Have you used flimsy umbrellas that break after six months on the golf course? Do you feel like the wind can blow them out of your hand? Golf umbrellas provide anti-inversion mechanisms for stability under heavy weather and utilize quality materials that repel raindrops with a gliding resistance. The best golf umbrellas can protect you from rain and sun when you’re sitting – by creating a cover against UV light. Example: You’re out at the golf course and want to sit down and soak in the view. What happens when you don’t have shade? You pop open your umbrella! Maybe you want to bring your child the course? These umbrellas can protect them too – some of them are over 60″ large and suitable for two persons.

How Big Are Golf Umbrellas?

The largest golf umbrellas are 68″ – this can be a hurdle as much as an advantage because they’re built for tall people (at some point the weight becomes a hurdle). An umbrella can be as big as you want, but it can also be a compact umbrella that was designed to fit in a smaller golf bag.

What Can Golf Umbrellas Do?

  • Keep you dry.
  • Protect you from hailstorms.
  • Protect you from harmful UV rays.

The best golf umbrellas do the same as all other umbrellas – keep you safe from the elements. The main distinction is their feel. They tend to be made of sturdier materials, and some are UV-resistant; protecting against sunlight as well.

Reviews of The Best Golf Umbrellas

Titleist Golf Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

Titleist Golf Tour is a classic-design umbrella that comes in black and white color. The Titleist is a double canopy umbrella that is 68″ large – enough to protect two 2 people. The umbrella is ideal for protection in all wet conditions. It features Titleist proprietary designs and complete UV protection. The Titleist Golf is relatively lightweight, weighing only 2 pound – making it easy to carry around the course.


  • XXL large (2 persons): The Titleist is a 68″ umbrella – it’s designed for two people and will provide optimal protection for two persons, covering them side-to-side.
  • Neutral colors: The color is mostly black with some white finishes – it has a very “neutral” look which goes along with all golf bags on the course.


  • Weak connection: The connection part of the Titleist is weak and might be susceptible to breaking under high winds – opt for an umbrella with a stronger connection if you expect heavy winds.

EEZ-Y 58 Inch Portable Golf Umbrella

Large Windproof Double Canopy

EEZ-Y 58 Inch Portable Golf Umbrella Large Windproof Double Canopy

Every product that is created by EEZ-Y has the highest attention to detail and is made from high quality material. The EEZ-Y 58 inch folding Golf Umbrella destroys the old concepts of what an umbrella is supposed to me. This oversized golf umbrella provide exception protection while being extremely compact and of course…..foldable.

The EEZ-Y has a double canopy construction but is different than other umbrellas on the market as the entire umbrella is flipped. This truly is a new and innovative folding golf umbrella and is perfect for the golf course as well as every day use.

Under Armour Golf Umbrella

Double Canopy

Under Armour’s Golf Umbrella is UA’s highlight umbrella. It features a beautiful black design with green finishes that give it a sleek, premium look, as well as complete storm protection. The umbrella is very large at 68″ (optimal for two people) and built using 100% nylon materials which makes it one of the few washing-machine compatible umbrellas. The Under Armour has dual-action opening to secure the umbrella from opening by accident and many perks such as a textured grip.


  • 68″ size: The Under Armour is 68″ at maximum extension: this can protect two people, or provide optimal coverage for one person. Despite the large size, it is relatively lightweight due to the nylon material and light handle.
  • Dual action opening: UA has a protective mechanism that keeps the umbrella in place thanks to dual straps for each canopy system. The system ensures that the umbrella can only be opened once the owner needs it.
  • Nylon material: The umbrella is built from 100% nylon which provides stronger resistance to the elements by making water glide down and can be washed in a washing machine.
  • Rubber handle: The handle is made of textured rubber which keeps the grip comfortable during long use. This is a large umbrella, and the rubber ensures your hand will feel comfortable if you have to hold it for more than an hour.


