Golf is a challenging game to learn. Regardless of how much you practice and how many lessons you take, the swing changes come down to you as an individual. For some of us, these swing changes are a bit more involved than others.

Some concepts will come quickly, and others will take years to develop. If you are trying to improve your game and take things to the next level, a golf training aid could do the trick. Ensuring that you pick the perfect model and using it properly will help you see results quite a bit faster.

Here are some of the Best golf training aids on the market.

Best golf training aid

image of downunder board golf training aid - AEC Info
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The DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition is a great training aid that helps to make the golf swing simple and eliminate swing thoughts. With the DownUnder Board, you can simply put the board in place and squeeze your feet into position.

All you will have to do is keep adding pressure to the sides of the DownUnder Board throughout the swing, and the rest should fall into place.

Features and Benefits of the DownUnder Board 2.0 

  • The board is adjustable so that you can get it to work for a player of any size and any club in your bag. Having the ability to use this tool on a driver and with a wedge makes it very versatile.
  • The DownUnder Board is quite durable, and it is weatherproof as well. If you are a die-hard that wants to work on your game in the rain, this tool will work.
  • The DownUnder Board 2.0 helps golfers to perfect their takeaway by engaging the core. Once the core is engaged, lots of great things can happen, and the rest of the swing can be completed properly.
  • The DownUnder Board concept is tour-proven, and golfers see the benefits that this feeling can help promote in the golf swing.

Asyxstar Golf Swing Trainer Aid

image of asyxstar golf swing trainer aid - AEC Info
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If you have not seen these weight golf swing trainers in one of your friend’s golf bags, we would be very surprised. The Asyxstar Golf Swing Trainer Aid is a great option to help players that are searching for the proper temp and speed in their swing.

You can gain some extra distance and muscle by continually working with the Asyxstar.

Features and Benefits of the Asyxstar Golf Swing Trainer Aid 

  • With the Asyxstar Golf Swing Trainer Aid, you can learn what things make a swing powerful and what movement is just not necessary.
  • Golfers will learn that sometimes less is more in a swing, and it is essential to build and control your muscle power.
  • The Asyxstar Golf Swing trainer’s heavy head helps golfers feel what they are doing and get the club into the proper positions. This can then be repeated on the golf course.
  • The best thing about this type of weighted training aid is that you can take ten to twenty swings with it a day and start to see differences in your golf game the next time you hit the course.

IZZO Golf Smooth Swing

image of izzo golf smooth swing - AEC Info
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Some golfers can’t develop the feeling of the one piece takeaway. No matter how much they work on it, the concept just doesn’t sit right in their head. If that describes you, then the IZZO Golf Smooth Swing is an excellent option for you to consider.

Features and Benefits of the IZZO Golf Smooth Swing 

  • The Izzo Golf can work on both left and right-handed golfers, and it will fit on most forearms with ease. Although you will not wear this while on the golf course, it is an excellent training aid that has helped a large number of players.
  • The back elbow will stay close to the body during the golf swing while wearing the Izzo Golf Smooth Swing.
    • Players that have been around the game for a while know the story of the dreaded chicken wing concept and how that can cause trouble for your game. The IZZO helps to prevent that.
  • The great thing about this training aid is that it gives golfers the feeling they need to bring with them to the course.
    • Taking a few swings with this device on before heading out for a round can make a real difference in your on-course performance that day.

Orange Whip Orange Peel Balance Trainer

image of orange whip orange peel balance trainer - AEC Info
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The Orange Whip is one of the more popular training and swing devices on the market. It is very similar to the Asyxstar Golf Swing Trainer on our list. Orange Whip has taken things a bit further and introduced the Orange Whip Orange Peel Balance Trainer.

This is for golfers that want to work on muscle strength and improving balance in their game.

Features and Benefits of the Orange Whip Orange Peel

  • Balance is one of the most critical things in the golf swing, and this tool helps you realize what is causing you to lose your balance.
  • The Orange Whip forces you to stay balanced regardless of your turf conditions.
  • While using the Orange Whip, you will be able to strengthen your core and become a stronger player.
  • The Orange Whip also helps golfers prevent that dreaded sway move that can cause those ugly slices.
  • If you can learn to perfect your swing while using the Orange Whip Orange Peel, you will be prepared for any on-course condition or lie that is thrown your way.
  • This is a great tool to use at home to practice daily before you head out for your round.

SuperSpeed Golf- Training System

image of superspeed golf training set - AEC Info
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The faster you can swing a club, the farther you can hit a golf ball. This may seem pretty obvious to most golfers, but how often do we take the time to practice our speed? Many golfers believe that swinging harder is the same as swinging faster, but as this training system explains, that is not the case.

