When we head out for a round of golf, sunny skies and perfect temperatures are expected. If you spend enough time around the game of golf, you will quickly notice that the expectation and the reality are not always the same. Rain on the golf course does not need to be a game-ender.

Having the right products and gear will let you keep your scores intact and stay dry as well. We have put together The best golf umbrellas on the market and some great information about choosing the best one for you.

 Golf umbrella review – 15 best

Callaway Mavrik Double Canopy golf umbrella

image of callaway mavrik double canopy golf umbrella - AEC Info
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Not only are golf umbrellas good for protecting you from the wind and the rain, but they can also make a fashion statement when appropriately incorporated. If you are a golfer that enjoys the new Callaway Mavrik line of products, this is the umbrella for you.

The Callaway Mavrik Double Canopy is a 68” umbrella designed in the gray, orange, black and white color pattern that we see on all of the Mavrik golf clubs. The umbrella comes equipped with ventilation holes to make sure that wind can pass through instead of pulling the umbrella away from you.

The ergonomic design of the handle on the umbrella is designed to make it easy to carry, even in rough conditions. If you want an umbrella that looks great and also functions quite well, the Callaway Mavrik Double Canopy is the way to go.


  • Ventilation holes
  • Lightweight Fiberglass Shaft
  • Great looking Mavrik pattern


  • Only available in the one color scheme

Clicgear Double Canopy Umbrella

image of clicgear double canopy umbrella - AEC Info
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Although many golfers keep an umbrella in their bag for those rainy days on the course, many golfers are looking to block themselves from the sun. With more and more people walking the course and realizing the benefits of a great walk from tee to green, the need for protection from the sun is increasing.

The Clicgear Double Canopy Umbrella is built specifically for those that are walking the golf course. The custom-molded handle allows you to fit this into any of the golf push carts’ umbrella holders. Even if you don’t have the Clicgear brand cart, you can get this umbrella to work.

The vented double canopy will allow air to pass through and make it much easier for your to push your cart with this umbrella on. When choosing an umbrella for walking, you must make certain considerations. However, Clicgear gives you everything you need with this model.


  • Works for both sun and rain protection
  • It fits all golf push carts
  • Large 68-inch canopy


  • Priced a bit higher than other umbrella choices

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Callaway Golf 64″ UV umbrella

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Callaway Golf makes premium golf products, and this umbrella is no exception. Not only will this large-diameter umbrella keep you dry in a rainstorm, but you will also get UV 50+ protection. The outside of the umbrella is coated to help keep you safe from the sun while you are on the course. With the lightweight fiberglass shaft, the large-high-quality umbrella does not weigh all that much.

It’s always important to consider the weight of the umbrella when carrying it in your Golf cart bag. Not all great golf umbrellas need to be built for golf; however, the Callaway has added shaft height to give you more clearance while pushing your golf cart. The Callaway Golf Umbrella will cost you a bit more money than others, but it will be money well spent.


  • UV 50+ Protective coating
  • Has extra shaft height to work as a canopy umbrella on a pushcart
  • Non-slip molded handle for the days you get caught in a rainstorm


  • Costs more than other golf umbrellas

BAGAIL golf umbrella

image of bagail golf umbrella - AEC Info
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With golf equipment costing more and more each year, sometimes it is frustrating to see a golf umbrella that costs as much as a new putter. With the Bagail, you won’t have that issue. This is a double canopy umbrella with auto open features and a comfortable grip handle. Regardless of the severity of the storm you get caught in, the Bagail will help you get through it.

Of all the features of this umbrella that we could go on about, our favorite is how fast it dries. Putting a wet golf umbrella away in your bag can cause issues with mildew and mold. The Baggail dries within a matter of minutes.


  • Can withstand high winds with the double canopy design
  • One of the less expensive canopy umbrellas on the market
  • Water-resistant fabric dries very quickly


  • Probably won’t last you quite as long as some other premium golf umbrellas

Team Golf NFL 62″ Golf Umbrella

image of team golf nfl 62
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Most golfers have more than one favorite sport. If you are a player that enjoys Football just as much as golf, this Team Golf umbrella is for you. The nylon fabric on this NFL umbrella will be imprinted with your favorite football team’s logo and name. In addition to looking great, this umbrella has plenty of impressive features.

The 62″ canopy gives you plenty of coverage from both the sun and the rain. The automatic open feature is a simple push-button design, and we found that it worked quite well. This is one of those golf umbrellas that will represent who you are on and off the course.


  • Comes with a variety of NFL team logos, your choice of over 20 teams
  • Fiberglass construction makes it very lightweight
  • Easy to open and close


  • Umbrella is a bit flashy if you are a more conservative golfer

G4Free 62 Inch Clear Golf Umbrella

image of g4free 62 inch clear golf umbrella - AEC Info
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If you are worried about visibility when your umbrella is open, the G4Free Transparent is the golf umbrella for your game. This is a unique golf umbrella made out of a very transparent PVC material. The Transparent golf umbrella is made of fiberglass ribs, and it happens to be very lightweight as well.