  • Hard to wrap back up: UA Storm technology is optimized to prevent accidental openings. However, that same technology “Velcro” system means you will need to use two hands to wrap it back up. The process takes longer than an average umbrella.

Callaway Golf Tour Authentic 68″ Umbrella Umbrellas 2017 Tour Authentic

68″ Double Canopy Automatic Black

Callaway Tour Authentic 68″ is a nano-coated umbrella that comes in a beautiful black color with white and red finishes located on the side. This umbrella features an automatic push-button system for opening, and tension cables that prevent the umbrella from inverting. The handle is molded for maximum comfort, and the shaft is built from fiberglass.


  • Built for two people: The Callaway is 68″ large – this umbrella was built for two people and provides all-around coverage from the elements: water, hail, and sunlight.
  • Push-button deployment system: The umbrella opens with a single push – the tension cables are released, and they lift the umbrella upwards in under 1 second. Once the tension cables are set in place, they prevent the canopy from inverting.
  • Nano coating: The umbrella utilizes high-quality nano-coating for resistance against water, and the shaft is made from fiberglass.
  • Neutral colors: The main colorway is black, and it has white and comes with red stitched finishes to the side.


  • Difficult to lock-in: The Callaway doesn’t lock in position as firmly as other umbrellas – it uses a spring to hold the umbrella open which is ineffective against high winds.

TaylorMade Golf Tour Double Canopy Umbrella


TaylorMade’s main umbrella – their large 68″ Golf Tour is an “auto open” double-canopy umbrella with a minimalist design, black and white colorway and the “TaylorMade” logo enshrined. TaylorMade is a premium brand that manufactures golf equipment. Their main umbrella provides all-around protection against the elements. It features Wind Pro technology for high winds, fiberglass frame with red ribs, gel handle, and push-thumb opening.


  • TaylorMade “Wind Pro” technology: TaylorMade engineered their umbrella to handle high winds – WindPro tests umbrellas in the factory against Hurricanes, which makes them very resilient against regular winds.
  • Large size: The TaylorMade umbrella is 68″, featuring a double canopy. It’s optimal for one person or two people standing next to each other.
  • Double canopy: This protective system prevents the umbrella from opening by accident and fortifies the umbrella in place once it’s open.
  • Comfortable materials: The frame is made of fiberglass with red ribs, while the handle is gel – feeling very luxurious and comfortable to the touch.
  • Used on tour: Pros use this umbrella on popular golf courses by the biggest names in the Golfing industry.


  • More expensive: TaylorMade is a big brand in golfing. If you want to show you’re sporting a TaylorMade umbrella on the course, you will have to pay more than a standard umbrella.

G4Free 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

G4Free is a popular umbrella and one of the most commonly found umbrellas on the golf course. It has the highest variation of color and size options to accommodate all players. Non-golfers frequently use this umbrella due to its neutral design.


  • 3-size choices: The umbrella comes in 3 size variations: 53″, 62″ and 68″. The compact 53″ version is ideal for people who need a small umbrella that will protect them on the course. It is also popular with those who don’t have a lot of space in their bag. It will fit in most small bags. The 62″ is slightly larger and provides side-to-side coverage for one person, to ensure they’re protected head-to-toe. The 68″ is their largest umbrella, and this umbrella is ideal for two persons.
  • Sturdy materials: The G4Free utilizes “210T pongee fabric”; a fabric that can repel water, hail, and sunshine. The material is relatively lightweight and provides SPF 50+ protection against sunshine (close to 100% resistance to sunlight).
  • Automatic opening: The G4Free opens in less than 1 second – utilizing an automatic open functionality that pops open the umbrella with the push of a button.
  • 24 color options: The G4Free offers 24 color options: the default color is black, but it offers virtually every color and optional variations.


  • Not premium: Compared to other golf umbrellas, this is an economic umbrella. The umbrella is also not backed by a large brand.
  • Limited warranty: The company claims they offer a “lifetime warranty,” but in reality, the warranty is only valid for 60 days – if the umbrella breaks after 60 days of use, they only offer a discount.