Using the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, we are taking advantage of Overspeed training, or getting the body to move a lot faster than it normally would.

Before we get into more about improving your swing speed, it is important for you to understand a few numbers. For every 1 mile per hour you swing your club, it will carry 2.6 yards. If you swing your driver at 88 mph, you are going to carry the ball 228.80 yards.

If you get your Swing Speed to 100, you can expect to carry your driver 260 yards. There are other factors that come into play like launch angle, angle of attack, spin of the ball, etc, but this will help you understand why speed is so critical.

Features and benefits of the SuperSpeed Golf Training System

  • SuperSpeed swing trainers sticks come in a variety of sizes and weights and it’s super easy to use and fit easily in your golf bag.
  • Each set is designed based upon your current speed, and is geared towards men, women, seniors, kids, long drivers and more.
  • You can purchase the set made specifically for your game.
  • Each set has three sticks coming in various weights.
  • With this training aid, you will learn how many times to swing each club, and how often you should train.
  • Each “club” is built just like a normal club, without the head. This means the grip, shaft, stiffness is all what you would expect if you were swinging a normal club.
  • The biggest benefit is that you can swing these sticks 6 to 8 inches off of the ground and not worry about damaging the head of your driver or 3 Wood if you were to hit a tee or pebble.
  •  You can use the speed system anywhere! With this training aid, practice with these sticks at home, in your garage, at the range, in your yard, or in your office.
  • If your ceiling is high enough, you can train. Our testers loved that they could swing these sticks throughout the day while at work.
  •  The normal improvement of 5% speed is very common after the first use.
  • Improving your swing speed from 90 to 95 after one use is equivalent to 13 more yards in carry with your driver. Not bad for tempo training one time.
  •  Full training on how to use the system if provided and it is very detailed.
  • The best part is you only have to practice 3 times a week to see a significant increase in your speed.
  •  The SuperSpeed system comes with a 30 day guarantee, so if you are not seeing the results you expect, you can send the package back for a full refund.

FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

image of flightscope mevo portable personal launch monitor - AEC Info
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You will shoot lower scores if you know how far you hit each club in your bag. Guessing which club to hit from 150 yards should be a no-brainer for you, and the FlightScope Mevo will bring clarity to your game. Using this personal launch monitor on the range will tell you precisely how far you are hitting every club in the bag.

Using the FlightScope Mevo with the downloadable app, you can capture video and data right on your phone. You can use the launch monitor at the range, on the course during a practice round, or in the comfort of your home hitting into a net.

You can review your data over time and not only dial in the average distance you hit each of your clubs, but you can also track your progress over time. Practicing will become more precise, and you will be more confident with every shot you take on the course helping you to shoot lower scores.

Using the Mevo flightscope as your training aid will give you instant feedback on your vertical launch angle, spin, carry distance, ball speed, club head speed, smash factor and the apex height of your ball.

Now you can practice with a purpose, and know what club is required in every situation. This training aid will help you eliminate the guess work in improving your game.

Features and benefits:

  •  See the distance every club travels including roll and carry.
  • You will know precisely what club you should hit from every distance making you more confident and committed to each shot.
  • This is Golf instruction equipment you can use to improve your scores quickly.
  • Video clipping downloaded to your cell phone. See how you play using the Mevo app on your iPhone or Android.
  • You can save and watch each swing on video with a data overlay showing you the metrics and details of your shot.
  • Practicing with a purpose will show immediate results on the course.
  • Track your progress over a period of time. All of your videos and data from each game are stored automatically, allowing you to see where you are improving or where you need more work.
  • This data will ensure working with a coach is much more effective, leading to lower scores and a new level of confidence on the course.

The Top rated golf training aid is….

FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

image of flightscope mevo portable personal launch monitor - AEC Info

Of all of the golf equipment we tested, we chose our top 5 picks for 2020. Although there are hundreds of different products to choose from, we chose 5 of the best golf training aids designed to give the biggest improvement to your overall game.

Our Best Pick was the FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf.

Knowing how far you hit every club in your bag is critical to your success, and the FlightScope Mevo clearly helped define how far every club carries in the bag. After hitting 10 balls with each club, you have a variety of distances in which you can determine the average distance of that club.

This training aid will help you become more confident and committed to the shot. This is extremely important to your success on the course.

We go back in forth in our mind so many times on the golf course, and when we don’t truly commit to a club, we usually make a poor swing and end up with a bad result. Stop second guessing and know exactly how far you hit every club in your bag.

One final reason we chose this product as the best pick was due to the ongoing tracking we have with this device. As we used other training aids mentioned in this review, we started to see increases in distances on the monitor.

