If you are preparing to make that golf trip to Myrtle Beach, Naples, Scotland, or any other great golf destination, there are specific things you can’t forget. We have put together this list of 11 items you must remember to take along on your next golf trip.

Best golf trip checklist

1. Bring multiple pairs of golf shoes

image of adidas men's zg21 golf shoe - AEC Info

One pair of golf shoes is not enough if you are going to play at a variety of courses. Bring several so you’ll have a pair for each course and won’t have to wear dirty ones home.

You probably want to bring two pairs of the Most comfortable golf shoes because those will be your primary footwear for everyday use as well as playing rounds on different courses.

If you’re going somewhere hot where it’s likely to rain, pack a couple pairs of rubber or synthetic-soled shoes that can take getting wet without affecting your footing or comfort on the tee box.

Finally, bring along a sturdy pair of sneakers or hiking boots that can keep up with your sightseeing activities after hours on-course.

2. Bring a comfortable golf bag with Lots of pockets

The last thing you want to do on your trip is be forced into lugging around the oversized, uncomfortable golf bag that came with your rental car or hotel room.

Invest in a smaller but functional Carry golf bag that has plenty of pockets for stashing all the essentials – ball markers, pencils, tees, divot tool, gloves etc – while also providing some insulation so your beverages stay cold while you play 36 holes one day and take in the sights the next.

Remember to bring enough changes of clothes so you can hit each course looking fresh, and don’t forget an umbrella or poncho if you’re traveling during the rainy season.

3. Don’t forget your valuables

Carry more than one credit card, cash, identification, and plenty of sunscreen on your trip to ensure you’ll always have what you need in case tragedy strikes.

If you are going somewhere even remotely dangerous, make sure to carry a photocopy of your passport with you instead of keeping it where you stay – that way if anything happens to the original document, at least you still have access to the information listed on it.

4. Rain gear

image of craftsman golf black waterproof and dustproof golf bag rain hocraftsman - AEC InfoRain is inevitable when traveling, but it doesn’t have to ruin your whole trip. If you have a good map of the area in your golf bag, bring along a Golf umbrella or poncho so you can stay dry while walking in between courses during even the briefest showers.

Also pack extra pair(s) of lightweight shorts and shirts that can be worn on top of whatever else you’re wearing in case the weather changes unexpectedly into something wetter than expected.

Obviously, don’t forget to pack your Golf rain gear including pants, shorts and jackets. 

5. Extra golf balls

You might want to take along a box or two of new golf balls for use during your trip. The last thing you want to do is tell your buddy you didn’t pack enough golf balls and you are looking in the woods and the lake for your next golf ball.

Regardless of how great you think you are hitting the ball, when you go away on golf trips, you tend to lose a few more balls than expected.

Don’t spend $55 on the box of new ProV 1’s or Taylormade Tpx’s. Buy them prior to your trip from Lost Golf Balls.com or another retailer where you will easily save 25% compared to buying them in a pro shop.

6. Don’t forget the sunscreen and lip balm

You don’t want your vacation ruined by coming down with a horrible sunburn that takes up too many days recovering and enjoying yourself before it’s time to head back home.

Carry around at least one container of high SPF Sunscreen for golfers so you can reapply after every round en route from course to course – even if it doesn’t feel necessary at the time.

Remember that lip balm with SPF is just as important for shielding your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and you’ll also look better in all those post-round photos.

7. Bring your own food and drink

Unless you’re in a truly luxury resort, chances are you won’t find many places to pick up snacks along the way when traveling to play golf in another country.

Bring plenty of water with you so when thirsty, you’re not forced to buy low-quality beverages that might hurt your stomach or worse – leave it unopened in your room and risk having someone steal it while you’re playing golf.

8. Invest in high-quality travel Bag

image of golf bag on a golf cart - AEC InfoThe last thing you want to deal with on your golf vacation is having your golf bag or golf clubs damaged because the travel case you brought with you was subpar.

A great Travel golf bag will have sturdy hard-shell, both for protection and easy identification if/when it gets lost at the airport. Many golf bags look alike when rolling around on the carousel at the airport. Be sure to clearly identify your bag for your next golf getaway.

You’ll also avoid any potential damage to the inside of your rental car trunk thanks to an oversized soft-sided travel bag that might not fit properly once some of your own belongings are added back into it.

For guys who are traveling by themselves, investing in a good travel bag that can be carried on most airlines, even if it means spending a little more money.

9. Plan ahead to save big on rental cars

A cheap car rental is possible – you just need to plan ahead of time and book your reservation online for the lowest rates. Avoid the last-minute rush at the counter because you don’t want to have your vacation pay for itself with extra fees tacked on so you can drive around in a vehicle with automatic transmission or satellite radio included in the price.

10. Get over jet lag asap

Sleeping through your first day’s round of golf on your golf getaway might sound like good idea after 36 hours of flying, but you’ll be exhausted for your entire trip and not enjoying your vacation if you punish yourself by sleeping through a day of golf.

If you arrive at night, make a point to stay awake until a reasonable hour – even if that means going out for dinner or playing the slots in the airport before bedtime.

Once you wake up on the day after your arrival, get outside for some natural light and fresh air so that when it’s time to go back to sleep that evening, your body will know what to do.

And just like when traveling across state lines within America, plan ahead with all course reservations so there isn’t any need for repetition: e.g., “I’m sorry sir we only have afternoon tee times available for this morning, so please choose another time.”

11. Be flexible

image of golf vacation check list - AEC InfoAs with most vacations, if something doesn’t go according to plan, there’s nothing you can do about it – why stress out over what might not matter in a week or two?

Just make sure that if anything does go wrong (such as a lost opportunity for tee time at a course), you’re able to laugh and move on without allowing an undesirable situation ruin everything else about the rest of your golfing vacation.

If you are a golfer, or know someone who is, this list of 11 items to bring on your next golf trip should be helpful. Whether you’re going for a quick weekend getaway with friends and family to Myrtle Beach, Ocean City, Naples, or traveling abroad to Scotland, Ireland, or any other great golf destination in the world, there’s no need to worry about forgetting anything when you have our list of must-haves at hand.

Remembering these things will make sure that your day out on the links goes without a hitch!