back swing along with at impact. It is an inexpensive golf training aid, but it sells very well and for good reason.

Within the first few swings you will know if you are bringing the club back on the proper plane and if you are on the proper line when you begin your downswing. It is also extremely helpful on the follow-through to again “feel” where the body should be after impact. We reviewed this Gadget in the past and think is should be a staple on your arsenal of effective Golf training aids.

The Swingyde golf swing training aid is a great product for working on your golf swing. I use it mainly for working on my backswing. Using this product 5 to 10 min a day will help with your swing. Durable product. If you have clubs with large grips, may be tough to use.

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