We had real time data to show us how improving our speed or hitting the ball consistently on the center of the club face was adding 5, 10 even 20 yards to some shots.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather know my ball is carrying 10 yards farther during my practice session compared to learning it on the course.

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Golf Training Aid Reviews on AEC Info:

How to choose the best golf training equipment

You have many options when it comes to choosing best training aids for your golf game, and determining which one will work best for you depends on you, your game, and most importantly, does the golf equipment you are thinking about buying really do what is says it will do.

If you consistently Slice golf balls and find yourself in the woods, then a training device geared for improving your putting is probably not your best choice. In this case, you would want to look at more than one golf swing trainer.

Determine the area of your game you want to improve upon, then focus on that one area of your golf game before you move one. You don’t need to buy a golf parachute training aid to help you hit it farther when your short game is a mess.

What are the Advantages of Golf Instruction Equipment?

The best golf training gear is designed to help you improve very specific aspects of your game. Therefore, the gold aid will focus on one area of your game. Our goal was to review products that will help you improve every aspect of your game.

Our goal was to review products that will help you improve every aspect of your game. If you just focus on improving your Putting with a mallet style putter, you are not going to hit longer drives. We wanted to test overall game improvement training devices.

The advantage to working on your tempo and grip for example means that you will likely improve with all of the clubs in your bag. The same would hold true for the “impact position” of the golf ball. When we become more consistent, the ball travels on its intended path more often, and we hit the ball where we aim.

This is the key reason we searched beyond a putting alignment mirror, chipping nets or Sticks, Golf alignment . We are providing featured recommendations that will provide overall game improvement.

Things to look for when buying

As we previously stated, overall improvement to your golf game is what we were searching for when reviewing best training products. If a golf training club or piece of equipment can help novice golfers in a few areas of our game, we tested it and reviewed it.

Best golf wwing trainer to perfect your swing

Practicing your swing is more than beating up golf balls at the driving range. When you talk about practicing your golf game with your friends, you most likely hear about the hour or two they spent hitting balls on the range.

If you hit 100 balls coming over the top, or chunking each shot, or casting, does that mean your practice session was a success? I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to spend my golf practice time focused on the proper swing sequence and “feel” compared to just digging up dirt on the range.

With the best golf swing trainer, you will be able to create the proper and repetitive motions.

Take a lessong with a golf pro and see what training aids they use

If you have watched Cameron McCormick’s show on The Golf Channel, you know that he has a ton of golf equipment and training devices that he will utilize throughout his lessons. Depending on what area of the game he is working on and what type of lesson he is giving, he will grab a number of different objects and use them on the driving range. I have watched one segment where he uses a Hulu hoop, and another where he uses the Cameron McCormick putting aid.

Golf wwing training aids equipment

At times McCormick will use equipment that has nothing to do with golf. If you haven’t seen the show, it is worth checking out.

McCormick is golf pro Jordan Spieth’s golf coach and I have watched him use a hula hoop, a magnet attached to the end of the club to improve impact position, a football, a frisbee, and your more traditional equipment such as alignment rods, launch monitors, and a club head with a parachute on the back.

The point is that a golf trainer or the typical training pros has an arsenal of golf swing training aids at their disposal because they are extremely effective at helping golfers feel and visualize the proper golf swing.

That is the reason we are trying to narrow down a list of some of the best golf training aids that work for you.

Using golf training aids on the range can sometimes make you look foolish

I don’t know about you, but I get a bit embarrassed at times when I am on the range working on my swing looking like Tin Cup with a case of the shanks. Improving your game doesn’t mean you need to have a ball between your legs and a medicus hanging from the tip of your hat.

You are going to have fewer people laughing at your routine swinging an orange whip or practicing putts with an eyeline golf mirror compared to a device that makes you look like an idiot on the range.

While searching for the best golf training aids in 2021, our goal was to not stand out as the guy willing to try every swing trainer ever introduced on the market. If the products were going to make you look foolish practicing on the range, they were tested a big more vigorously.

Perfect practice should be your goal when finding the proper training aids for golf. Creating a repeatable golf swing that will help you make solid contact with every swing is what we were searching for when reviewing the following golf swing training aid.

Here are our picks for the best golf training aids for 2021 along with our product reviews.

Not every swing trainer is perfect for everyone

We have watched people have great results from swing trainers while another sees little improvement. There are several factors that come into play such as skill level, mobility, commitment to improvement, just to name a few.

You may have a basement full of golf clubs designed to help you improve, but if you don’t work on improving, don’t expect the results.

The products we reviewed will help you practice more precisely, and help you play your best game. But you will have to put in some time to achieve the results.

Before you buy that next Gift for the golfer in your life, be sure to check out our recent reviews of the Best golf gifts for 2021, and check in frequently for our newest reviews of the latest Golf products.