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

68/62/58 Inch Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Automatic Open Stick Umbrellas for Men and Women (Black Red, 62 inches)

Golf umbrella - Review, Best, 2020, Top Rated

The Bagail Golf Umbrella is a veritable, economic and all-around protective umbrella that features numerous size and color options for golf players. The Bagail is one of the most affordable umbrellas, and its main highlights are water & sun protection, convenient push-button mechanism, high-quality fabrics, and a lifetime warranty.


  • Large, medium, and compact: The umbrella comes in 3 size options: 68″ (largest), 62″ (medium – most popular) and 58″ (compact/small). If your golf bag restricts space and you can only fit a small umbrella, opt for the 58″ which will provide you with enough coverage for your head and feet. The most popular size is the 62″ medium size because it offers broad coverage and it’s not as large as the 68″. The 68″ is designed for two people and it’s the heaviest option.
  • Multi-color options: The Bagail features simple designs: either single-color or checkered. The single-color options come in standard colors such as black, red, and blue. The checkered options feature two colors: i.e., black and red combined. Clients have dozens of color options to choose from to match their golfing attire.
  • Brand-backed: Bagail umbrellas are branded and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee against all defects.
  • Highly resilient: The Bagail is built using 190T pongee micro-wave fabric that originates from silk. The material effectively blocks out almost 100% sun rays and provides SPF 50+ protection. The material is also highly resistant to water and takes very little to dry.
  • PU coated handle: The comfort is maximized for long carrying, and the grip is secured to the hand, ensuring it doesn’t slip if the owner has sweaty hands. The push-button mechanism is located near the handle, and the umbrella can be popped-open in less than a second.


  • Not premium: The Bagail is an affordable umbrella – this means it’s not as sturdy as more expensive umbrellas.

Team Golf NFL 62″ Golf Umbrella

Protective Sheath, Double Canopy Wind Protection Design, Auto Open Button

Team Golf is licensed to create NFL accessories for golfing – this umbrella is their Steelers, Black & Yellow color combination with the Steelers logo enshrined. Their 62″ is a general-purpose umbrella that provides double-canopy protection, nylon fabrics, auto-open mechanism, and a comfortable handle.


  • Mid-sized umbrella: The Team Golf is 62″ – making it ideal for casual use on the golf course by one person. The umbrella provides side-to-side protection against rain, hail, and sunshine.
  • Protective system: The umbrella is double-canopy and optimized for wind resistance. It opens with a single push, and the grip handle is molded for maximum comfort.
  • Nylon fabric: Built using 100% nylon for maximum water resistance and drying.
  • Imprints: 4 location imprints and printed sheath. This is ideal for showing off your favorite team at the golf course.
  • Gift for Steelers fans: This umbrella can be a gift for all Steelers fans – it’s not only golf players. If you are thinking of a gift for a Steelers fan, this umbrella is an ideal option.


  • Not subtle: The Team Golf NFL 62″ has the logo of an NFL team enshrined – this means you’re going to stand out on the golf course where subtle single-color umbrellas are commonplace.

And The Winner Is…

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

The Bagail Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch is among the best golf umbrellas. It is affordable and provides the biggest choice in terms of color options to match your current golf attire. We choose the Bagail because it shares features of umbrellas that cost 3x as much. The Bagail provides complete protection from the elements. It offers numerous color options that can suit all golf attire. Example: Let’s say you have a black and red golf bag and you can’t find a matching umbrella set. Bagail will have a black + red checkered umbrella to match your bag.

The Bagail Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch is also our top choice because it offers three size options: compact – 58″, medium – 62″ – medium, and lartge “68. If you purchase all three as a set, you can be fully covered for your needs on the course. It operates on a push-button mechanism that opens the umbrella in 1 second, and the handle is PU coated to provide stability for people with sweaty hands who hold it for a long time. Bagail is also the only company that offers a lifetime replacement warranty . If anything happens to your umbrella it will be immediately replaced, no questions asked.