This is one of the best golf umbrellas to see where you are going and what you are doing even in rough weather. It takes about one second to open and close the G4Free. You can get this model in various sizes, but it certainly is one of the best golf umbrella choices for visibility.


  • Transparent design for maximum visibility
  • Auto open and close features
  • Quick-drying material, does not stain after getting wet


  • The view through the plastic is not perfect

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DrizzleStik Flex- Golf Club Umbrella

image of drizzlestik flex - AEC Info
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Are you one of those golfers that worries more about their golf clubs than themselves? If that is the case, then the DrizzleStik Flex will be a great choice for your game. This is the best golf umbrella for keeping your golf clubs protected from rough weather conditions.

You place this umbrella in your golf bag and extend it up over the top of your clubs. You can pivot the DrizzleStik to face any direction and keep your clubs dry at all times. We all know how difficult things get when your club grips get wet; let the DrizzleStik prevent that from happening.


  • Will fold down and fit inside your golf bag when not needed
  • Does a great job of keeping both clubheads and grips dry
  • Traditional rubber golf grip is easy to hold on to even in wet conditions


  • Won’t do much to keep a golfer dry

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp

image of sport-brella versa-brella spf 50+ adjustable umbrella with universal clamp - AEC Info
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The Sport Brella Versa is a unique golf umbrella with some important features for those who walk the golf course. With the clamp on the umbrella’s bottom, this is a perfect option for placing on your golf pushcart.

The rugged canopy is built to withstand a rip or a tear, and you will protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVA rays. We recommend this 1.8-pound umbrella for sun protection more than rain protection. You will notice the Sport Brella is not quite built to keep a golfer dry in wet conditions.


  • Four-way adjustable swivel, move the umbrella as the sun changes angles
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and keep in your golf bag
  • Available in several different colors and patterns


  • Won’t be your best choice for rain protection

EEZ-Y Golf Umbrella

image of eez-y golf umbrella - AEC Info
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It can be hard to find a high-quality double canopy golf umbrella for a fair price. With the EEZ-Y Golf Umbrellas, you will get protection from both the wind and the rain. Available in a wide range of colors, the EEZ-Y is a 58″ umbrella offering you tremendous protection and coverage.

This EEZ-Y folds up quite small and will easily fit inside your golf bag. Our favorite thing about this golf umbrella is its compact size. If you are a golfer that doesn’t plan to play in the rain yet needs to be prepared, you will enjoy the benefits of this option.


  • Very durable construction can be left in your golf bag
  • Protection from the wind and rain as well
  • Compact size when folded down, automatic open feature when you are ready to use


  • Not as much coverage as other double canopy design umbrellas

Under Armour adult golf umbrella

image of under armour adult golf umbrella - AEC Info
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If you have ever worn a single piece of Under Armour clothing, you know how good their fabric technology is. When it comes to the Under Armour Golf Umbrella, you will notice that same impressive performance. This Under Armour umbrella features UA Storm technology to keep water away from you and your golf clubs.

The double canopy design makes sure that no water can penetrate this umbrella. With an auto-open feature, sporty styling, and an easy-to-hold handle, the Under Armour is a great choice for the avid golfer. The fabric used on the Under Armour umbrella is sure to last for years to come.


  • Auto open button feature is effortless to use
  • Top of the line fabric
  • Fiberglass construction for overall lightweight design


  • Umbrella comes in one color
  • Not our favorite choice for sun protection

TaylorMade Golf Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

image of taylormade golf tour double canopy umbrella - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade Golf  Tour Double Canopy has a lightweight fiberglass shaft and an impressive TaylorMade logo. If you are a fan of the TaylorMade golfing equipment, this umbrella will complement your golf set quite well. We like the 64-inch size of this Tour Vented Double Canopy model. For those that feel like the 68″ umbrellas are a bit excessive, this is a good midsize choice.

The TaylorMade Wind Pro technology will ensure that you have the ultimate wind resistance on those really ugly days. The nylon fabric is quick-drying and will keep your umbrella in play for years to come.


  • Double vented canopy for great win protection
  • Canopy is made of quick-drying nylon fabric
  • 64″ coverage size is perfect for most golfers


  • Can be a bit difficult to fold up after a round of golf

G4Free 54/62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

image of g4free 54/62/68 inch automatic open golf umbrella - AEC Info
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If you can’t decide which umbrella size is the right choice for you, the G4Free could be the place to look. They offer an automatic golf umbrella in 54, 62, and 68-inch models. In addition, you can get any of these models in a variety of colors. This is the perfect umbrella to take with you after a round of golf and leave in your car for the next unexpected rainstorm.

The material is very lightweight, and the fiberglass construction makes it easy to carry in your bag. One of our favorite features of the G4Free is the SPF 50+ Protection. Anything you can find an umbrella with both sun and rain protection, you are getting a great deal.


  • Automatic open will get this umbrella up and working very quickly
  • Available in many color options
  • Double canopy design and canopy size options


  • Not as high quality as something like the Callaway or Titleist umbrellas

Titleist Players Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

image of titleist players double canopy golf umbrella - AEC Info
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The Titleist Players umbrella is the best golf umbrella for serious golfers. If you plan to stay on the golf course regardless of the weather conditions, this is the umbrella you will want to have with you. In addition to 68″ of coverage, you will also get UV protection and protection from the wind.

With the clean Titleist logo on these golf umbrellas, you will look like one of the pros making your way around the golf course. As with all Titleist products, there are some premium features that set the player’s umbrellas apart. Our favorite is the anti-inversion system that makes it virtually impossible for this umbrella to flip inside out.


  • Large coverage area for use in both rain and sun
  • Rubber handle is easy to hold
  • Does a great job of blocking sun rays, wind, and rain
  • Canopy will not flip inside out in a strong rainstorm


  • Does not have the best pricing on the market

PROCELLA Golf Umbrella

image of procella golf umbrella - AEC Info
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Procella Golf Umbrellas are quickly earning a name for themselves. Not only are these water repellent, but they are will withstand winds up to 46mph. Not that we recommend trying to finish your golf round in 40mph winds; if you have to, the Procella will make it through.

This is a great umbrella choice for blocking yourself from the sun as well. The Sun Blocking Skin Save technology is made with a Pongee Micro weave fabric. Approximately 99.5 % of the sun’s rays will stay off of you while you make your way around the golf course.


  • Very fair pricing for the technology
  • Great design for wind, rain, and sun protection
  • Ultra-lightweight fiberglass shaft to keep in your golf bag at all times
  • Can be used on and off the golf course


  • Hard to lock when you have it folded down

The Weatherman Umbrella

image of the weatherman umbrella - AEC Info
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The Weatherman Umbrella is built with a Teflon-coated fabric designed to withstand almost any weather condition. If you play golf in an area where the weather can change quickly, this design is for you. The Weatherman is built with industrial-strength fiberglass, and the vented canopies can withstand up to 55mph of wind.

One of the things we love about the Weatherman Umbrella is that it has a limited replacement guarantee. If you find that your umbrella does not function as advertised, Weatherman stands behind their product. This is an eco-friendly and high-performing umbrella that will undoubtedly put cheap golf umbrellas to shame!


  • Light in weight but high in quality
  • Will withstand winds up to 55 mph
  • Water-resistant design
  • Made with premium materials


  • One of the more expensive golf umbrellas on the market

The best golf umbrella to buy is …

image of golf umbrella review - AEC Info

image of golf umbrella review – AEC Info

Callaway 64″ Golf Umbrella

As you can see, there were a lot of great golf umbrellas on our list. The Callaway stands out as the overall best because of the premium materials, ease of use, and versatility. With the Callaway Golf Umbrella, you can keep yourself protected from both the sun and the rain. We like the simplistic styling and the ease of opening and close the canopy. This is a golf umbrella that will work for golfers of any handicap level.

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Umbrella buyers guide

It’s important to keep a few things in mind when you purchase a golf umbrella. There are many styles and options on the market, and if you want to choose a golf umbrella that will last, it pays to do a bit of research.

Is a golf umbrella good for sun protection ?

Depending on what type of golf umbrella you purchase, it can be an excellent sun protection option. The most important thing to look for is that the umbrella has some UVF or SPF protection built into the fabric. It’s great to stay in the shade, but it’s even better to have an additional layer to protect you from UV rays.

What size should i get ?

The size of the golf umbrella you get truly depends on how much you intend to play in the rain. If the umbrella is for an emergency situation or downpour, go with the smaller size that folds up into your golf bag. If you are a tournament golfer that will stay on the course regardless of conditions, the 64″ to 68″ umbrellas are the way to go.

Will a golf umbrella attach to a push cart ?

Most pushcarts are going to have an attachment for a golf umbrella. If your Golf push cart does not have one, there are umbrella holders that you can purchase to attach your umbrella. If you are purchasing a new golf umbrella, pay close attention to the handle size. You will want something that is going to fit in your umbrella holder and not be handing out of your Electric or gas powered golf cart.

Hopefully, these choices for the best golf umbrellas have helped you make an informed decision. It gets a bit overwhelming because of all of the companies that claim their umbrellas are built for the golfer. As golfers, we know what you need, and any of the options on this list will absolutely do the trick.